Why Stress Is Your Biggest Enemy Right Now

Many studies have been conducted on stress and how it affects the human body and results show that more than a third of people believed that stress had impacted their physical or mental well-being in some way.

Thanks to our modern society and the pressures of life, also taking into consideration the strains of social media the impacts can be huge. Social media is often referred to as one of modern day’s most dangerous tools because of the way we see other people. We also now know that it can lead to body image issues in younger people too.

Stress is one of the leading causes of disease and illness, which can lead to debilitating symptoms, such as chronic pain, and may or may not affect the way in which you work and exist. Here are some signs that stress is making you unwell and ways in which you can turn things around.

You have physical reactions that seem abnormal to you

This may be skin related or even your weight starts to fluctuate, along with numerous other physical issues. The skin reacts to stress and maybe become inflamed or you may start to notice things seem a little worse than usual. This isn’t just seeing more spots on your face. Researchers believe that you can break out in rashes as a direct result of stress causing the body’s immune system to go haywire. Under stress, the body starts churning out excess histamines to fight off infections. However, there are no diseases to fight, which is what can make you feel sluggish too. In addition to this, you may find that your weight seems to be spiralling. If you are eating more than usual, then without a doubt you will notice a few pounds added when you go on the scales, but if it seems more than it should, it could be another hormonal reaction wanting to play havoc on your body. Stress releases a hormone called cortisol that blocks the burning of sugar for energy. Instead, the sugar is shuttled off to be stored in fat cells, causing weight gain. She also points out that stress has repeatedly been shown to provoke people to behave in ways around food that they wouldn’t normally. Stressed people are far more likely to make poor dietary choices for comfort and practicality.  Stress can lead to anxiety which can lead to more physical issues such as chest discomfort, racing heart and all of these combined can lead to pure misery. 

Combatting the stress

You can start to learn to journal your feelings. This is one great way that experts always say can assist. In addition to this, eating well, getting fresh air and exercise and good sleep is great too. You may also want to look at things that may be classed as a little alternative. CBD has been used for years to help fight stress and anxiety and with kayahempco.com you can find something that suits you and your lifestyle. There are always new things on the market to try, don’t let stress be your biggest enemy.

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