What To Do If Your Jaw Feels Tight

Having pain of any sort can get you out of sorts and keep you that way. Discomfort in your body tends to distract you from doing what you need to do. When it comes to jaw pain, any feeling of tightness or aching can lead to further stress and frustration. Normal daily activities like eating, talking, yawning, and smiling may cause you irritation. If you have experienced these unfortunate pains, keep reading to learn what you can do to feel better.

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See a specialist

If you are clenching your jaw and generally feel a tightness in the lower part of your face, you should see a TMJ Specialist. They will use their years of experience to get to the root cause of your problems. 

Once a diagnosis is made, a treatment plan will be put in place to help you feel better. The plan may include specialized appliances, physical therapy, injections, and possibly an operation. The approach will be specifically tailored to your unique body and needs to get you the best results possible and provide you with relief. 

Reduce your stressors

The idea of reducing your stress levels can seem idealistic. Your first step when attempting to alleviate stress should be to identify your main trigger points. While it may not be as simple as wishing your problems away, there are still proactive and realistic solutions you can embrace.

For example, if your assessments reveal that work is a primary trigger of stress, take stock of the reasons. Long hours? Lengthy commute? Problematic co-workers? If there is something you can do to make a positive change, you should do it. Propose a shorter work day by selling your work ethic and deliverables to your boss. Request a change to a hybrid model to reduce the commute. If it is the people that cause you stress, it is time to talk with your HR department.

Try a massage

When your body feels tight, one of the first things you probably try is to alleviate the pain and tension with a massage. You can do this for your face and jaw, as well, to try and provide some relief.

Watch this video for a quick guide on how to massage your jawline with face yoga.

Find ways to deal with stress

It is unlikely that you can eliminate all causes of pressure and tension in your life because these things are part and parcel of life itself. All is not lost, however. Even if you cannot make some things go away, what you can do is change your approach to these particular stress-inducers.

Take a deep breath when you know a stressful situation is about to occur. Conversely, when you find yourself in the middle of one, try to relax and tell yourself, “This too shall pass.” repeat your mantra to center yourself.

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Pain in your jaw muscles is uncomfortable regardless of the underlying cause. It is important that you see a specialist right away. Waiting too long could result in permanent damage. Take control of your stress levels as you are able, and just breathe.

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