Enjoy #WholesomeSavings at Whole Foods

Feeding my family yummy, whole foods is super important to me. Of course, we have sweets from time to time, but there’s something so exciting when I see my kids eat whole wheat pasta, asparagus, or beets. (Yes, I’m a nerd!)

Saving money on said healthy food is a close second to watching my kiddos eat the food. When I talk to people about eating healthy, the main concern they have is cost. 

“I can’t afford to eat organic foods.” 

If shopping for natural and organic products makes your wallet tighten, you’re in luck!

WholesomeSavings.com provides awesome printable coupons for natural and organic products from healthy brands. Brands such as:

  • Ancient Nutrition
  • Back to Nature
  • ParmCrisps
  • Macula 30+ or Digital Blue
  • Koops’ Mustard
  • ChildLife Essentials
  • SweetLeaf
  • Alpha Foods


My favorite product on the coupon list would be Ancient Nutrition bone broth protein! I love mixes that blend well in my daily shakes. This also has 20 grams of protein! Try it and you’ll fall in love too. Snag that coupon and enjoy.

These coupons are redeemable at a Whole Foods store near you! Want more savings Check your mailbox for the Wholesome Savings envelope; mailed in select areas around Whole Foods stores.

What are some of your kiddo’s favorite healthy foods?

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