6 Super Social Distancing Tips

As a sociable race, the idea of keeping away from each other is HARD. Handling social distancing is not something that is easy to do, especially when you just need a hug from your family that live down the road. In these times, however, we need to employ social distancing if we hope to get rid of coronavirus once and for all. It’s important to educate yourself here – and we’ve got six super social distancing tips to get you started. You need to feel emotionally and mentally ready for this, so let’s take a look.

Sleep Well

A good sleep can help you to feel okay about all of this coronavirus business floating around – believe it or not. You can feel better on the inside, which helps you mentally to cope with everything surrounding the fact you cannot hug your nan. When you are rested, you are able to think and you are more logical in that thinking. 

Change That Mindset

It’s not easy, but it is possible to socially distance successfully with far less stress and anxiety than you could have imagined. You can do this with movement, staying off the news websites and not rising to social media debates. You can’t change the present situation, but you can think about how you can change how you look at it. Staying positive about wearing face masks in public is easier with Covid-19 Guard masks at your disposal. You need to look at the positives of the whole situation and how social distancing can help you rather than hurt you.

Get Moving

Exercise and fitness can get your blood pumping. It can make you feel those endorphins rocket about your body and gives you the chance to strengthen and transform your physique for good. Exercise outdoors: you don’t need a gym when the road is free!

how to stay safe while getting fit outdoors

Up Your Vitamins

If you can’t get outside because you’re shielding, then you need to think about upping your vitamins to ensure that you’re getting enough vitamin D and C in your body. The right vitamins will make you feel great on the inside while also allowing you to feel good on the outside. 


You cannot get on a plane and fly around the world, but you can get to the park and just breathe. Sit under a tree at least 2 metres away from other people and just relax. Sometimes, being out in the fresh air can be all you need to feel good once more. 

Eat Well

In lockdown, it’s tempting to eat your bodyweight in junk food while you binge Netflix. Instead, you need to eat well. Get your exercise in and eat as well as you can. If you’re a gym goer, adapt your food to suit your newer, sedentary lifestyle in this time.

Your health in your home is going to start with the way that you behave. You may not find it easy to socially distance but it’s the socially responsible thing to do to save the vulnerable. Be in a positive position to save the world.

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