Eight Small Changes To Improve Your Health

Eight Small Changes To Improve Your Health

When life gets busy, it can be easy to let taking care of your health take a backseat behind the demands of work, family and your social life. No matter how chaotic life is, it’s important to care for yourself and prioritize your own health. You can make some small changes to improve your health, no matter how busy you are. 

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  1. A workout routine that you can stick to is important. Whether you prefer to exercise in the morning, during your lunch break or in the evenings. Find what works and stick with it. For many people, working out first thing works well, as it gets the exercise done before the day gets away with you and you find an excuse to duck out of it.
  2. If you’re a gym-goer, visit the gym at less popular times. Off-peak times are likely to be quieter. If the gym is less busy, you won’t have to wait as long to use the machines. With no waiting, you’ll get through your workout faster, leaving you more time for other things.
  3. Choose the right Doctor. Good internists will help you care for your health, and should be someone who you trust and like.
  4. Sit less at work. Being sat behind a desk all day isn’t great for your health, so find more reasons to stand and move around when you can. You could try a standing desk, which can help with poor posture as well as giving you a reason to be on your feet. Walk more during your workday. Instead of emailing a colleague, get up and go to their desk to talk to them. During your lunch break, you could take a short walk, whether just around the block or to the shop to buy lunch.
  5. Make a commitment to work out with a friend. Whether you agree to hit the gym together, or join the same yoga class, having a buddy makes you more accountable. If you’re worried about letting a friend down, you’re less likely to skip a planned workout. A friend can also motivate you to work out harder or keep going when you’re struggling.
  6. Don’t drink your calories. If you drink a lot of fruit juice, fizzy drinks, alcohol, or elaborate coffee shops drinks, you’re adding a lot of extra sugar and calories to your diet. Even drinking tea and coffee with added sugar can really add up. Instead, swap some of your drinks to water to hydrate in a healthy, calorie free way. You can add fruit to your water to make it more interesting of you struggle with plain water.
  7. Get outside more often. Exposure to sunlight has a lot of health benefits, from reduced stress levels to higher vitamin D intake. Natural light and fresh air can help you feel less anxious. To help you get outside more, you could walk part of the way to work by parking further away, take a walk during your lunch break, or find things to do outdoors at the weekend.
  8. Keep your brain active with brainteasers, like sudoku or crosswords. These puzzles can help you to stay more focussed, and reduce your stress by giving you something to concentrate on.

Improve Your Health Today!

There are so many small things that you can start implementing today to improve your health. Do you do any of these things already? What will you start adding today?

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