6 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

Health is so important, and when you’re at work, it’s even more essential. The workplace – much like at school – is a hotbed for germs. You can’t regulate the hygiene habits of other people (unfortunately), but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stay healthy in the workplace. Health often means different things to different people, but whatever it means for you, you can still hold your hygiene standards high. 

A workplace is a place of stress, and when the body is under pressure, it can struggle to regulate and stay healthy. The immune system weakens with the onslaught of germs from other people. While your employer will ensure that there is plenty in place to keep you healthy, you also need to appreciate that your health needs to be your priority regardless. With that in mind, check out six ways you can stay healthy at work to prevent you from taking too much time off!

  • Check Your Benefits

  • Your contract should have some great benefits included, and some of those will be health-related. You may have vision insurance and dental insurance, gym memberships and costs covered for your comfort at your desk. Your employer may not be responsible for your health, but if they offer you a range of benefits, you should take them up on the benefits they provide.
  • Regular Breaks

  • It can be stressful on your mind and muscles when you are at a desk all day. Take frequent breaks away from your screen, and your eyes will thank you!
  • Eat Well

  • Keep a bowl of fruit on your desk at the workplace. You want to be able to eat healthy foods at your desk: it’s all too easy to eat the vending machine goodies, so try to stay away from those. You want food that will nourish your brain, not food that will make you feel sluggish.
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  • Workplace Gyms

  • If your office building has a gym, consider using it for 20 minutes before work, at lunchtime and after work. You’ll be able to get an hour of additional exercise in to keep your blood pumping, and it’ll be an excellent way to lose some extra weight and stay fit.
  • Hydrate

  • Whether there is a water fountain or not in the workplace, consider filling your own bottle a few times a day. You can get bottles that remain cold so you can sip ice water all day. You need to stay hydrated for a healthy and energised brain!
  • Antibacterial Gel

  • Keep a bottle of antibacterial gel on your desk, and you’ll be able to keep the germs at bay. It’s one of the most important things that you can do for your health in the workplace. You cannot control the way that other people manage their health, but you can ensure that your desk has the right equipment to keep YOU healthy. Use antibacterial gel before and after using your computer, and after you return from the bathroom. 
  • Stay Healthy at Work

  • The workplace may be germ-filled at times, but that doesn’t mean that you have to worry!


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