Missed Hitting Your Fitness Resolution? Here’s How To Recommit.

We all make resolutions we fall short of now and then. From focusing on your fitness to trying to learn a new language, sometimes we run into trouble and give up. It happens to everyone! But so do the feelings of guilt and the need to beat yourself up over not committing to the promise you made yourself. And if you’re getting a little sick and tired of feeling such a way, maybe it’s time to think about recommitting? Well, that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with. 

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Acknowledge the Progress You Made

Sure, you didn’t quite hit the goal you wanted to hit. But you still made some progress! You still bought the right equipment, you still went for a jog every morning for a week, and you still managed to get your resting heart rate down a little. That’s all good! Acknowledge this before you put yourself into a negative headspace surrounding resolutions – they can work, and hyping yourself up is the best way to get back on track. You did all of that so cheer for yourself! 

Figure Out What Stopped You

What is it that got in the way last month? What made you want to give up and do something else, or go back to the way you spent your time before? Once you figure this out, you have a much better chance of recommitting. So, maybe it was a bit of poor time management? Maybe a lot of life events got in the way and left you exhausted? Or maybe you didn’t quite enjoy the activity you chose, and gave up because of how bored you were? Once you know, you can make the change you need to try again! 

Make a Plan for the Future

You can’t muddle along with a resolution. You need to make a serious plan for it, to ensure you’ve got something to refer to everytime you feel lost or like you need a bit of motivation to continue. Write it down and stick it somewhere you’ll see everyday; a constant reminder of where you’ve come from and where you’re going will help you see this recommitment through. 

Try a New Thing Every Week

Don’t make it hard for yourself. A new thing every week means you make small yet fast steps towards the goals you set out earlier. From trying a new movement to a new circuit, or trying something new in your diet such as skinny syrups, one new thing a week is something anyone could keep up with. As long as it keeps you on the path towards staying fit, it’s worth trying. Do a bit of research on the weekend beforehand and then find some fun or tasty things to try and see if they work! 

If you missed completing your fitness resolution goals, don’t worry. Pick it up and try again! You can make progress any time of the year – you haven’t missed the window for making lifestyle changes.

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