Surprising Things that are Making You Gain Weight

There are many things that can make us gain weight. We all know that eating many more calories than we burn and leading a pretty sedentary lifestyle can cause us to pile on the pounds, but what about the other causes? Far fewer of us know that stress or even the company we keep can cause weight gain, but they can and these, and other surprising causes of weight gain could be the very things stopping us from obtaining optimum health and body size.

If you’ve been eating a healthy diet and exercising often, but your efforts just haven’t been having the desired effect, perhaps one or more of these surprising causes of weight gain have been holding you back.

Your Friends and Family

Yes, you have to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing, however, if you spend a lot of time with friends and family who have bad habits, such as spending whole evenings eating junk food in front of the tube or indulging in too much alcohol or rich desserts, the fact is that you are more likely to do the same too. We are the sum of the people we are closest to and we need to be mindful of this if we are to lose weight and maintain optimum body health.

Studies are shown that you are 57% more likely to gain weight if only one of your friend is obese! That’s food for thought, right?


Stress is affecting more of us than ever before, which is not surprising given the fast-paced pressurized nature of modern life. Unfortunately, it is also the cause of or a contributing factor to many other illnesses and conditions including depression, OCD, and heart problems. It can also lead to weight gain. So, if you’re pretty healthy otherwise, but you’re stressed and the weight won’t come off, it might be worth looking at no credit check loans to consolidate your debts and kick your money worries to the curb or reducing your hours so that your job doesn’t overwhelm you too much, for example. Eliminate as many of the causes of stress as you can and your whole health will improve as your waistline reduces.

Your A/C

Say what?! You might be wondering how your air conditioning unit could possibly have an effect on your weight, but at least one study has found that women burn an average of 250 more calories each day in 80-degree heat than they do when it’s 70 degrees in the room. That means that women using the air conditioning unit to cool the room by 10 degrees could theoretically gain half a pound in a week more than those in the hotter environment. That’s a whole 26 pounds in a single year and a good reason to consider leaving the air conditioning off if you can stand the heat!

Your Home

Your home may be your sanctuary, but chances are there are a lot of things in your house that could be contributing to making your fat, or at least making it more difficult for you to lose those few extra pounds. Number one on the list would be the TV. The more time you spend watching TV, the more you are likely to eat and the less you are likely to move around – a deadly combination for the waistline I’m sure you’ll agree.

Another thing that could be sabotaging you in your own home is your plates. If you use large dinner plates and bowls to eat your meals, you will probably load more food onto your plate, thus taking in more calories than you really need to be satisfied each day.

If you leave junk food within easy reach in the kitchen, again, you’re more likely to eat it and gain weight as a result.

Then there’s the fact that dim lighting makes food seem more appealing so that you will probably eat more of it, to consider too!

Luckily, these are all things that it’s pretty easy to remedy, and if you paint the space you eat blue, that will act as an appetite suppressant too!

That Diet Soda Habit

A lot of people who are looking to clean up their diet and perhaps lose a few pounds think that they are doing well by switching to diet soda because it is calorie free. This is totally understandable, but unfortunately, it is unlikely to help in the long-term. You see, although there are far fewer calories in diet soda, some studies have shown that drinking them causes the body to crave sweet foods, which means you’re more likely to overeat sugary junk food when you drink them. Switch to sparkling water with a slice of lemon and you will probably see better results.

The Cosmetics You Use

You don’t eat cosmetics, so you could be forgiven for thinking that they would have no impact whatsoever on your weight, but you’d be wrong. Around 70 percent of all soaps. Shampoos, cosmetics and even household cleaners on the market, contain chemicals that can mess with your hormones, throw them off balance and potentially lead to weight gain. That’s why it’s always better to use natural products whenever you can.

Food Packaging

Similarly, lots of the packaging that is used to contain our food and drinks contain chemicals – primarily BPA and primarily in plastic- which can affect our eight negatively. That is because they mimic estrogen in the body, affecting the body’s natural weight regulation system and making it easier to pile on the pounds.


A lot of cheap meat is pumped with hormones that make the animals fatter. Unfortunately, they can make us fatter when we consume them too. That’s why it is always better to buy organic grass-fed meat if you possibly can.

Surprising Things That Could be Causing Weight Gain

If any of these things apply to you and you are struggling to achieve a healthy weight, try eliminating them from your life, or at least being more mindful of them and you may find that those pounds that clung to you for dear life start to drop off fast.

9 Steps For Leading a Fulfilling Life

We spent a large part of the first few decades of our life doing the things that we’re expected to do, learning about life, and all-around trying to figure out who we are. We’re caught up in the excitement of living. But very often what then happens is that we slow down slightly, and begin to wonder what we’ve been doing all of these things for. If we haven’t had our priorities in order, we can become filled with dread that we’ve been living a life that hasn’t, actually, lead anywhere that fulfills us. That might be dread-inducing, but it’s not the end of the world: if we’ve identified the problem, then we can start working on the solution. Below, we take a look at some useful tips for creating a fulfilling life.

If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is

Many people go in search of happiness and contentment, not fully realizing that they’re on the path to nowhere. In fact, the good life has probably been right in front of them the whole time! Kurt Vonnegut did it best. He used to make a habit of looking at moments and saying “if this isn’t nice, then I don’t know what is.” Very often those perfect moments are found not at some vague point in the future, but in sharing a coffee with a friend, or a joke with a stranger, or a meal with the family. Learn to treasure those moments, and you’ll never be too far from living with a smile on your face.

Give Thanks

Ah, gratitude. We say thanks when someone brings us a cup of coffee (as we should: coffee is awesome), but not for the overall, sometimes overwhelming fortune we have in our lives. If everyone in your family is healthy, and you have food and shelter, then you’re somewhere in the top 0.00001% of humans who have ever lived, luck-wise. Make sure you’re taking moments each evening to count your blessings. They say that you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone for a reason.

Keep Learning About Yourself

You’ve spent a long time in formal education, learning about the world and how it works and everything else. How much time have you spent learning about yourself? It’s important that you learn about other people, but the most important subject in your life should be yourself. And this isn’t out of narcissism or anything like that: the more you understand who are you, the better you’ll be able to make a positive impact in the world. You’ll learn the role you’re supposed to play during your time on earth. Finding meaning in life is not always an easy pursuit, but it is always worthwhile. Don’t stop your learning!

Don’t Complicate Things For Yourself

The reason most people are unable to appreciate the simple things in life is that they generally don’t have a simple life. It’s difficult to locate the simple joys where you’re not trained to think that way. If you over complicate your existence, then leading a contented life is going to be much more difficult. Don’t forget that the things you NEED as a human are relatively simple: food, water, shelter, friends. Everything else is a bonus. But if you only ever focus on those bonus things, then you’ll be building a world for yourself that’s built on sand.

Let Go of the Fear

Most people have an idea of what their dream life would look like. The reason they don’t attain those goals isn’t because of practical concerns; most everything logistic wise can be overcome, especially in this day and age. The issue is that they’re afraid! If you want something that no-one else has, then you’ll have to step outside of the mainstream slightly, and that’s scary to a lot of people. Well, there’s no getting around that: you just need to make your choice. Are your dreams worth the inch of courage you’d need to start walking the path? If they’re not, then maybe you’re already living a life that you like.

Start Saying Yes

Most of us make a habit of saying no just as a default answer, yet we admire the people who say yes to everything, the people who go adventuring or find themselves in usual or fun situations. Perhaps it’s pride. We’re not humble enough to put ourselves out of our comfort zone, and follow the path of someone else every once in a while? Like fear, the ego can be overcome with minimal effort. So start saying yes more often. It might take you on a journey that’s incredibly exciting.

Make Your Choices

Our mood greatly influences our happiness and contentment levels. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to control your emotions with just a little bit of self-awareness and control. Take meditation. That calms everything down and stops those impulse reactions. If you get angry the second someone cuts you up in traffic, the only one you’re hurting is yourself. By making a choice to react to events with a calm, positive attitude, you’ll be putting the power back in your hands. Sometimes, you’ll wake up in the morning with the option to be happy. If nothing’s wrong in your life, you can choose to be positive or to run on autopilot. Take the smart option.

Be Part of Something Bigger

We all want to exist as if we’re part of something bigger than just ourselves, or our country, or the time in which we’re living. We can. Look into volunteering. Pick an issue that’s close to your heart, and see if there’s any way you can improve it. It’s much better to spend your time working with a bigger goal in mind rather than just socializing.

Let Go Of the Rules

Finally, remember that there are no absolutes in this world. The future is malleable, as is the world. So dream big, aim high, and see what you can create. You will not regret your efforts.

Remember Self-Care

When you’re wanting to lead a more fulfilling life, you have to remember self-care. Taking care of you will make you a better person, wife, mom, friend, daughter. It will help improve your life overall. Get your free self-care ebook from me here.