Social Media Content Creation Tips

It’s been a minute since I talked about this topic, but as a blogger and online business owner, I know the power of social media! Your social media content is going to be what drives people to read your blog, check out your services, and engage with you. It plays a vital part in any marketing plan. So creating social media content that people want to share is essential. Here are some practical tips for creating social media content that sees numbers. 


People need to be motivated to share your social media content. If you consider the nanosecond life span of what you are producing, you have the same amount of time to grab attention. Here are some of the reasons that people will share and engage with your social media content:


  • Communication: We are social little beings, and that means we want to nurture those relationships. Sharing content that speaks to us on a human level is more likely to be shared. The more consistent you are, the more likely they will see you more often and share your output. 
  • Ideas: Humans like to have their ideas of the world supported. Political views, parenting views, ethical opinions, and other personal beliefs. Look at the demographics of your readers and audience, speak to them. 
  • Approval: When people share a meme or a video – they want other people to comment on it, giving us approval that our opinion/humor/life experience is accepted. 
  • Entertainment: While there are a few internal things driving the shares, in the end, people want to be entertained for a few minutes. They laugh, they share. They cry, they share. Emotion makes a big difference here. 

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Making It Shareable

So once you have a firm grasp on what will motivate your audience to share, it is time for you to start creating. Before you start, it is essential to know that there are no fast corners to cut when creating high-quality content. Develop content over time, not over seconds. 

Hubspot has a great content title generator, and if you have some time, you can work through the list and adapt it to your needs. Then create social media content to match. 


It would be best if you tailor each piece of social media to each platform. Instagram is highly visual, so work on your graphics. If your username doesn’t match on all platforms, you will need to fix that. Branding matters. Check this out for how to change your Instagram username – Instalavista. Make Facebook slightly longer or post short videos. And always be witty on Twitter as you have a short space to make a significant impact. 


If you are creating content for everyone, you aren’t creating for anyone. Throwing as much content together and seeing what sticks isn’t beneficial. It means you are spending a lot of time being ineffective. Really look at your stats on your social media, who reads your blog? Who likes your photos? Who are you, audience? Create content that speaks to them, and them only. Really hone your understanding of your niche. 


Everything you put on social media should be giving people value, or directing them (quickly) to your other content that delivers on that value. Think about solving problems, providing how-to guides, tools lists, informative articles, links to other supporting. Create content that covers a topic in full. 


And finally, you should be producing content as often as possible. Not once in a blue moon. You can increase your visibility with consistency. 


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