How I Transitioned From Lost Girl to Strong Woman (and I Can Help You Do The Same)

How I Transitioned From Lost Girl to Strong Woman

This year, I will be 35. When I look back at pictures of myself from 10-15 years ago, I barely recognize that girl. I knew nothing about a healthy lifestyle. I went through the wild college stage of too much partying and way too much pizza and Hardee’s.

College wasn’t to blame. My insecurities began way before that.


At 18, I was lost.

My life consisted of a super unhealthy body image and relationship with food. My first weapon of choice was Ephedra pills. Popping so many of those so often that my toes would curl at night because I was so dehydrated. I put myself on weight watchers after I broke my arm Senior year because I was afraid I would get fat. I used more diet pills & laxatives because I was so unhappy with my 119 lb frame.

It took my sister seeing through my lies and BS to get me help before things went too far. I remember being so mad at her and at the same time, so relieved that she cared more about my life and less about my feelings. I needed that. Hiding and lying were exhausting.


At 34, I now know how to FUEL MY BODY and FEED MY MIND. I love this body that has grown 3 beautiful babies. I have learned (and continue to learn) how to live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. 

It certainly wasn’t an overnight thing. It took work. I had to retrain my brain to learn what I needed and not what I wanted because too often those are two separate things.

There are 4 fabulous girls that look up to me and I want them to LOVE themselves just how God made them. They need to see my confidence and feel empowered.

My past doesn’t define me and I really want you to know that your past doesn’t define you either.

You can change your story at any time. I did!


I know God’s plan is for me to encourage and empower other women and girls to change their stories and find the lifestyle that you were meant to have.

This has become my mission: encouraging and empowering women to take control of their lives and their health. To be better wives, moms, friends, daughters, we need to begin taking care of ourselves.

I have spent the majority of my life being a cheerleader. I felt a pull to continue that (minus the uniform and pom poms lol). This is my platform to encourage and empower you to love yourself and live a life you’re proud of! Your continued support, trust, and kind words mean the world to me and push me every day to help another and another and another.

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Three Things to Start Doing to Live Your Best Life

Adulting! It has its ups and downs. Of course, we all want to be happy in the here and now, BUT  part of being a responsible adult is setting ourselves up for a happy future too. We can’t just float through life and hope for the best- there are things that you can, and should be doing to ensure you live to your best life!

Three Things to Start Doing to Live Your Best Life

Look After Your Health

You only get one body, if you want to live a long and happy life then it’s crucial that you look after it. Eat well and learn to make meals that taste delicious and are packed with nutrients. Exercise, taking on an activity that you genuinely enjoy whether it’s hiking, biking, swimming, dance classes or gym sessions with a friend.

Three Things to Start Doing to Live Your Best Life

If you’re addicted to smoking, alcohol or drugs then please seek professional help, facilities like Schick Shadel Hospital can help you to get clean. Addiction is mentally and physically draining. If you want to live a long life, you absolutely need to seek help immediately. You deserve to be healthy!

Improve Your Financial Position

Money isn’t everything, but being in a stable financial position can certainly make life easier for yourself. When you’re not living paycheck to paycheck, you can save money. You’ll then have a buffer if you get landed with an unexpected expense. It means you can afford nice things, and to travel to places which makes life more interesting.

If you’re in debt, first of all, focus on this. Sell unwanted items, do overtime at work or even earn money from home as a way to pay this back more quickly. Consider cutting up your cards and once the balances are paid, close the accounts. When you’re out of debt you can begin saving, start with a ‘rainy day/ buffer’ account with a few hundred dollars in there to cushion the blow if your car breaks down, washing machine stops working, an unexpected bill comes through or any other expense.

The more you can save beyond this the better. In time, you could aim to put down a mortgage deposit to buy your own house or make other investments. These will earn you money over time and can help to secure you a brighter financial future.

Focus on Friends and Family

Life is great is when you are surrounded by the people you love. On their deathbed, so many people report that they wish they’d have spent more time with the ones that mattered most to them. We all lead such busy lives so it can be difficult to spend as much time as we’d like with loved ones but make an effort. Perhaps once a month you could arrange a family dinner, all meet at a restaurant or invite them round to your place and cook.

Three Things to Start Doing to Live Your Best Life

In the summer, host a big BBQ- or a picnic in the park. Ask everyone to bring some food, drink, and games. Don’t wait until the occasional wedding, or worse, funeral to see the people in your life that you care about.

Live Your Best Life

If you want to live your best life, it’s 100% possible! Focusing on the things that are important to you like your family and friends and improving your health and finances can definitely help push you in the right direction.

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Six Ways To Be Healthier Every Day

6 ways to be healthier every day

There isn’t one person out there in the world that looks at their life and decides a life of unhealthy behavior is a good thing. Sure, it is absolutely fun to live without restriction on your diet, never exercise and spend weekends binge drinking with friends. The thing is, you may be having fun living your life like that, but your body sure isn’t, so you need to figure out ways to be healthier!

six ways to be healthier every day

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We have to make conscious lifestyle changes the older we get so that we can enjoy our lives and our families a little bit longer. All the drinking and the experimenting and the eating beige food will eventually catch up with you. You can’t maintain a lifestyle of sabotage for your body when your body needs certain behaviors for you to be able to live and keep illness at bay. It all starts with making the small changes, such as seeking the help of a sober living community to be able to lay off the binge drinking. It also means educating yourself about fruit and vegetables and healthy cooking so that you can eat better and therefore be much more energized. So, what steps can you take to live a healthier lifestyle every day?

six ways to be healthier every day

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What Can You Do to Live a Healthier Lifestyle?

  1.   Recognizing that change is needed is the first big step that you must take for a healthier lifestyle. You need to notice how the way you eat and your lack of working out are affecting your body and you need to ask yourself whether a change would benefit you at all. Mindset is key.
  2.   The choice that you make to change your life isn’t going to be easy because your brain is automatically going to throw up barriers. It’ll tell you that you can’t do it, you have no willpower, etc. The key is to ignore those barriers and plow on ahead anyway.
  3.   Write down what your healthy lifestyle goals are. It’s not always about losing weight. Sometimes, you just need to shake things up so that you’re drinking more water or walking more. However, if you write it down you’re more likely to stick to it.
  4.   You’ve written it down so it’s time to take action. Get off the bus earlier and walk further to work. Swap binge drinking for the gym or CrossFit. You can still find ways to be social without abusing your body.
  5.   The best part about changing your life is the reward that you can give yourself. Whether this is in the form of a spa day or a new outfit for a day out, you need something to be excited about and look forward to. 
  6.   Expect to relapse. A part of changing your lifestyle is accepting that you won’t be on your plan every minute of the day. Expect it, accept it, forgive it and move on.

Life Is for Living

Life is for living – make sure that you give yourself the chance to live it for longer. Change your lifestyle and watch how different your life becomes.

What to learn more about how to improve your mindset so you can be healthier? Check out my post here all about changing your mindset!

If you are ready to take control of your health and wellness, I would love to help! Email me at and let’s chat. I would love to know your story and what your health and fitness goals are so I can help you reach them!

5 healthy tips for busy moms

5 Healthy Tips for Busy Moms

Looking for some healthy tips for busy moms?

I get it. I totally get it. It’s easy to run through the drive thru. It’s easy to sit and eat chocolate covered almonds (my vice) and watch Netflix. It’s easy to eat your kids leftovers. It’s easy to stay in bed an extra 30 minutes than get up and work out.

I get it.

Whether you work in or out of the house, you are busy.

The tough truth that I have had to face is that you make time for things you want to do. Whatever it is, you will make the time if it’s important to you.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. No one gets more. And it’s up to YOU how you spend those 24 hours.

Now this post isn’t about time management. Instead I’m going to give you 5 healthy tips that I have learned while being a busy mom!

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5 healthy tips for busy moms

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1) Meal Plan

Before you go to the grocery, make a meal plan and include snacks for the family. (This is something that’s easy to forget until I hear the dreaded “I want a snack!”)

Get fruits and veggies. Hummus. Yogurt. Applesauce. Whatever healthy snacks that you like and have it readily available so you don’t always head for the back of chocolate chips.

By meal planning, you don’t necessarily need to know what you will make on each day, but you need to know what you will be cooking so you can be sure you have all the ingredients. This keeps you from saying, “pick up a pizza. We have nothing to cook.”

Tip: Do an inventory of your kitchen and pantry prior to making your grocery list, so you only get what you need!

2) Meal Prep

Not to be confused with meal planning. Meal prepping is actually prepping the foods. If you are new to meal prepping, start small.

Don’t overwhelm yourself. This is meant to be helpful not stressful.

Depending upon how much work you want to put into it, this could take a half hour or it could take a couple hours. You can clean and cut your fruits and veggies so they are ready to eat or cook. Make overnight oats for breakfasts, so all you have to do is grab and go. Make crockpot chicken for protein throughout the week. Mix up some salads. Your choice. Do as little or as much as you want.

3) Skip the Sodas

You already know they are bad and if you are wanting to make a quick healthy change, this is a great place to start. Instead, drink water. If you want to add taste, infuse with fruit and herbs.

4) Replace Your Coffee Creamer

I don’t know about you, but I used to be one of those coffee drinkers that would drink a little coffee with my creamer. I would always get a caramel macchiato when I went to Starbucks.

Now, I have traded my macchiato for black coffee with some stevia and almond milk. (It’s half the price too!) This does take some getting used to so play around with ingredients.

You can get liquid Stevia like this and it’s great in coffee. You can add pure vanilla extract and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Try some cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice for a Fall coffee. Adding coconut oil to your coffee and blending it is delicious and makes it super frothy!

If you still want a creamer, just be sure to check the ingredient list and avoid a sugar overload and ingredients like corn syrup (which is sugar too) and all those crazy ingredients that you can’t pronounce. So Delicious makes a great coconut milk creamer. Thrive Market also has some great options like a French Vanilla Dairy Free option and for those who want to get the benefits of collagen with their morning coffee, you can add Collagen Peptides.

5) Get Moving

Get moving! You don’t have to do an hour of Insanity everyday, but do something. Take a walk on your lunch break. Consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Get a fitness tracker and track your steps.

Aim for 30 minutes of activity a day. Not only is it good for your body, but it’s good for your mind. Find an activity that you like and if you need to enlist a friend or join a group for accountability. That can be a game changer. Let me know if I can help you with accountability! I’d love to be your cheerleader!

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What are you favorite healthy tips for busy moms?

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5 healthy tips for busy moms