Road Trip, You Say? It’s Good For The Soul

There are a lot of things that we do that are good for the soul. We dance to music and we eat our green smoothies. We go for long walks and we stroke the puppies when we see them (seriously, so good for the soul!). One of the things that is vital for our health is travel. Whether by road, sea or plane, going to new places with new people and new things to see offers so many benefits to the way in which you feel. If you’ve ever taken the leap to travel outside your comfort zone, you’ll know that the most exciting thing about it all is that excitement that comes from being in a whole new space. Getting out of the space you’re currently in and shaking off the cobwebs is so much easier to do when you are happy to travel

Going to the local Mini dealership and picking out the perfect car for a road trip is equally as exciting as the trip itself. Getting to the airport with your luggage so early in the morning no one is around yet is part of the happiness that comes with being on a holiday. Everyone knows that shiver of excitement that’s part of the trip. As well as elevating your mood, a road trip is excellent for your health in so many other ways.

Image Source: Pexel

It’s good for your heart

When you’re road tripping, you’re often camping and hiking in the fresh air when you stop. One of the key things about a road trip is the chance to get back into nature. This is excellent for your heart health, and it’s going to help you to lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. The more you road trip and get tramping through the countryside, the better it is for your heart.

Your mind stays sharp

Travel promotes brain health – did you know that? Your brain becomes challenged with new experiences and environments, and this is so good for your body. Not only do you keep your brain sharp, you start interacting with the world in a new way and switching up the places that you visit will help you out – a lot.

You really have the chance to get creative

Which fields will you see and breathe in? Which oceans will you have the chance to sketch? Which road will you take next? Travelling really does help you to enhance your creativity, which leads to you becoming a happier, healthier person all round. You’ll be exposed to new places and new people, and this can go a long way to ensuring that you have a trip that’s great for the soul.

Travel boosts your mental health

When you’re trapped in the same cycles of worry and upset, it’s stress reduction that is one of the most important benefits of travel. You can take yourself out of your environment and spend time away from the office and worry, doing things that you really want to do for a change.

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