3 Steps to Proactively Reduce your Anxiety in the Morning

It can be hard to admit whe you’re suffering from anxiety, and trying to push against it can feel futile sometimes. For every time that you successfully reduce your anxiety, it can feel like there are 100 more potential triggers for someone who experiences anxiety or panic disorder.

Once you’ve already spiraled into anxiety, or have been met with a panic attack, it’s incredibly hard to get out of it. Below are some tips to reduce the chance of anxiety creeping up on you throughout the day. Being proactive rather than reactive is hugely effective in dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that so many of us deal with.  

Check out these proactive tips for dealing with anxiety.

Start your morning out with herbal tea

If possible, reduce your caffeine intake, and potentially reduce any sugar you consume early in the morning…yep, that means cutting out your cup of coffee (or taking it down to one cup if you’re a 3-cups-a-day gal) and skipping the orange juice. If you do want to sip a cup of joe or OJ, make sure you’re eating a full breakfast. Spiked blood sugar can set you up for anxiety later in the day. Look for low glycemic foods earlier in the day, and skip that delicious fruit-and-donut breakfast.

Combatting Symptoms of Stress in Your Life

Find the joy in your day before you get out of bed

As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, instead of running through all the things you’re already stressed about, list two things you’re grateful for, that you enjoy, or that brings joy to your life. Try never to repeat the same two things; a podcast called “Wonderful” offers an interesting version of this in which a married couple discusses four things each week they find “wonderful.” These things don’t have to be big. They could be as small as thinking about a joke you heard or how soft your dog’s ears are. It simply forces you to be positive and reduces your chance to spiral into negative anxiety. 


Most of us scurry around in the morning, rushing from room-to-room to get ready, all the while bringing our ever-cooling cup of coffee with us. That’s not the type of movement you want to aim for since your brain picks up on this anxious type of movement, and can perpetuate it through the day. Instead, once you’re up and at them, and feeling a little awake, try doing a simple five-minute yoga routine. If that simply isn’t your cup of tea, try walking for ten minutes. There’s a direct correlation between spending time in nature and reducing anxiety, so if possible, aim for a walk along a sidewalk or trail rather than on an indoor treadmill. 

You don’t need to deal with your anxiety alone

If you are feeling like you are suffering from depression, panic disorder, insomnia, or any other mental health issue that you can’t seem to get on top of, and need more information on how to get help, consider checking out Pacific Psychiatric Intervention & Wellness Centers. They offer a telepsychiatry option which is a great option right now. Don’t think you have to battle your anxiety alone. 

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