3 tips to feel “put together” while being home

Some women wear dresses. Some wear pantsuits. Some wear scrubs.

As a stay at home mom and entrepreneur, my “uniform” is totally athletic wear and athleisure. I can go from school drop off to content creation to my workout. Comfort is a nonnegotiable for this momma.

Check out my favorite tips on how to feel “put together” while being home!

Fix your hair!

This is how it goes. You get up, get the kids off to school, rush back home, and start your day. Between household chores and working on your business, you’re shocked when you walk past a mirror and catch a glimpse at the crazy mess on the top of your head.

It’s so easy to just wake up and readjust your mom bun, but by taking a couple minutes to fix hair (or at the very least, brush it), you will feel more put together

Do your make up

I’m not saying that you have to put on a full face of makeup (unless you want to), but some BB cream and mascara can do wonders for energy and confidence.

Wear clothes that make you feel good

This will look different for everyone, but wearing clothes that make you feel good will help you feel more put together while at home. For me, it’s workout clothes. Maybe it’s because I’m in the fitness world, but workout clothes just feel good.

A pair of leggings, like Under Armour Hi-Rise leggings make me feel great even on days where I feel bloated. Seriously, high rise leggings are the best thing.

Black athletic leggings are always my go to because you can wear them with so many things. I’ll throw on a sleek pullover on a cool day for school drop off. Or throw a hoodie on for a bonfire that evening.

If you haven’t noticed, Under Armour is, by far, one of my favorite brands. Aside from being super cute, Under Armour clothes are durable, comfortable and don’t stretch out like some other athletic brands.

Whether I’m loading kids in car seats, chasing our new pup through the yard, or doing burpees, my Under Armour keeps up with me.

One of my superpowers is finding great deals. It gets me actually gitty like a kid. When I find good deals, I have to share with you. So, you need to check out Slickdeals for incredible coupons and deals to buy yourself and family some goodies from Under Armour.

There are plenty of promo codes and sales to be had from popular online fitness brands such as Under Armour! Go ahead, check it out, and thank me later.

I would love to know, what do you do to feel more put together while you’re staying home? Share your favorite tips in the comments.

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