Self Love Is More Than a Massage

Self love is sooo many things! It can be a quiet walk, a kick ass workout, a nap, a massage, saying no, saying yes, setting boundaries, etc.

How are you practicing self love today?

I’m getting some cleaning done (because a clean house makes me happy), meditating, working out, and then unplugging to be with my sweet family tonight.

After an interesting first week of July, I sat down (after a lot of tears and telling my husband that I’m quitting my mission) and I asked myself “what do you need right now?”

The answer was loud and clear: MORE LOVE.

I need to show myself more love. 

I also ask myself: “how is all of this happening for you (not to you)?”

The answer was “it’s happening to show me that I NEED to be taking better care of myself”.

This week, I’m taking the week of from my business. The only things business related will be client calls and a blog post.

The rest of the time will be devoted to recharging, being more present, and filling my cup.

When you’re having a bad day or a bad week, I encourage you to take a step back and ask yourself 3 questions:

1) How is this happening for you? 
2) What do you NEED right NOW?
3) What action will you take?

Do you incorporate enough self love into your life? If not, what is stopping you?

Feeling Frazzled? Bring Back Balance to Your Life

Feeling Frazzled? Restore Your Mental Health and Bring Back Balance to Your Life

Life can get busy, stressful and chaotic for all of us at times. Pressures from work, family problems, relationship issues, changes in health or stress can all throw out the balance. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about lots of these kinds of things, we have to take the good with the bad and deal with everything as best we can. One way you can look after your mental health and prevent burnout during difficult times is to take time to relax and bring balance back to your life.

Putting your feet up can feel like a bit of a luxury, something many of us feel guilty about when there are so many things to get done in our day to day lives. However it’s not just a treat, it’s absolutely essential to good health. Here are some of the ways you can relax and reduce stress during difficult times.

Practice Hygge at Home

Hygge is a Danish word which relates to feelings of comfort and coziness. It’s about living in the moment, acknowledging it as special. This practice can help us to ground ourselves as we’re no longer living (and stressing about) in the past or the future.

You can practice Hygge at home by doing activities that make you feel happy, comfortable and cozy. Run a hot bath and clear your mind while you soak. Apply face and hair masks and when you get out, slather your skin in a rich moisturizer. Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate and enjoy it in silence, savoring every tip.

Buy an adult coloring book and color in a picture, lots of therapists recommend these as they’re relaxing and can help you to unwind. You could meditate or ask a partner to give you a massage. These might not seem like significant things, but after a stressful day, they help you to unwind and get those all-important happy hormones released from your brain.

Go on Vacation

If things are really rough, a break away from it all might be just what the doctor ordered. A week or two spent lying on a beach, swimming in the sea and topping up your tan can do wonders for your mental health. If you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or other mental health issues then how about something like an iboga spiritual retreat? These are healing centers which can help you to work through your issues and restore the balance in life in a beautiful location.

Go to a Spa

Whether you go alone or with a friend or partner, a spa is a fantastic way to spend the day when you’re feeling a little frazzled. Pampering treatments from mud baths to massages to manis and pedis help you to look and feel your best. You can relax in the jacuzzi and steam room, have a swim in the pool and enjoy a light lunch. You’re bound to come home at the end of the day feeling so much better, it’s a nice treat that doesn’t involve vices like drinking alcohol or binge eating food to cheer you up!

Feeling Frazzled? Restore Your Mental Health and Bring Back Balance to Your Life

Bring Balance Back to Your Life with Self-Care

You can bring balance back to your life by indulging in some self-care. This looks different for everyone. Do something that you really enjoy or do nothing at all and relax in bed with a good book. Getting back to a high energy place is so important for all of us.

What do you do to bring balance back to your life? If you’re in need of some self-care ideas,  check out this post and then get my FREE Self-Care for women ebook here!

4 Easy Tips When You’re Sick

4 things to do when you're sick

Whether you’ve got a common cold or a chronic disorder, no one likes being sick. You have little energy, you feel tired and emotional, and all of your favorite foods just don’t taste the same as what they normally do when you’re sick.

Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to perk yourself up and lessen your symptoms or even lessen the time that you’re sick. Of course, this advice is very general and won’t work for every ailment, but it should put you in a much better position to fight your illness nonetheless. Here are four things you can do when you’re sick.

Get Some Rest

Sleep is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining your immune system, which means that you’ll find it much harder to battle illnesses unless you’re getting enough sleep. Because of this, it’s important that you rest up if you think that you’re getting ill.

4 things to do when you're sick

Avoid doing too much at once, consider taking a day or two off work, and ensure you’re getting quality sleep each and every night. This will put your immune system in a much better position to help you. Put some essential oils in your diffuser and get some beauty sleep.

Visit Your Doctor

When you start to feel sick, it’s always a sensible idea to speak to your doctor about your symptoms. This way, you can find out what’s wrong with you and how best to help yourself.

Your doctor may want you to come in for a consultation or some tests, such as a blood test or a molecular imaging procedure, but they also might be able to diagnose your illness over the phone. Even if you think your illness isn’t too serious, it’s always best to get professional advice.

Watch Your Diet

Being sick uses a lot of energy and often results in a loss of fluids, so it’s vital that you eat the right foods and drink plenty of water. Of course, doing this probably won’t cure you, but it should help you to prevent your symptoms from getting any worse.

Try eating foods that are nutritious and full of flavor, like chicken soup or fresh fruits, and avoid anything that could upset your stomach. You should also ensure that you don’t drink too much water, as this is bad for you too.

Try To Relax

Stress isn’t great for you at the best of times, but when you’re sick, it’s the very last thing that you need. This is because stress often makes it harder for your body to fight off illnesses. Because of this, it’s essential that, when you’re ill, you do what you can to relax and manage your stress.

This could mean doing yoga or meditation, simply saying “no” to things and leaving yourself some time to wind down, or taking up a calming hobby, like coloring or playing the piano. Maybe you just need to binge watch your favorite Netflix shows while relaxing on the couch.

4 things to do when you're sick

It’s Important to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick

Of course, playing the piano and eating fruit isn’t going to cure your illness or disorder, which is why it’s important that you speak to a doctor. However, this advice should put your body in a much better position to battle and cope with illness, and help you to feel better faster when you’re sick.

Taking care of yourself is so important. Make sure that you are incorporating self-care into your daily routine with my easy to follow Self Care ebook!


Oxford Momma: A Self Care Book Box For Moms

Join in April and new subscribers get 10% off for your first 3 months!

Oxford Momma: A Self Care Book Box for Moms

Oxford momma self care book box for moms

The following post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I will make a commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products I love.

Ya’ll know I love self care! Encouraging women to incorporate it into their daily lives is super important to me and my mission. When I first heard of Oxford Momma , I thought, “how stinkin’ cool! A self care book box for moms!” I was so excited to receive a box  to review. When that pretty pink box showed up on my porch, I couldn’t wait to open it.

What’s included in the Self Care Book Box?

In the self care book box, you receive a book plus 4-5 self care items each month. With the May box, I got the book plus a fantastic candle, chap stick, and bath butter bomb. I also received a postcard and book mark with inspirational quotes that I was instructed to either keep for myself or pass on to a friend.

Prior to receiving the box, I got a post card from Oxford Momma telling me that my order was on the way. I love the thoughtfulness and personalization. It definitely stood out to me and made me feel special.

My Thoughts

Self care is a must for everyone. As a mom, I find it so easy to put myself on the back burner thinking that it makes me a better mom. On the contrary, it usually makes me a grumpy wife and mom. I was also under the impression that self care meant spa visits or mani/pedis. Those things are great, but self care is so much more than that. It’s a warm bath or a quiet cup of coffee before the kids wake up. It can be reading a great book or watching your favorite comedy. The possibilities are endless.

I absolutely love finding companies that get it. Oxford Momma totally gets the struggle that many moms face when it comes to their own self care. This Self Care Book Box for Moms is an awesome opportunity for moms to take some time and treat themselves. I defintely recommend this monthly box for all the mommas out there.

How Do You Get Your Self Care For Moms Box?

Want to have the sweet, pink box delivered to your front door? Sign up here and get $3 off your first box with code: FALLINLOVE

Laura received the Oxford Momma Self Care Book Box for Moms for free in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions are her own. 

Oxford momma self care book box for moms

11 Mother's Day gifts she will love

11 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $30 She Will Love

11 Mother’s Day Gifts Under $30 She Will Love

11 Mother's Day gifts she will love

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Have you already gotten your gifts or do you need some help deciding?  If you looking for the perfect gift for the Mom in your life, then check out this list of 11 Mother’s Day gifts under $30.

The following post contains affiliate links. I will make a commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you!

11 Mother's Day gifts she will love

What Mom doesn’t need some relaxing “me time”? Get her this diffuser and include some lavender essential oils. She will love it!

11 mother's day gifts under $30 she will love How adorable and cozy does this mom life shirt look?

11 mother's day gifts under $30 she will love

This Lily Pulitzer notebook is gorgeous for all those organized, or wannabe organized (like Me!), Mommas.

11 mother's day gifts under $30 she will love

 This book is perfect for the Mommas who love celebrating girl power!

11 Mother's Day Gifts Under $30 She Will Love

I think we all know a sassy Mom who would love this book!

11 Mother's Day Gifts Under $30 She Will Love

This to do planner is perfect for the Lily Pulitzer fans!

This trinket dish will look beautiful on any Mom’s bathroom counter or nightstand.

11 Mother's Day Gifts Under $30 She Will Love

This adorable reusable bag is perfect for groceries and farmer’s market finds.

11 Mother's Day Gifts Under $30 She Will Love

Remind her how important self care is and let her pamper herself with an overnight mask.

11 Mother's Day Gifts Under $30 She Will Love

The Ecocentric Mom Care Package is a perfect gift for the new (and exhausted) mom in your life.


Ya’ll know my obsession with Self Care for Moms. Gift her with some “me time” with The Oxford Momma Box.

How are you spending Mother’s Day this year? I’d love for you to comment and tell me your plans!

Taking Care of You: Mom Self Care Round Up

Self Care for moms

I recently wrote a post about Self Care For Moms and it has been greatly received. It’s such an important topic that we tend to forget about or push to the side. It’s so important to be taking care of you!

There are so many posts out there about this topic and I wanted to pull some of them together in one place to keep you and myself from aimlessly scouring the internet. (We do that enough, am I right?)

What better month to put this together than February!

Some of these posts have some awesome free printables as well, so take advantage of that! (Get my list of 30 Self Care Ideas that you can print and post on your fridge as a reminder to take care of you!)

Mami Works has an amazing series called 14 Days of Love which is obviously perfect for February! Be sure to check out all the posts including Love Your Skin.

Ashton Taylor put together some great ideas if you want to incorporate your littles! A Tired Mom’s Guide To Self Care.

Just Redefine has some great ideas about taking A Day (Almost) Off for Moms!

The Preemie Mummy has some great ideas in her post Practising “Self Care” including cutting ties with the negative!

The Sane Momma tells us How to Create a Daily Self Care Routine. You can also get her Free Self Care Routine Checklist too. She also has takes a very interesting approach to self care using Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. I love that!

Always A New Day posted 40 Self Care Ideas For The Anxious Mom. These are right up my ally!

Three Makes A Family put together a 30 Day “Me Time” Challenge for burned out moms. She also includes a free printable to keep track to help you with the challenge.

The Balanced Mama has several amazing posts on self care. She wrote a great post, Hey Mama, You Are Enough. I love that because you are enough and so am I. You should also check out these posts from The Balanced Mama: 5 Self-Care Practices You Should Start Now and 20 Self-Care Ideas To Take Time For Yourself.

Wellness Mom Life wrote a beautiful post about Self Care for Moms of Intense Children. She discusses why it’s important and how to do it when you have intense or gifted children. Wellness Mom Life also includes a 8 Day Wellness Mom Challenge.

Jessica Dimas knows from experience the importance of Self Care for Highly Sensitive Moms. Read her post here. I had never heard the term “sensitive mom” but after reading her article, I realize that I share many of the same qualities. So, Thank You Jessica!

Candace Playfourth gives us 7 Ways To Practice Self Care When Anxiety Hits. I have personally dealt with anxiety throughout my life so this truly resonates with me.

Self Care for Moms is a Must

Self care for moms shouldn’t be negotiable! You deserve to fill up your cup and take care of yourself! Ready to get started on your self care journey?

Get my FREE Self Care for moms ebook with 11 printables!

What is your favorite Self Care activity?

30 Self Care Ideas For Moms


10 Self Care Ideas For Moms (and a freebie!)

Self Care for moms
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Some call it self care. Some call it self love. Whatever you call it, it is so important to take care of yourself. Read on and check out ten self care ideas for moms!

Before Mommyhood

Before becoming a mom, I had no problem in this department! Granted I wasn’t getting manicures regularly and would you believe I have NEVER had a pedicure?? However, I would always take time for myself: monthly hair appointments (I had super high maintenance blonde hair), weekend naps, retail therapy, etc.

After Joining the Mommyhood

When I became a mom, I thought, like many others, that the more I sacrificed of myself, the better mom I would be. I spent the first 18 months of the twins’ lives doing just that. Skipping meals, skipping showers, not reading (unless it was a children’s book), not spending time with God, not doing anything for me. I was convinced that if I put myself on the back burner, I would be the best mom.

Guess what? I was the opposite of the best mom. There I was: exhausted, grumpy, and probably pretty stinky lol

I needed a change. It was time to take care of me. I didn’t think of it as self care at the time. I just thought of it as getting my s@*t together. For me, working out and eating well made a massive difference. Just like Elle Woods said, “working out releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t…” well you know the rest!

Make the Time!

So, listen up! Focusing all of your attention on other people will not make you a better person. Taking 30 minutes a day to do something for you does not make you selfish. Going out for a cup of coffee and sitting in a parking lot and watching “Uptown Girls” in your SUV while your husband is at home with the kids doesn’t make you a bad mom. (It was literally the only movie in my car at the time, so don’t judge me!)

I have actually found myself in desperate need of refocusing on my self care. I’m now a SAHM to 3 (3 and under). I have been spending so much time growing my brand and blog (which I love doing), but I haven’t been spending any time on myself. I’m totally preaching to the choir here, I know. I’m with you though! I am making the promise to myself and my family that I will take better care of myself.

(Be sure to sign up here for our newsletter to get more self care ideas!)

Self Care for moms
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Self care doesn’t have to be expensive either. It doesn’t have to be a spa day, although that does sound amazing! It can be something as simple as taking a walk. Below, I have 10 self care ideas!

  1. Working Out
  2. Therapy
  3. Bath
  4. Massage
  5. Mani/Pedi
  6. Yoga
  7. Meditation
  8. Buy Yourself Flowers
  9. Read A Book
  10. DIY Project

Want More Self Care Ideas for Moms?

Sign up here for our newsletter to get your printable of 30 Self Care Ideas! What is your favorite way to practice self care?


Self Care for moms (plus a freebie)
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How I Made Myself Spend $50 At Target!

How I Made Myself Spend $50 At Target!


Let’s play a game! Let’s say that I had $100 to give you, but you had to spend it on yourself. (Not the kiddos, but YOU!) Then I’ll tell you how I made myself spend $50 at Target…

I have to say, this would be really difficult for me. Now, before I became a mom, I loved to shop for me. In college, my friends and I would go to the mall once a week to buy outfits for the weekends. We usually went to Forever 21. (That may show my age. Do the coeds still shop there?)

Now that I’m a mom, it is soooo difficult to spend money on myself. I am always thinking, well, I should get this for the girls. Y’all! I don’t even want to tell you the last time I bought myself underwear better yet a new bra! It’s crazy!

For my birthday last month, our sweet neighbor gave me $50 and told me I had to spend it on me. I promised her I would but immediately started feeling this guilt. Mom guilt? I spoke with my friend and life coach about it and she told me to think about my integrity. If I tell my neighbor I am going to do something and then don’t follow through, what does that say about me? Wow! I never thought of it that way.

Off to Target I went with the plan of spending that $50 in record time. Is there any better place to go than Target? Seriously? You walk in and immediately hand over all your money! Spending $50 should be a cinch.

I walked the aisles. Looked at all the cute clothes. Realizing I had no where to wear them because, SAHM. I walked around the store for 2 hours with an EMPTY shopping cart. Two hours. Empty shopping cart. In Target! WHO AM I?

My anxiety was building up. I literally felt like I was going to puke. I called my husband and said, “you won’t believe this. I can’t spend this money!” I’m sure most husbands are wishing their wives would make that phone call and normally mine would too, but he agreed that I should buy myself something “real nice.” (If you don’t get that movie reference, we can’t be friends lol)

So, I did it. I spent the money on a new workout outfit. Sports bra. Tank. Yoga pants. Grand total: $50.03. Mission: completed.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I’m not the only mom who struggles to spend on herself. I’m not the only mom who has some small (or big) holes in those once sexy Victoria Secret underwear. I’m not the only mom who still has some Forever 21 jeans in the closet. (Gasp) I’m actually wearing mine as I write this. I’m not the only mom who wears yoga pants with runners in them because I wore them through 2 pregnancies and dang it, they were expensive.

It’s so important that we remember to take care of ourselves too. You can’t pour from an empty cup. There’s a reason on airplanes they say you should put on your face mask first BEFORE you help anyone else.

This could be as simple as taking a walk, getting up before the kiddos and having a cup of coffee in silence or spending that damn $50 at Target!

If you have momma friends who need to hear this, please share this post! ❤

Now back to that $100! What I told you that you could win $100 just by opening your Valpack envelope? Valpak puts REAL $100 checks inside random envelopes every month to reward folks for opening their Valpak blue envelope to look for savings. It’s that simple. Click here to sign up! And GOOD LUCK!

Are you needing help focusing on yourself? Check out my ebook on Self Care for moms! Plus get your list of 30 Self Care Ideas here!