Win Back Your Confidence With These Simple Tricks

No matter how confident a person may appear to be, we all deal with insecurities from time to time. For example, you may deal with a lack of confidence at work or in your personal life that leaves you feeling as though you are caught in a rut of doubt and insecurity. 

However, while it may feel that way from time to time, it’s important to remember that confidence is not unattainable – it might just take a little time and effort to get where you need to be. 

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

With that in mind, here are some simple tricks that you can use to win back your confidence. 

  • Start smiling more often. According to recent studies, smiling more often is a great way to trick your mind into feeling happier and more confident. This is due to the fact that to smile, you use muscles in your face, which tells your brain to release endorphins such as serotonin. Therefore, the more you smile (at yourself or the world around you), the easier it will be to feel confident. However, if you aren’t feeling all that confident in your smile, you can give yourself an even bigger confidence boost by looking into dental services that can restore any damage to your teeth. 
  • Set yourself small, attainable goals. It’s no secret that accomplishing your goals is the secret to feeling more confident – both in your personal and professional life. However, when the goals we set for ourselves are too big – they’ll always feel out of reach. As a result, you’ll quickly lose motivation. Conversely, if you set yourself smaller, more manageable goals, you’ll find it much easier to achieve them, and your confidence levels will soar. 
  • Monitor your social media usage carefully. We’re all guilty of spending a bit too much time on social media, whether you use Twitter, Instagram, or even TikTok. However, did you know that our confidence levels are often closely linked to our social media habits? For example, if your Instagram feed is full of models or influencers, you’re much more likely to think negatively about your own appearance – even though many of the photos they post are heavily edited. Therefore, if you’re feeling as though your confidence levels are dropping, it might be time to hit that unfollow button or at least give yourself a social media break. 
  • Focus on feeling good, not looking good. While our confidence is often linked to our physical appearance, you’ll notice that your confidence levels peak whenever you put time and effort into working on feeling good. This is due to the simple fact that happiness and confidence often shine from the inside out. Thankfully, there are various ways in which you can begin to feel good. For example, you could put together an ambitious fitness routine or start making regular self-care a priority. To put it simply, you need to find a way to put yourself first – as this ensures that all of your needs are met and addressed – which will help you feel much more confident and content as a result.

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