9 Tips To Work Towards a More Active Family Lifestyle in 2022


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Over the past two years, we have all spent an unprecedented amount of time indoors. Whether your little ones were born during the pandemic or before, they might have spent a lot of time at home and dealt with limitations to daily activities and social interactions. However, 2022 is here, and this is the time to regain control over your family lifestyle and focus on being healthier and more active. 

In the sections below, you can find unmissable tips that can help you make your entire Texan family’s lifestyle more active, outdoorsy, and health-focused – start working towards your goals today!

Opt for Active Holidays

Holidays and vacations are important times for your whole family. During these special periods of the year, you have the unique chance to bond with your family and make lifelong memories. 

However, the kind of vacation you opt for can make a difference in your experience! Undoubtedly, beachside, relaxing, and all-inclusive holidays can be fun. But, more active vacations can help you feel better, healthier, and refreshed – the best thing is that there are endless options for an active and adventurous vacation. 

For example, you might consider enjoying a road trip or a camping adventure next time you have a choice – you’ll find out these activities are good for the soul!

Take Walks and Hikes

When trying to improve the health and fitness of your family, how you decide to spend your free time matters. If you have free days, mornings, or afternoons, you could spend time outdoors, walking, or hiking. Of course, this all depends on the landscape around your house. 

However, if you live in a residential area, you should not just give up on active activities! Indeed, you can spend every day exploring a different neighborhood, a local park, or even a nearby animal sanctuary or farm.

Exercise Together

One of the best ways to live a more active lifestyle in 2022 and stick to your goals is to become one another’s exercise buddies. This won’t just help you all be more accountable for your daily effort, but it can also help you have more fun when exercising. And, don’t forget to turn any exercise into games that you can all enjoy – after all, counting reps or push-ups is not the only way to build muscle and endurance!

Find The Right Home

The home you choose to live in will impact your lifestyle. Indeed, if you have opted for a residential home away from parks and other green spaces, the chances are that you might head out into the outdoors so often. However, there are many other alternatives you could consider to help you live more actively:

  • Check local apartments for rent that are situated near a park, gym, fitness center, or nature reserve
  • Opt for downsizing by investing in a tiny home. Indoor space will be limited, but this kind of lifestyle promotes life outdoors!
  • If you have always loved taking care of animals and growing plants and herbs, get started on a farm or homestead 

Get in touch with your local estate agent to help you find the best living and housing alternatives for your needs. 

Live Near a Park

One of the best ways to keep up with your goals of living more actively and healthily in 2022 is to live near a park. Indeed, it has been seen that spending just 120 minutes a week in nature can help you fight chronic diseases, lower the risk of severe health conditions, and strengthen the immune system. 

If you are looking for your next home in Texas but you are unsure what neighborhoods are near a park or green area, you can use directories such as ParkScore to guide you in the choice. Ideally, you should strive to be within a short walking distance to the park – no longer than a 10-minute walk away!

Take On Outdoorsy Hobbies – Including Gardening!

No matter where you live – not everyone has the chance to spend entire days or afternoons wandering around hiking trails, nature reserves, and thriving parks. Luckily, there is a lot more you can do to spend time outdoors and live a more active life. 

For example, you could consider taking on outdoorsy hobbies, sports, and activities. From beach cleanups to urban gardening and street cleaning, there are plenty of alternatives to keep you active while working towards a better local community. 

And, there are many perks of gardening with kids! Indeed, this hobby can help them eat healthier, teach them patience, provide exercise, help them develop STEM abilities, and build their sense of confidence. Start preparing your home’s herbs and vegetable garden today!

Enjoy Games and Playtime Activities

Not everyone loves going to the gym or spending hours exercising. Nonetheless, there is a lot you can do to keep yourself and your little ones engaged and active. For example, you could play chase stage treasure hunts, or spend time playing outside in the garden. 

All that running around is an excellent way to keep yourself and your kids healthy while also bonding with other members of the family – a win-win!

Take Care of the House Together

If there is just no time for you all to exercise as a family, you might need to be a little more creative about how to keep your whole family active. A great way to do so is to involve everyone in house chores and activities. From cleaning the dishes to maintaining the garden, re-painting, and dusting, there are plenty of ways to keep everyone active while maintaining the house in tip-top shape.

Remember To Be an Active Role Model

If you wish to see your whole family leading a much more active lifestyle in 2022, make sure to keep in mind the role you cover! Others in the family, especially your little ones, will be following your example. 

So, make sure to integrate exercise into your routine, limit screen time, spend time outdoors, and eat healthily. It will be far less difficult to involve all the other members of your family in the effort if they can see how happy and excited you are!

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