What Not To Do When You’re Struggling To Fall Asleep

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A lack of sleep is possibly the most common health concern that people have these days. Individuals of all ages can complain of not getting enough sleep, and there are plenty of reasons for this. Increased screen time is usually associated with it, but some people also suffer from insomnia, so they have a condition that makes it challenging to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

When you’re struggling to get your fifty winks every night, you start attempting all sorts of things to drift off into dreamland. Some of these ideas are fantastic and will help – like avoiding screens and caffeine before bed – while others are less than impressive. Today, we want to focus on what NOT to do when you can’t sleep in the evenings…

Take sleeping pills

This might sound counterproductive as a lot of people that struggle to sleep will take some pills to help them get to sleep. They will work, and that’s not the issue. The issue is that you start to depend on sleeping pills every day. So, instead of your body naturally falling asleep, you’re forcing it to shut down via medication that can include who knows what. 

It’s not good for you to take sleeping pills every night, but you can find other sleeping aid supplements that are more natural. Nowadays, it’s easy to buy CBD oil that has been shown to aid insomnia, calm people down, and contribute to falling asleep. ZMA (zinc and magnesium) supplements are also effective at helping you relax and fall into a deep sleep. 

Drink alcohol

Again, plenty of people will have a nightcap before bed, meaning they drink some alcohol. Whenever you go out drinking, you know just how drowsy alcohol can make you. So, the theory is that having something to drink before you sleep will help you drift off. 

Again, don’t do this as it is bad for you. Drinking alcohol every night will not be good for your health, particularly as you develop a tolerance and will need more and more to fall asleep. Not to mention alcohol can make you pee, so you’ll likely wake up in a few hours needing the bathroom!

Watch TV or go on your phone

We’ve all been there; you’re struggling to sleep, so you scroll through your phone or pop Netflix on the TV to try and make yourself sleepy. It feels like it works, but science says it doesn’t. 

Yes, you might fall asleep, but it will be far later than if you avoided looking at your screens. This is because the blue light from your screens can inhibit hormone production that helps you feel sleepy. In short, if you’re bored, read a book, don’t look at screens!

Make sure you avoid doing all of the things mentioned above if you’re struggling to sleep every night. Sleeping pills and alcohol will not help you in the long term, and they cause more harm than good. Watching TV or going on your phone will also do nothing to help your sleepiness, so avoid this too.

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