No Shame In Your Health Game

No Shame In Your Health Game

Do you sometimes cancel a medical appointment because you don’t feel confident discussing the issue? Do you feel shame in your health game?

You’ll be surprised to know that most people when they decide to make an appointment tend to stick with it unless something happens that forces them to cancel their plan. In fact, when people feel embarrassed by their body or by the issue they are facing, they tend not to make an appointment at all.

While it sounds silly – after all, do you believe your body can self-heal without medical support? –, it can also escalate into severe health troubles. Indeed, there is no place for shame when it comes to your health. Your health is precious; that’s precisely why no doctor will consider laughing at you during a consultation; regardless of how awkward you believe your issue to be. Women, especially, struggle to discuss topics that affect their self-confidence, well-being, and overall social interactions. It’s time to end the walk of shame, ladies, and put your health in good hands.

The Dentist and Your Chompers

Dentists have it all before. However, too many people are feeling too embarrassed about the state of their teeth to ask a dentist. The situation is so dramatic that a dentist decided to address it in a newspaper – you can read it here. Indeed, there is a pride in this profession, and it’s to help people make peace with their mouth. In other words, if you’re in pain or ashamed of your mouth hygiene, you can rely on experts – such as if you’re looking for a good address – to help you sort out the issue and regain confidence in your smile. You can relax; your dentist isn’t going to tell you off. On the contrary, they are here to help you.

No Shame In Your Health Game

Feminine Health Shouldn’t be Awkward

While you might feel happy discussing your headache, sex-related health issues tend to remain secret. Millions of women every year face serious health complications as a result of refusing to address problems with their doctor. At the heart of it, you should always conduct a self-examination of your sexual health to be sure to notice abnormalities, Don’t feel embarrassed. More often than not, anomalies can be tackled effectively by your medical team if you let them know. They can also help you to stay healthy for longer.

No Doctor Will Make Fun of Your Weight

Weight gain is never fun. When you’ve tried to stick to a diet but have failed, you can feel like a failure. Don’t. While a fitness coach can help you to get motivated and active, it wouldn’t be safe to start a diet without the advice of your doctor. Indeed, your doctor can help you lose weight by addressing common issues. For instance, you can get referred to a dietitian. Or your doctor can check that you don’t have an underlying health issue that is responsible for your weight gain. In other words, you need to be open about your problems if you want to solve them.

No Shame In Your Health Game

Your body is like a machine that you need to maintain. Maybe the best way to get rid of shameful feelings is to regard your body as an engine you have to look after. You wouldn’t be embarrassed to ask your local mechanics to check your car.  The same argument goes for your health too! Ain’t no shame in your health game!


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