How To Attract Loyal Readers To Your Blog

Getting people to read your blog is one thing, but how do get readers to keep coming back? A loyal readership is what most blog owners dream of and can be easily achieved via a few different methods. Here are just some of those methods that can help you to attract loyal readers.  

the basics of blogging

Set up a mailing list

A mailing list is a simple way to get people returning to your blog. Every time you post new content, you can send out an email to everyone on your mailing list. There are many mailing list tools that you can use to send out bulk emails. You can even keep people informed by SMS (by text message) – using SMS as an influencer has become more popular in the last decade and can be more effective than email marketing. Make sure to only ever add readers to your mailing list with their consent. You can use pop-ups on your site to invite people to join your mailing list.

Use social media

Social media is another great way to get readers returning to your blog. By creating a Facebook/Twitter page for your blog and urging readers to follow these pages, you can then keep your readers updated every time you post new content by sharing it on your social media pages. There are plug-ins that can allow people to easily follow your social media pages through your blog and there are also automation tools that can automatically share new blog posts to your social media pages.

Post consistently

If you publish five posts in a week and then go a month without posting anything, you could find that you lose loyal readers. Try to post on a consistent basis so that readers don’t think you’ve given up your blog without warning. Some bloggers even follow a schedule – posting on specific days at specific times. This could make it easy for readers to know when to expect fresh content.

Keep on topic

It’s also important that you have clear topics that you stick to. If you start blogging about anything and everything, your blog will lose its sense of identity. Readers follow a blog because they’re interested in a certain niche, so you want to keep them engaged by keeping within this niche.

Interact with your readers

You can also generate loyal readers by encouraging interaction. Social media is a great place to do this – if people comment on blog posts you’ve shared, reply to them and create a conversation. You can also use social media to discuss topics and create a community – this will keep people invested in your social media page and then they will be invested in your blog. It could also be worth enabling comments on your blog for those that don’t use social media and want to join the conversation. 

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