The Struggles of Modern Parenting

Being a parent this day in age is hard- as it’s just not the same world that we grew up in ourselves. Whereas generations before us would have modelled their parenting to large extents on their own childhoods, so much has changed now that it’s an absolute minefield. As parents, we’re having to carve a new path, and trust that what we’re doing is the right thing for our families. Here are some considerations that we need to bear in mind in the modern world. 

 Are You a Helicopter Parent?


When you were a child, keeping healthy was easy. We all ate home cooked meals and went outside to run around and play. These days, there are fast food joints on every corner, the amount of convenience foods in shops has soared and kids are more likely to stay in playing on devices like phones and computers than running around outdoors. It’s not practical to keep kids away from computers completely but we do need to find ways to limit their time, and ensure they’re living well balanced lifestyles. Cook together, teach them about healthy ingredients and spark an interest about nutrition. Find fun activities they can do that don’t feel like exercise- ice skating, trampolining parks, bike rides and more. Make sure they’re getting plenty of time to be crafty and creative, to socialise with others and get outdoors and that they’re not just shut away on their devices. 

Internet safety

This is something we just didn’t have in our homes when we were young children ourselves. But of course, the internet is a massive part of our daily lives now, and so we need to find the right balance letting our children use it. There are some great shields and child blockers that filter out harmful content, you can also educate your children about what is safe. Chatting to strangers and meeting anyone from the internet is a huge no-go and the more they understand that, the more likely they are to avoid it. 

Peer pressure

Peer pressure certainly isn’t anything new. But with the internet ridiculous and dangerous ‘challenges’ and other things can spread amongst teens, from the cinnamon challenge to eating tide pods and more. On top of this, you have ‘regular’ peer pressure to deal with including pressure to drink or take drugs. Be a good example to your child, if you smoke, drink or take drugs yourself then seek help. Pathways real life recovery substance abuse treatment center is somewhere you can safely detox. Maintain close bonds with your children and let them know they can always talk to you if they need to, they’re much more likely to speak to you about peer pressure then rather than just go with it. 


You may also deal with children who go against your instructions and wishes. While this can be frustrating, it’s worth noting that children don’t become defiant without reason. Undefined boundaries, conflicts, a negative family environment, and constant labeling can cause your kids to exude disobedience. Other triggers include bad company, stress, depression, and even curiosity. The ideal step is to address the root cause of the issue.

For instance, you can speak to your kids about the consequences of hanging out with the wrong crowd if you suspect they are in this situation. Perhaps you have recently become a foster parent, and your kid displays defiance. In this case, you can source more information about their previous family to determine what you can do differently to win their trust and instill obedience. It’s also important to keep your kids accountable for their actions, especially if they insist on remaining disobedient.

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