Allessimo Puzzles: Screen Free Fun for the Whole Family

I don’t know about you, but my kiddos have been watching a bit too much TV since covid-19 hit. There were days that were just too hot and humid for the kids to spend extended amounts of time outside so the TV was a go-to.

Finding ways to keep the kids entertained is important to us and I’ve had it up to here with slime. Just a few weeks ago, our entire kitchen counter was full of solo cups filled with slime.

I wanted something for the girls to do that would ignite their creativity. I love watching them work on a project and see the wheels turning in their heads while they try new things. 

When I heard of Allessimo, I was excited to try it out with the girls. Allessimo is a children’s toy line with wooden 3D puzzles that kids can paint and sculpt. There’s so many animals to choose from like zoo animals and mythical creatures.

Allessimo is a great way to get off the electronics and get involved in hands-on learning. These puzzles give kids the opportunity to get creative, think critically, and even gain learn some patience along the way. 

Allessimo believes in playtime with purpose and that is clearly shown by each of their unique puzzles. Kids get to play and enjoy creating something while learning skills that go beyond what a video game can teach them.

The girls and I were able to create this adorable unicorn (our favorite animal). I let the kids take the reigns as much as possible for this one. (For reference, the twins will be 6 in a few days).

The first step was to pop out the skeleton pieces and then assemble. All pieces are marked with numbers so you can easily assemble without wondering what pieces go where.

Next, we took the white clay and covered the skeleton. The girls favorite part was decorating the unicorn. Mom’s favorite part? There was basically zero clean up! No sticky substances. No muss. No fuss. 

The girls have loved carrying the unicorn around and are so proud with their final product! The fluffy pink hair and tail along with the pretty detailed flowers make a very fancy unicorn.

Allessimo is a great way for the family to get together and work on something fun! It’s not about perfection, but about taking the time to work together and enjoying each other’s company.

Whether you’re looking for a fun new activity to do with the kiddos or want to get them something to include in their homeschooling activities, Allessimo has something for you. You can get your very own Allessimo puzzles today!

I would love to know which puzzles you choose for your family! Let me know in the comments. Also you can get 15% off your order with code: LAURA15

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