How To Start A Successful Blog For Your Service-Based Business

How To Start A Successful Blog For Your Service-Based Business

When you run a service-based business, the customer base that you are trying to reach is different from when you run a retail-based business. For that reason, how you approach your business is also different, particularly when it comes to your marketing. You need a better understanding of what it takes to properly market this kind of business.

Of course, in 2018 marketing isn’t just about ads, it’s also about social media and content creation. It’s a well-known fact that when it comes to marketing almost any business, having a blog is a must. A blog acts as a constant form of marketing. It’s an amazing way to increase your brand’s customer base. It also establishes your company and yourself as experts in your niche.

Bearing that in mind, it’s hard to argue with the fact that starting a blog is essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Of course, the question is: how can you go about starting a blog for your service-based business?

Know Your Niche

First and foremost, it’s essential that you know your niche. If you’re going to launch a blog for your service-based business, you need to understand what your ideal client wants.

For instance,  if your business is in construction that caters to the needs of domestic DIYers, your blog should be packed full of how-to posts and guide to certain aspects of DIY – everything should be aimed at DIY enthusiasts.

However, if your business is designed for people working commercially in construction, then your blog would need to have articles tailored to professionals within the industry. For your business blog to succeed, it needs to be perfectly tailored to your company’s niche.

Be Creative

When it comes to the content that you share on your blog, creativity is key. Posts like ‘10 Ways To Decorate Your Spare Bedroom’ are overdone and dull. Try something like ‘Amazing Ways To Transform A Spare Bedroom Into The Cutest Guest Bedroom’ or ‘Quirky Hacks For Making More Of Your Spare Room’ tend to be far more popular. This is because they’re creative and unique, which is what all of your blog’s content should be.

You’re competing with thousands of other blogs in the same niche. To get your content noticed (and your brand too), you have to stand out. The more creative your content is the better.

Work with Professionals

Just because you run a business, that doesn’t mean that you’re a born writer. You might know a lot about your industry but that doesn’t mean you have the skill to create your own content. You might consider working with professionals in your area. They can help to ensure that your blog content is amazing.

For instance, say you’re a construction company, you might like to utilize services that provide SEO for contractors, to ensure that your blog content is created to the highest standard possible and ranks highly. You might also want to outsource certain tasks to specialists, such as the writing of your content, as there’s a skill to writing and for your blog to beat your competitor’s blogs, the content needs to be of an extremely high-quality.

Start a Blog Today for Your Service-Based Business

These useful tips for starting a blog for your service-based business can get you up and running in no time. If you’re new to blogging, be sure to check out my favorite resources here!


Are You Considering Borrowing Money to Grow your Blogging Business?

Are You Considering Borrowing Money to Grow your Blog Business?

Are you thinking about taking out a loan to take your blogging business to the next level? This is something that a lot of bloggers consider in order to take advantage of certain opportunities and expand their blog.  For example, some bloggers want to start selling merchandise, so they look to a small business loan in order to proceed. If this is something you are considering, read on to discover some of the common mistakes people make that you need to avoid.

Not Reading Every Term and Condition

There is only one place to begin, and this is with failing to read every term and condition. The last thing you want is for hidden expenses to come to bite you because you have not read each and every condition.

Borrowing More Money than you Need

When you are offered more money than you need, it can be very tempting to take it. However, this means you will end up paying more back, and you will end up spending unnecessarily too. Head to for some great advice on the different options that are available to you in terms of borrowing a small amount of money.

Choosing the Wrong Loan

There are so many different loans available today. It’s not hard to see why it is rather confusing. However, the last thing you want to do is choose a loan that is not right for you. For example, you could end up choosing a loan that is secured against your house, meaning everything you own is tied into one agreement, which isn’t usually ideal. Head to for more information about the different types of loans that are available for small business owners.

Unsuitable Repayment Schedule

No matter how much money you are going to be borrowing, you need to make sure that the payment schedule is something that fits within your budget. If you miss a payment or you cannot afford your loan repayments overall, this will have a negative impact on your credit rating, so you really should not take any risks in this regard.

Assuming Borrowing from Friends or Family is the Best Move

Finally, of course, it can be very tempting to borrow money from friends and family. If you do this, it is unlikely you will have to pay interest fees. Plus you know any inability to make the payment will not result in red flags on your credit score. However, going down this path can be a very dangerous one. Many relationships have been ruined because of money.

Growing Your Blogging Business

There is a lot to consider when taking out a loan for your blogging business or borrowing money from loved ones. Make sure you avoid these blunders to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Be sure to check out my Resources page to stay up to date on all my favorite tools and services for bloggers!


3 Ways to Gain Loyal Blog Supporters

3 ways to gain loyal blog supporters

Some blog owners are only interested in ad revenue and getting hits. For those that are passionate about their content, owning a blog is more about creating a loyal fan base of readers than just attracting any old visitor. Here are several ways in which you can turn visitors into your loyal blog supporters.

Let People Know They Can Subscribe

Allowing readers to subscribe to your blog can allow you to alert new readers every time new content is uploaded. Many blogging platforms have subscriptions services – WordPress allows those with a WordPress account to subscribe, whilst Blogger allows people with a Google Plus account to receive notifications.

Of course, not everyone may have these accounts which is why it can also worth setting up an email mailing list. By collecting the email addresses of readers, you can then send out emails to these readers every time you publish a new blog post. You can borrow newsletter templates from Postman and use a bulk mailing service that sends out these emails to everyone at once. To collect people’s email addresses, you can create a pop-up on your homepage that allows visitors to subscribe there and then or you can allow people to sign up in the sidebar.

Social media can be another tool for getting people to subscribe to your content. You can create pages for your blog on social media onto which you share links to every new post you publish. You can then add social media plug-ins to your blog that allow readers visiting your blog to follow you on social media.

Encourage Engagement

You can also turn visitors into loyal readers by creating a sense of community on your blog. Enabling comments allows readers to leave their opinion. This can help readers to feel more involved and make your content more engaging. Discussion can also be great for encouraging readers to return. Readers may go back to check that someone has replied to their comment and they may be more inclined to comment on other posts in the future. You yourself can create content that inspires discussions such as asking for readers’ opinions with polls or even reacting to readers’ requests once you start getting a stream of regular comments.

Most blogging platforms have their own comment systems, but you can also use plug-ins that allow people to comment via Facebook.

Keep Content Consistent

Loyal readers are likely to want consistency. They don’t want to wait several months for new content and then have three posts published in one day. Nor do they want inconsistent topics to be covered. Try to post content on a regular basis and even consider scheduling it for a certain day so that readers won’t grow impatient waiting for new content. Similarly, keep to a theme rather than posting random content so that readers know what to expect from your blog.

Loyal Blog Supporters are So Important

Loyal blog supporters are your bread and butter. They are what keep you going on days that you just want to pull the plug. Nurture your tribe and it will grow!

If you are a new or even a seasoned blogger, you need to check out my list of favorite affiliates!

The Basics Of Blogging

The Basics of blogging

These days, blogging is all the rage. If you don’t already have a blog, then you’ve probably thought about setting one up. You may want to blog to share your story or make it a business.  Either way, you may be needing to know the basics of blogging? Blogging can be super intimidating. Especially when you’re looking at beautiful professional blogs and their incredible content. You may think you can’t do it – but you can. You just need to know how.

And it’s no secret. Getting your blog up and running can be really simple. You don’t have to put in a whole lot of money and you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of time. You just need to get started. A lot of the time, we delay getting things done because we feel as if we have to make it perfect first. But that’s only going to stop you from getting started. Instead, you just need to know the basics of getting setup and then do it. Check out these seven steps you need to take to get that done.

the basics of blogging

Set Up Your Hosting

The first thing you need to be thinking about is the more technical side of getting set up. Because you need to get the blog actually up before you can do anything else. For this, you need to set up your hosting and you’ll find that resources like these here will help you to do that. Just make sure that you’re considering options that are best for you, and a payment plan that will suit your needs and budget.

Choose A Domain Name

From here, you then need to pick out your domain name. There are plenty of sites that will let you set up a free website and domain, but they don’t always look professional. This is why opting for hosting and purchasing a personalized domain name is going to be the best option from the start.

Set Up Social Platforms

Next, you’re going to want to set up your social media accounts. It’s important to have a social presence on the right platforms so that you’re able to promote your content. Just make sure that you’re securing the social account names that you want to begin with. Then you can work out how you want to promote yourself on them.

Create A Content Calendar

It’s also a good idea to have a content calendar to work with too. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on it, but it is a good idea to try and get your content organized. This will help you to feel less pressure about what you want to write. It’s also a good way to plan in different topics as you get ideas too.

Start Writing

Then you need to just start writing. A lot of the time, you’ll be far too precious about this. Yes, you want your content to be good and interesting and engaging, but don’t treat it like your baby. Perfectionism stops you from just getting started. And you’ll often find that when you do start writing, it’s easier to keep on writing more.

Promote Consistently

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re promoting your blog consistently too. It’s important for you to be able to enjoy writing and sharing your content, but you need to keep it up. You’ll find that these tips here can really help you. It may take a while to get the traffic that you’re looking for, but if you keep it up, you will find that you get into a rhythm with blogging.

Have Fun!

But above all else, you have to really make sure that you’re having fun with everything. Blogging is a lot of fun. Whether you’re getting started for personal reasons and just want to do this as a hobby, or you’re blogging for business or want to do is for a company, it can still be really enjoyable. Just make sure that you stick at it, that you’re authentic, and that you don’t take it too seriously. Because pressure stops it being fun!

The Basics of Blogging

Knowing the basics of blogging will help you set up your blog today! While it can be intimidating, once you get the hang of it, nothing should stop you. If you are wanting to monetize your blog, be sure to check out my favorite affiliates for new bloggers!



5 Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

5 Reasons People Aren't Reading Your Blog

You did it! Your blog is finally live. Now you only need to sit back and watch the hit counter on your blog as your site traffic increases. It’s a case of ready, steady, go (or even grow). And yet your blog never gets off the starting grid. The occasional person takes a look, but after weeks of waiting for your audience to grow and respond, your heart sinks. People aren’t reading your blog! Why?

You Haven’t Marketed Yourself

People aren’t going to stumble across your blog by accident. You need to get the word out. Tell your social media friends, comment on other blogs, and share your content. You have to market and brand yourself so people take notice.

Your Content Isn’t Interesting

 Not every blog needs to have universal appeal, so it’s okay if you only appeal to a niche. But it still needs to be interesting to read. You should also post great pictures. You may want to follow a few web design techniques to make sure your web pages engage your site visitors.

Google Doesn’t Recognize You

In short, you need to improve your SEO, and we have already provided SEO tips on this site to help you do just that. Your blog will be on Google’s search pages somewhere, but if you haven’t adhered to SEO rules, your site will probably be on page 101 rather than page 1. Do yourself a favor, and those people who would really benefit from reading your blog, by sorting this out today.

You Haven’t Analyzed Your Blog Content

 It’s time to crunch the numbers and analyze the effectiveness of your blog posts. How many people are reading your posts? How long do they stick around? What topics are generating the most (or least) interest? Use your blog platforms analysis tool, and then analyze the numbers further with Excel, using this step-by-step guide. And if you don’t know the first thing about using Excel or need a refresher? Training Connection run frequent Microsoft Excel classes, so book yourself a course.

5 Reasons People Aren't Reading Your Blog

You’re Not Updating Your Blog

You have written a couple of posts, and that’s fine. However, if you want to build your readership, you need to give them an incentive to keep coming back. So, after marketing yourself more, improving your web design, and analyzing topics that your readers are interested in, you need to add more content. Otherwise, what’s the point in having a blog in the first place? And if you don’t have time to always update your blog with fresh stuff, reach out to freelancers and they will produce content for you for a fee.

People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

Are you struggling because people aren’t reading your blog? Chances are, if you aren’t generating enough traffic to your blog, one or more of the issues above may be the problem. Consider each, and take the relevant steps to see if things turn around for the better. Hopefully, your blog will achieve success if you do!

Whether you’re a new blogger or a veteran, check out my favorite affiliates!


What Happened When I Began Using Tailwind

What happened when I began using Tailwind

what happened when i began using tailwind


This post contains affiliate links. I will get a commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I love.

I have been a Pinterest user for years. Actually, more like a Pinterest hoarder!

When I began blogging, I had done so much reading on what I needed to do. After focusing on 10 things at once, I decided to back off and put the majority of my energy into one platform. I chose Pinterest. Having read another 857 articles about what I needed to be doing on that platform, I decided to stop reading and start doing.

I received a free month of Tailwind and thought, “why not?” 

The first week, I did nothing but stare at the blank screen with a feeling of overwhelm which I had become quite used to over the last few months (Blogging can be crazy overwhelming, am I right?!). Finally, I dove in and started scheduling pins.

The default gave me 3-4 scheduled pins per day. Along with the scheduled pins, I began to manually pin about 20 pins today (which wasn’t much more than I had typically been pinning). I went with the 80/20 rule. 80% others, 20% my own.

I would pin from my blog to my main Nau & Forever Blog Posts board, then from there I would pin to other appropriate boards of my own as well as group boards.

Want some free Pinterest tips that I have put together? Get access to my free printables library and download your copy along with some other great printables!

My Results

When I began in January (1/31/18), my average monthly viewers were 13,673, with an average engagement of 289.

  • March 16, my average monthly viewers were 41,882 (average engagement: 1,402).
  • April 8, I had 51,700 monthly viewers (average engagment: 1,500).

what happened when i began using tailwind

Now, to some people, this may not be a lot, but to me, I was super pumped!

I took a dip at the end of March (like many bloggers) but as you can see, things are moving right back up.

Should you put all your eggs into the Pinterest basket? Absolutely not! BUT, from my experience, you should totally be utilizing this platform. The majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

I have also noticed a few of my pins showing up in the top feed of Pinterest. That totally warranted an impromptu happy dance while my husband was, like, “um…okay.”

These results are my personal results, but Tailwind publishes the Typical Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Users so you can see what the average growth rate looks like for all of their members. 

Want to Try Tailwind for Free?

Silly question, I know. You can try Tailwind and get your first 100 pins FO’ FREE.

Tailwind now offers Instagram scheduling to help make our lives easier too!

Want some free Pinterest tips that I have put together? Get access to my free printables library and download your copy along with some other great printables!

Want to know what my favorite tools are for bloggers? Check out my Resources page where I update all my favorites!

My Favorite Affiliates For New Bloggers

Check out this list of my favorite affiliates for new bloggers!

My favorite affiliates for new bloggers
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This post contains affiliate links. I will get paid if you make a purchase at no cost to you. All opinions are my own and I only share products that I love!

Are you a new blogger or new to the affiliate game? Affiliate marketing can be so overwhelming! There are so many available affiliates for new bloggers! Do you sign up for a bunch? Just one?

I recommend picking only a few to start with. In order to make money from affiliate marketing, you need the trust of your audience. If you are throwing out affiliate links left and right, they may think you are just trying to earn a buck.

Make a list of the products or stores that you already love! That’s a great place to start. For example, I love This store is through Shareasale affiliate program. Shareasale has a ton of stores in the program so I definitely recommend checking them out and applying.

1) Amazon. Hugely popular but only has a 24 hour cookie window. You can make money as a new blogger with Amazon, but I have definitely struggled with this. (Full disclosure: I’ve been kicked out of the program before for not getting sales, but it’s easy to reapply.)

2) DealPro. This is my favorite right now. You get $5 for each referral you send to DealPro when they sign up and are approved. If you enjoy writing sponsored posts, you should make sure you sign up for their Sponsored Campaigns. They will have campaigns that you can join and make great money!

3) Tailwind. If you are using Tailwind, sign up for their affiliate program.

4) PicMonkey” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>PicMonkey. If you are using and loving their paid version, join the affiliate program and tell your readers how fantastic it is.

5) Skimlinks. It turns all of your links into affiliate links. You just need to make sure that you put their code into your site. (Don’t worry, they tell you exactly how to do that!)

6) It’s All You Boo! I recently got the Slay Your Goals Planner and loved it. I am now an affiliate for it. If you have a course or product from a fellow blogger that you love, see if they have a referral program. The payout is usually pretty great.

7) The Ultimate Bundles They bundle ebooks, courses and resources at a discounted price that you can let your readers know about!

8) ShopStyle

9) Siteground or whatever host you use and love. I personally love Siteground and the amazing customer service that they offer.

10) Ebates

Apply to programs that you love. Write posts about the products you love. If there is something that you really like but are unsure if they have an affiliate program, reach out to the company.

Don’t let the fact that you are new to blogging, stop you. The worst they can say is no.

11) Quickbooks

Aside from the fact that any entrepreneur should use this source, their affiliate program is incredible!

When I began blogging, I took a chance and emailed a company that I love. I was so surprised that they wanted to collaborate and I have been a Brand Ambassador for them ever since!

There are so many options for affiliates for new bloggers. This can be a great way to bring in some money and really grow your income.

Be sure to check out my Resources Page where I update my lasted favorites!

What are your favorite affiliates?

My favorite affiliates for new blo

My favorite affiliates for new bloggers

My Favorite Tools And Services For New Bloggers


These are some tools and services that I love as a new blogger!

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This page contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I will make a few bucks at no extra cost to you! Thanks!

I began blogging last summer, so I still consider myself a newbie. I have been doing a lot of trial and error figuring this all out. I have put together a list of the things that I consider as the best tools and services for new bloggers!

Siteground. This is my web host. I absolutely love them. Customer service is amazing and you can get a plan for as little as $3.95 a month. Check out my affiliate link here.

PicMonkey. I can say so many things about PicMonkey, but to keep it short, I’ll just say AWESOME! You can make adorable printables, graphics and edit photos. You can get the Premium package for as low as $5.99 a month. Totally worth it! You can also get a free 7 day trial. Check it out!

Affiliate Programs. Find some of your favorite companies and sign up for their affiliate programs to share your favorite products with your readers and followers. I use the following Affiliate Programs (these are great for newbie bloggers too):

Impact Radius

       Technology Used by Successful Businesses  (Rakuten Marketing)


Ultimate Bundles



Deal Pro (my favorite right now! A great way to share deals and coupons with your readers. They also offer paid posts as well.)

Check out my Resources page for my most up to date recommendations!

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