How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Preparing your body for pregnancy is one of the smartest things you can do if you want to have a baby. Sure, some people seem to fall pregnant super easily without having to do anything at all, but others do need to make some changes to ensure their body is a suitable place for a baby to be. Below, you’ll find some advice that will help you to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Bye Bye Birth Control

It goes without saying that you need to come off birth control. Doing this 30 days before you want to conceive is a good idea so that the hormones have a chance to leave your system.

Start Taking Your Vitamins

You want to ensure your body is healthy, so start taking your vitamins consistently. Experts recommend a multivitamin and folic acid for those who want to conceive, but you may also want to do some research into other possible options. Ask your doctor if you should go ahead and start taking prenatal vitamins.

Hone Your Diet

Now it’s time to hone your diet. Get plenty of greens and fruit so that you improve your micronutrient count. This will also help you to stay at a healthy weight, which is imperative when you want to conceive.

Move More

It’s a good idea to get some exercise 4 times a week, whether that’s swimming, walking, or resistance training. You can continue this once you’ve fallen pregnant, and many say it makes giving birth much easier.  

Schedule a Gynecologist Visit

You may also want to schedule a preconception visit with your obstetrician depending on various factors, from your age to any issues you are having with conception. Make sure you cover anything you’re concerned about, from screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to screening for pregnancy readiness. If you struggle to conceive naturally you can also take this time to discuss insemination success with them.

Start Tracking Your Cycle

The sooner you learn all about your menstrual cycle, the better. You’ll be able to clearly see when you’re most likely to fall pregnant, and you might even be more prepared to spot issues earlier on, such as spotting and irregular cycle lengths. You can do this manually or there are apps that can help you.

Find Ways To Relieve Stress

A stressful body is not somewhere a baby wants to grow. Make sure you find ways to relieve stress, such as meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. Make sure you take time for self care, too!

Get To A Healthy Weight

If you’re not already at a healthy weight, do your best to get to one. Make sure you’re eating to support your goals, whether you need to gain or lose it.

Treat Your Body With Love

Make sure you begin treating your body as if you’re pregnant now. This means no smoking, no drinking or drugs, and treating it carefully so that you can grow your baby in the healthiest way possible.

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