5 Reasons Why a Healthy Lifestyle Can Improve Your Savings

When someone says a healthy lifestyle can improve your savings, would you believe it? Some of you might shake your head right away, don’t you? Well, it’s somehow understandable since being healthy is often associated with eating expensive berries and going to the gym regularly.

However, believe it or not, doing a healthy lifestyle can indeed improve your savings. If this still doesn’t make sense to you? Check out these five reasons why a healthy lifestyle is budget-friendly and can improve your savings.

1. Drink Water

Drinking water is probably the easiest kick-off when you’re just adjusting to a healthy lifestyle. It’s undeniably healthier and cheaper compared to flavored drinks, soda, and alcohol. Water is free from calories and the body absorbs it quickly. 

As a comparison, a can of soda approximately contains 150 calories. A study found out that you can gain weight up to 15 pounds by drinking soda every day a year. Meanwhile, a person on average drinks eight cups of water per day, which equals half a gallon and it only costs around $5 – $6 per day (1 gallon = $9.60).

2. Avoid Junk Food

One of the most challenging tasks when doing a healthy lifestyle is probably staying away from junk food. Approximately 36.6% of adults in America eat junk food on any given day, according to the CDC.

Worst of all, junk food is not only bad for your body, but also your budget. Individually, Americans spend around $1,200 a year just for fast food or $100 per month. If you cut the cost of junk food, imagine how much you could save for your future.

You can always substitute junk food with more affordable home-cooked meals such as plant-based food. Shop at your nearest local market, they are way cheaper rather than fries, a pizza, and a hamburger.

3. Pack Your Lunch

Without realizing it, you might spend more money for lunch at work. Employees are more likely to fill their stomachs at a restaurant during lunchtime. Even though it is very convenient, it adds up to you spending quite a lot.

For instance, if your lunch costs $7-$8, you’ll spend up to $160 in just a month. You can reduce your spending for lunch by packing healthy sandwiches or meals of your favorite that you made from home.

You can also look for many recipe inspirations from YouTube platforms or other sources. However, this doesn’t mean you have to pack lunch every day. You still have permission to eat out with colleagues a few times a week.

4. Eliminates Bad Habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol might be your escape to release stress –but they’re not the only ways, right? It’s common knowledge that smoking and drinking alcohol increase the risk of getting chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer.

Furthermore, cigarettes and alcohol are costly habits. The average price of a pack of cigarettes is $8 in the US, it can be even pricier in some states. That can add up to around $120 in your spending per month.

Cutting off cigarettes and alcohol in life requires earnest commitment for some people. The process is not instant and can be stressful. However, every effort you make for a healthier version of yourself is always worth everything.

5. Reduce Transportation Costs

Some people need to commute or drive to their workplace and it adds up to their monthly spending. If your destination is minutes away, it’s good to have a little exercise by walking or cycling. See? A healthy lifestyle is not always going to the gym.

If walking is impossible due to the long-distance, taking the bus or commuting is a good option rather than taking a cab to save some money.

Wrapping Up

Getting on the right track to a healthy lifestyle gives so many advantages. The most important of all is having a healthy body and mind. As we all may know, health care services are super expensive and no one in the world wants to experience paying hospital bills for the rest of their life.

Now, maintaining a healthy lifestyle sounds so much better rather than regretting life choices later on, doesn’t it? In addition, doing a healthy lifestyle is like killing two birds with one stone, not only you get a wholesome body but also a filled-up pocket!


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