Reasons to Take Your Child to the Dentist

When was the last time you took your children to the dentist? It may surprise you, but as soon as your children have teeth they can get cavities – yes, even babies! As a parent, you are already invested in the health of your child, so you need to do everything that you can to ensure that your children are as healthy as possible and that includes that all health.

Taking your children to the best family dentistry practice is just good health care and good parenting, and we’ve got some of the best reasons below as to why you should be taking your children to the dentist as soon as they have their first teeth. Let’s take a closer look to understand it.

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  • Cavities can form very quickly. Did you know that cavities can form in as little as six months? Baby teeth are much softer and thinner than permanent teeth and so entry to cavities can quickly reach the root. If a child loses a baby tooth because of a cavity, speech impediments, loss of space for permanent teeth and misalignment of the bite can occur. This can also shift the entire shape of the door and face as a whole. Visits to the dentist should be scheduled every six months to avoid this from happening
  • Plaque attacks. Plaque can affect the heart. The plaque that builds up on the teeth and the gums can be directly linked to heart disease and dementia. It’s never too early to encourage habits that will keep your children’s teeth healthier for longer, and you should ensure that you are adopting the same habits, too. Children model after their parents and this is something you should be modeling for them.
  • Flossing saves lives. Studies have shown that flossing every single day can increase life expectancy and children should start to floss as soon as they have their teeth next to each other. Ask your dentist to show your child how to floss that he’s properly they will be able to make it fun for them.
  • They will have a beautiful smile. Smiling can affect your self-esteem, and if your teeth aren’t looking good you’re not going to feel very good. The children are going to notice the same thing. Bullying happens on the playground, but you can ensure that their appearance isn’t what gets the bullet. Healthy teeth can make a big difference to how they feel on the playground and you can have a big part in this by ensuring that they have to go to the dentist regularly.
  • Make it fun. Don’t break the children to go to the dentist with sweets or candies, because it kind of defeats the point! One of the top fears for children is going to the dentist because it’s new, but you should speak to the dentist who has games, TVs, toys and blankets to make the whole experience more fun. If you can make going to the dentist for your children will want to go

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