A Must Have Tool for Influencers

When I first became an influencer, I was super overwhelmed. How do I find brands? How do they find me? 

It’s been nearly 3 years and let me say, I have found a tool for influencers that I wish was available back then. 

Want my secret?

FamePick – LinkFolio

First let me say that if you’re still choosing a different link for your Instagram bio on a regular basis, you need to stop. That’s one thing that was a huge time saver for me. Depending upon the promotion I had in my business or the brand I was currently working with, I was changing my link fairly often. I’m a huge believer in working smarter not harder, so discovering a bio tool was a game-changer.

Last month, I discovered FamePick – LinkFolio and you can thank me later for telling you about it. 

LinkFolio gives you the power to upgrade your one link bio so you never have to choose which link to post on your bio. And it doesn’t just stop there. LinkFolio also gives you the ability to: 

Discover which brands are running campaigns in your niche

Connect all your social media accounts

Show your social media insights like followers and engagement

Whether you’re new to the influencer game or an old pro, you will benefit from LinkFolio. You can sign up for your own account here.

What’s one thing you’ve learned since becoming an influencer? Share your knowledge and advice in the comments!

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