Are You Listening to Your Back?

Are You Listening to Your Back?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints. In fact, it is so common that too many people fail to take notice of a potentially serious condition. In reality, your back pain deserves all the attention it can get. The number one rule about it is that a sore lower back is never a sign that your body is getting older. Aging is not a synonym for pain. On the contrary, pain indicates that there is an imbalance you need to address.

When Does Your Back Pain Happen?

It varies a lot between people. For some, they can feel sore from the moment they wake up. Others can struggle with specific positions or physical efforts such as carrying a light load. Finally, back pains can be associated with pregnancy, as your body is trying to compensate for carrying a growing baby. In other words, if you want to react appropriately, you need to understand what is causing your problem.

Your Position Is Unhealthy

Did you know that a poor posture can lead to dramatic pain? For instance, if you haven’t changed your mattress in a while – remember; you need to replace your mattress on average every 8 years –, it can have lost its firmness and supportive pattern.  As a result, you are likely to feel discomfort from the moment you wake up.

Ultimately for a healthy back, you need to make sure you have furniture that makes all the hard work, from your bed to your chair. An uncomfortable chair for desk workers can lead to back pain, headaches and even increased stress! Do make sure to make a note of your position and to correct it whenever necessary. If you find the mattress too soft, replace it. If you see yourself developing a poor posture on your chair, it’s time to review your office desk arrangement.

The Surgery Didn’t Go as Planned

Disk surgery is a standard solution for acute herniated pain. Indeed, the disks in your spine act as shock absorbers. But if a trauma caused a disk to rupture, it can press on the nerves nearby and push out from between the bones of your spine.

When the pain doesn’t go away, you need surgery to remove the damaged disk and stabilize your spine. However, when the operation failed, you can find yourself in excruciating pain and even infection. If this is the case, don’t ignore your pain revival. You might need professional support, from legal experts such as Wetzel Law Firm, and specialist surgeons to address the issue. Ultimately, a herniated disk can lead to unpleasant complications, including numbness in your limbs!  

You Need to Strengthen Your Core

Pregnant women especially struggle with an aching back as the body carries the growing fetus. There is no way around it; you need to prepare your body to the physical challenges of pregnancy. Contrary to the common belief, back pain in pregnancy is a sign that your core – your belly and side muscles –  is not strong enough. Consequently, the back is overcompensating for your posture. You can find similar complaints in people who might be on the heavier side of the scale too.

Listen to the Back Pain!

Back pain is not a fatality. It’s your body’s way of keeping you informed of underlying issues, from your furniture to your abdominal strength. Listen to your body to find the best suitable solution.

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