Tackling 2 Feminine Health Concerns Head On

Tackling 2 Feminine Health Concerns Head On

The majority of the time, we are relatively open about health complaints. We will discuss symptoms of headaches, nausea, and heartburn with our family, friends, employers, and colleagues. However, when sex-specific health problems come to light, we tend to maintain higher levels of privacy, and are more reluctant to discuss health concerns or issues. This is understandable. However, it’s extremely aware that even if you don’t discuss feminine health concerns with as many people, you are still aware of them, how best to deal with them, and who to contact for help with them. To help you along the way, here are just a few different feminine health concerns that you might want to focus on.


Breasts come in all shapes and sizes and we should embrace them as they are, as long as they aren’t causing us health complaints. However, some of us will experience health issues with our breasts. Here are two common problems whose symptoms you should familiarise yourself with in order to seek help if and when necessary.

Excessive Size

We are all genetically predisposed to have different size breasts. Generally speaking, the majority of us will only ever experience aesthetic concerns relating to the size of our breasts – some of us will wish to have larger or smaller breasts for purely aesthetic reasons. However, many women who have naturally large breasts can experience various symptoms as a result of their size that can prove detrimental to our day to day lives.

Some of us will experience pain due to the sheer weight of our breasts. This pain tends to affect our back, neck, and shoulders. Some will also experience rashes due to the heat and moisture trapped beneath the breasts. The weight and size of large breasts can also impede physical activity and provoke shortness of breath when attempting to exercise. If you find that these symptoms are negatively impacting your life to the point that you are actively seeking relief, you may want to consider Dr Jane Paterson’s breast reduction surgery.


It is extremely important to be familiar with the way your breasts usually look and feel and conduct a self-examination regularly. This will help you to quickly identify any abnormalities that may occur. If you notice changes in the size, outline, or shape of your breasts, any changes in the look or feel of your skin (including puckering or dimpling), a lump or thickened area in either breast or armpit, changes in your nipples’ positioning, nipple discharge, or bleeding from your nipple, you should book in for a doctor’s appointment as soon as possible. This will allow a professional to identify the causes of the abnormality and provide appropriate treatment if necessary.


Contraception should, of course, be a concern for both sexes. However, the only means of contraception for men on the market at the moment are condoms. Condoms are 99% effective when used properly, but you do still run the risk of them coming off or breaking. So, the majority of us want a backup means of protection against pregnancy in place just in case.

There are various means of female contraception that you can choose from, so let’s take a moment to look at one of the most popular: the contraceptive pill. The contraceptive pill was initially developed in the 1950s and is now used by around 10.6 million women. The pill contains artificial versions of female hormones including oestrogen and progestegon. The pill works by preventing the ovaries from releasing an egg each month, as well as thinning the lining of the womb, so that if an egg were to be released and fertilised, it wouldn’t be able to implant itself into the womb easily.

Like condoms, it is 99% effective, as long as it is taken properly, as advised by the health professional who has prescribed it to you. You will have to attend a medical appointment before being prescribed the pill, as a doctor will have to conduct blood pressure tests and survey your family’s medical history to determine whether the pill is a suitable option for you or not. However, you will then be able to complete a repeat prescription, so you can simply pick up your new packet of pills each month without necessarily having to consult your doctor directly.

Address Any Feminine Health Concerns

These are just two different feminine health concerns that you may find yourself facing at some point or another. However, being aware of your body, how it works, and how medical intervention can provide you with a more safe and comfortable lifestyle is always beneficial. So, bear all of the aforementioned information in mind and never be afraid to consult a doctor if you have any concerns or questions to do with your body, how it functions, and how it may change over time!

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