New Dentist In Town? Essential Marketing Tips

Launching your business in a new location can be challenging. New businesses must be smart when it comes to marketing strategies if they want to get noticed. 

Gaining the attention of the local community as the new dentist on the block is no easy task. Indeed, you will need to change the local habits and routine, especially if you are launching a dental practice from scratch. More often than not, the local community already has an established relationship with other practices outside of town. Therefore, it is essential to focus your marketing and communication plan on building a new relationship with future customers. 

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Take a local approach

Ultimately, you are not going to get noticed if you don’t actively mix and mingle in your community. As the new dentist in your community, your priority is to be seen and acknowledged. So, you want to make sure you attend every local gathering and conference in your community and distribute business and thank you cards

Additionally, you can also advertise on the local media, including the local radio station, newspaper, and even flier distribution. 

Share your tools and expertise

If you are going to build a trust relationship with the local customers, you must let them know about your experience and dental supplies. Indeed, people will be more likely to reach out for an appointment if they are confident you can provide a local alternative to their existing dentist. 

It may be worth also running local surveys and analyses to determine the prevailing dental conditions in the community. For example, if you start in an aging community, you want to make sure to have plenty of supplies and expertise regarding dental replacement and dentures. 

Show behind the scenes

What does your dental practice look like? As many people are nervous about going to the dentist, it’s vital to design a space where your patients can feel safe. You can take on social media to show your surgery and build a functional but relaxing and appealing space. Professional design experts can help elevate communal areas in your dental office, such as the reception, and create personal details in consultation rooms. 

One of the main reasons behind dental anxiety is linked to impersonal and also sanitized dental rooms, which make people aware they are receiving medical care. But instead, a welcoming room could make them feel at ease and alleviate fears. 

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Educate your audience

Doctor Mike has built a huge audience on social media, YouTube, and other social media platforms, to educate people about their health. As a dentist, you can reach out to Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube to answer questions, share tips, and explain how some procedures work. You can also use your presence to debunk myths and reassure potential customers. 

If you are unsure how to start with education on social media, it’s a good idea to check on other medical professions online. Doctor Mike, as mentioned before, is a famous name when it comes to general medicine. Yet, they are many dental experts who can inspire you, such as Dr. Uchenna Okoye and Dr. Desiree Yazdan. 

Are you ready to get your dental practice noticed? While it might be tempting to run costly advertising campaigns, you must prioritize gaining the community’s trust. That’s where educating your audience and displaying your tools and expertise can make a big difference.

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