7 Common Issues You May Have When Beginning Exercise

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Looking after your body is essential for many aspects of life. Physical exercise helps with muscle toning, weight loss, and healthy weight gain. But you can also reap the mental health benefits from increased serotonin and a more active social life. However, you may be one of the many people held back by some of the common issues you may have when beginning exercise. These issues include a lack of knowledge, motivation, and feeling embarrassed.

Back Complaints

Almost all exercises will put some strain on your back. Depending on what you are doing, this will be mild or harsh. If you are new to training and perform strenuous repetitions such as sit-ups or heavy weight lifting, you will feel it in your back. It is therefore recommended you wear the necessary support. Existing back issues may also become worse. Some people get by using KT Tape for sciatica pain (see how here) and related back pain. However, if you experience severe back issues, you should refrain from putting extra pressure on the area.

Motivation and Energy

If you aren’t used to physical exercise, starting a new routine can be challenging. You may find it difficult just to get up in the morning. Then you have to work. And on top of that, there are family commitments such as looking after the children as a parent or keeping the house as a couple. In short, just being part of everyday life is enough to drain you. Beginning exercise counteracts the symptoms of low energy and motivation. Establishing a routine encourages the motivation to follow through, and the physical movement itself helps mitochondria use oxygen more efficiently.

Muscle Soreness

In addition to back pain, you will almost certainly experience muscle soreness. Aching muscles are a natural part of the exercise. However, unless you regularly perform all but the most strenuous routines, you will get used to muscle soreness, and it will soon disappear. If you are entirely new to exercise after a sedentary life, the pain might be harsh. This is where you need to push through it rather than give up. Muscle pain from exercise is relieved with heat and cold. Heat loosens tissues and encourages blood flow, while cold decreases swelling and inflammation.

Insecurity and Embarrassment

A significant barrier that stops people from exercising is the sheer embarrassment of trying it, made worse by insecurities. While there’s no guarantee that you won’t run into feeble-minded bullies at the gym, they are scarce. Most people in a gym will go out of their way to help you if they think you need it. Additionally, the employees of gyms are trained professionals. They can help you set up a machine, advise you what exercises are best for your level, and encourage you while you work out. There’s nothing to be scared of, and you will make new friends.

Not Knowing What to Do

Exercising can be as simple as riding a stationary bike each day or as complex as performing a routine of repetitions to work for specific muscle groups on a rotating basis. Don’t let the seemingly complex world of human physiology put you off. Most advanced trainers started off not knowing the first thing about physical exercise. You should start off small, with simple activities like running, biking, or rowing. From there, you will literally get a feel for what muscles you want to work out. Then you can work with a trainer to build a detailed exercise plan.

Understanding Diet and Exercises

You may also be put off by the seemingly endless information around dieting properly. Unfortunately, millions of people per year begin fad diets and slimming products, see no results, and revert back to their old habits. Yet, the relationship between your diet and physical activity is simple. You need to burn more calories than you take in. That’s pretty much it. Of course, the less fat you consume, the better. But even some fats are necessary for a healthy body. Remember, fat-free doesn’t mean low calorie, and low calorie doesn’t mean fat-free. 

Sticking with It

If you begin an exercise plan, then you owe it to yourself to stick with it. Unfortunately, too many people give up before they really start. Each year, around 70% of gym passes and equipment are purchased, used once, and then never used again. Why spend so much money for nothing? Understandably, life can get in the way. But going to the gym or exercising at home is a great way to build your motivation, drive, and passion. And it doesn’t need to be perplexing. Imagine how toned your arms would be if you did some curls while sitting on the sofa watching Netflix.

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