Wellue Continuous Ring Oximeter: helps track oxygen saturation throughout the whole night

You all know that I love staying up to date on all things health and wellness. I truly believe that we have more influence over our health than we believe and no one will be a bigger advocate for your health than yourself.

I’m fascinated by the way technology has evolved to monitor our health and insure we stay in tip top health. When I learn about new ways to do this, I want to share with you all.

Wellue is a company dedicated to developing products with medical-grade accuracy. They aim for consumer friendly products so people can find an easier and more modern way to screen diseases and monitor health.

As you know, I’m not a medical professional, only sharing an amazing testimony about the Wellue O2 Ring created by this company that may help you!

Wellue O2 Ring Testimony

I purchased the Wellue O2 Ring the day that I was diagnosed with COVID-19. After my first bout with that disease, we knew how important it would be for me to closely monitor my oxygen levels since I had lung damage. I needed a monitor that would be able to be worn night or day, that would alarm if my oxygen levels dropped too low, that would record the data in an app for later analysis, and that would still allow me to do my computer work while wearing it. So normal pulse oximeters were not an option because I couldn’t type while wearing them and they did not save the data. Even most watches require fingertip monitors. That is when I discovered Wellue’s O2 Ring! The reviews were positive and it seemed like it would work. I was hesitant because of the cost, but it seemed like a good product to try.

It was exactly what I needed! I have now worn this monitor day and night for over four months (with just a couple hours to charge it in between) and it has been a huge help! All of my doctors have been impressed with the quality of the data gathered and with its accuracy. The sleep reports that it produces are perfect for showing my overall oxygen and heart rate averages, and we can zoom in to look more closely at a specific time if we are analyzing a specific period. I can save the data and share it with my doctors with ease.

In daily life or at night, I barely notice the O2 Ring on my finger. It fits smoothly, and I can comfortably move it from one finger to another without stopping a recording. (It will count down for 10 seconds before stopping a recording.) I do have to remove it when showering since it is not waterproof. And I am very careful when washing my hands to keep the 10 seconds from timing out. Also, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that while I am allergic to most silicone products, I’m not allergic to this band! I can safely wear it for hours without any rash.

The quality of the product is impressive. I have already mentioned that its accuracy rivals hospital monitors. I have an abnormal heartbeat that many devices portray incorrectly for heart rate, but the O2 Ring properly shows my correct heart rate within seconds as it changes. The O2 Ring’s durability is also better than expected. When I first ordered the O2 Ring, I was not sure how long it would last, or if it would be durable enough to stand up to use all day and all night. But I have not been disappointed! Instead, it has functioned very well and even endured a move with barely any scratches and no damage! I did add a screen protector to mine, to help reduce scratching that occurs during daily use. If worn only at night to monitor sleep apnea as designed, then that would probably not be necessary since the screen itself is quite durable.

Wellue’s customer service is also fantastic. A few months in, my first monitor had a defect and the screen stopped displaying properly. I contacted Wellvue via email and they gave me specific instructions for returning the defective product. Within days, I had a brand new O2 Ring at my door and ready for use. With no cost or complaints. Amazing!

I look forward to seeing how Wellue continues to improve the app for the O2 Ring, adding enhancements over time. And after this fantastic experience, I look forward to trying other Wellvue products as well!

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