37 Week Bumpdate

Hello 37 weeks!

This week is week 37 of my pregnancy. Just like with the twins, this pregnancy is flying by. We are so excited to meet her soon. In less than 3 weeks, we will be bring home our newest addition!!


Here is my 37 week bumpdate:

Weight Gain: 27 lbs. (I’m getting close to what I gained with the girls)

Cravings: My cravings have pretty much subsided now. I guess since the baby is getting so big, I’m not as hungry as I was before. Plus, my acid reflux has kept me from wanting to eat too much.

Sleep: Still not getting any! Waking every hour on the hour is definitely for the birds.

Mood: Hello mood swings! If you read my Mommy Meltdown post then you know that I’ve been a bit on the moody side. I’ve also been super emotional. I had to fight back the tears at church this past Sunday because they put the decaf coffee away earlier than usual. Seriously?!

Movement: She is still a wild animal. She has also been having the hiccups every day which is such a crazy feeling.

Dilation: I went in today and I’m not even 1 cm dilated. I definitely haven’t progressed as much as we had hoped, so fingers crossed that next week, things start moving.

Birth plan: I am hoping for a VBAC this time. I received my VBAC consent form today. That just makes the entire process that much more real. If my body doesn’t cooperate then I am prepared for a Csection again. As long as our baby girl is brought into this world safe and healthy, the means of delivery aren’t that important to me anymore.

Any other preggo mamas out there? I’d love to hear how you are feeling! Comment or message me!

Mommy’s Hospital Bag Checklist

It’s that time! Time to for this Mama to start packing that hospital bag.

With the twins, I had a scheduled C-section at 37 weeks due to blood pressure issues. Of course, I could have gone into spontaneous labor before that time, so I had my bag packed just in case. This pregnancy has gone by even faster than the last, so I feel like I should get that bag ready. Plus, with the combination of mom brain and pregnancy brain, if I don’t do it this week, it may never get done.

I put together a Hospital bag checklist to share with you of what I will be packing for myself, husband, and baby. Feel free to print off and use for yourself.

I will tell you that as far as the baby stuff on my list, the hospital actually provided diapers and swaddles. We didn’t use clothes for the girls because they had jaundice and were wrapped up like glow-worms our entire stay. If you want your baby to have a pacifier, I would pack your own. Most hospitals don’t provide those.

When I’m packing for a vacation, I always over pack, but when it comes to the hospital stay, I believe in simplicity. As long as I look semi presentable for pictures, (yes, I pack make up with my toiletries. Hospital lighting isn’t the best) then I am good to go. And don’t forget the dry shampoo! A mom’s best friend for sure!

I definitely don’t recommend stressing out too much about the contents of your hospital bag. If you forget something, most likely the hospital has it or hopefully a loved one can run to the nearest Target and pick it up. The hospital stay is so crazy and such a whirlwind. You don’t need a lot.

Do you want a super cute printable of my hospital checklist? Click here!

Mommy's Hospital Checklist.png


33 Week Bumpdate

Unique, eco-friendly products chosen just for you and your little one!

This is week 33 of my pregnancy! Where is the time going? In 7 weeks (because I have convinced myself that I will make it to 40 weeks) our sweet baby girl will be here!!

According to all the apps, she is the size of a honeydew melon. It still makes me laugh that they compare the baby to food. Seems appropriate. She is estimated at 19 in and 4.5 lbs. That is almost the same size as one of the twins when they were born. So, I am currently carrying a Carley (Baby B). Crazy!

Overall, I’m feeling really good. Yes, I’m tired and have a few aches and pains, but I can’t complain. Hopefully the next 7 weeks are just as uneventful as the first 33!

Here is my 33 week Bumpdate!

Weight Gain: 20 lbs. (I only gained 30 lbs with the twins, so I’m interested to see how the weight gains compare at the end.)

Cravings: Wendy’s All-Natural Lemonade. Clearly way more sugar than I need or would usually have, but dang it’s refreshing! I crave it daily but may indulge once a week, if that.

Sleep: What’s sleep? If I’m not waking up to go pee, I’m waking up just because. Every hour on the hour. I wish my body would get with the program. I don’t need to prepare for a newborn. I have twin toddlers. LET THIS MAMA SLEEP!

Mood: Happy mostly, but dang these hormones will throw me for a loop. You know it’s bad when your husband just laughs at the absolute absurd things that come out of your mouth or when he sees your kicking a plastic cup across the kitchen floor because it won’t stay put in the cabinet.

Movement: This baby is a gymnast for sure! I’m talking Olympian. Perhaps the girls stretched my body just enough to give this little lady so much more room for activities, but she is wild! And I do love it, even when I’m convinced she’s trying to escape my body.

Nesting: Well, I was a nesting machine the last 2 weeks. This week, nothing. I have no desire to do anything. A big sorry to my husband who has really taken one for the team this week and did so much for me. I need to get back to nesting mode ASAP because I still have so much left on my to-do list.

Maternity clothes: I have not purchased anything during this pregnancy. Heck, it’s been so freaking hot that I have no desire to wear much of anything. I’ve been living in yoga shorts and sports bras. Quite the sight to be seen for sure. This weekend, I’m biting the bullet and getting so comfy shorts. They still make Soffe cheer shorts right?!

It has occurred to me that I really need to get my hospital bag together soon, so that is at the top of my to-do list.

Stay tuned to my next blog post. I will share with you all my list and even provide a printable for those of you that need to get your things together to!

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Letter To My Daughters

baby box


Dear Daughters,

Where to begin? I have to admit that I was a bit terrified when I found out that I was having girls. It wasn’t that long ago when I was a little girl. Yes, I was once your age. I remember how mean girls could be and I know that hasn’t changed. The whispering, the gossiping, the fair weather friends, the picture perfect girls in the magazines. I remember it all so well. I wanted to right this letter to all of you and give you some advice on growing up in this crazy world, a world that is so different, yet so similar to the one I grew up in .

First of all, BE KIND! I want you to have a good heart and be kind to others, even when they aren’t so kind to you. It can be so easy to stoop to the level of the mean ones, but keep your heads up. People will probably say unkind things to you. Often it is out of jealousy and insecurities. The things people say about you say more about them than it does you. I know that doesn’t make it hurt any less, but never return their negativity with negativity.

You are BEAUTIFUL! Not just on the outside, but the inside as well. Stay that way. You will be bombarded with images. You and your friends will probably want to grow up way too fast. You are only young for so long, please enjoy it and don’t rush it. Your looks do not determine your self worth. I remember looking through magazines and wishing I was tan like this girl, thin like that girl, pretty like the other. Comparison is a dangerous game. I had so many issues with insecurities growing up, well into my late 20’s. It took me so long to truly love myself and with that came a lot of mistakes that I know could have been avoided if I only loved and respected myself. Trust me. Keep your kind hearts and know that your empathy is a wonderful thing.

RESPECT yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, it’s hard to ask someone else to respect you.

USE YOUR MANNERS. Say please and thank you. Sounds simple? Well, it is.

Know that you will make mistakes. It’s okay. Learn from them, move on, and know that your Dad and I will always love you and be there for you.

And lastly, THANK YOU for being YOU! It is such a blessing to be your mom and to see the world through your eyes. You bring so much sunshine to our lives and I can not imagine a world without your little smiles and giggles.



“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. Do not complain. Make every effort to change things you do not like. If you cannot make a change, change the way you have been thinking. You might find a new resolution.”

~ Maya Angelou, Letter to My Daughter


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