Health Benefits of Friend and Family Time

Health Benefits of Friend and Family Time

Humans need social interactions, so when you have a get-together with friends and family, it’s more than just fun. Yes, brunch with girlfriends and Friday night dinners with the family can be awesome, but have you ever considered that there could be other benefits. Check out some great health benefits to having quality time with the ones you love!

Relieving Stress

Stress can create all sorts of health problems, including high blood pressure, headaches and migraines, heart diseases and is blamed for some cancers.  People use many different ways to relieve the stress in their lives, but a study from the American Psychological Association estimated that 36% of Americans use confiding in friends and family as the biggest stress reliever of all.

Living Longer

A nine-year study has shown that people with strong family ties are more likely to live longer. It also showed that even if they live an unhealthy lifestyle, bonds of family and friends see to have a positive effect on the length of their life.

Family and Friends Celebrations

We all have milestones in our lives such as special birthdays, weddings, children being born and many others. It appears that people who have close ties to their family are far more likely to celebrate such events. They do this in all sorts of different ways, from hiring a venue to using a party bus from , to having a simple dinner party at home to make their celebration special. If you do the same, celebrating as many occasions as you can, you will feel closer to the people you love, happier and less lonely.

Help with Positive Choices

Initially, you may not like it when a family member or friends suggest you should eat healthier, something you can learn about at, get more exercise or stop smoking. However, you know they are doing this with your best interests at heart and you are more likely to adopt these positive choices with their support.

A study at the University of Texas concluded that when you spend time with family and friends, it affects the way you behave and that good habits are often formed from these relationships.

Increased Self-Esteem

There are times in our lives when all of us feel a bit down, maybe undervalued and not loved by anyone. This lowers our self-esteem and can make us feel pretty worthless. However, spending time with family that you know love you, and with friends that have always been there, can boost your self-esteem no end as it makes you realize that you are an important person in someone’s life. They will always be there to congratulate you when you are successful and to let you know your worth when something does not work out. You will have a much more positive image of yourself with friends and family around you.

Better Mental Health

It has been shown that better mental health results from face-to-face interaction with other people and that this is even more effective if those people are family and friends. Depression and anxiety are far less prevalent in people who have strong ties with others. Social media and texting are no substitute for a real live chat.

Friends and Family Can be Good for Your Health

No one should underestimate the good impact that friends and family have on our lives. We may not always agree on the same things, but you know they will always be there for you. So, pull out your calendar and schedule those get togethers today!

Want more tips on improving your health? Check out more tips in this post!

4 Areas of Life To Focus On When You Turn Thirty

It can seem like our twenties are one never-ending party, a period in our lives when the future is still all ahead of us, a chance to make mistakes and, well, just wait for things to fall into place. By the time we’re thirty, however, this begins to change. We no longer have all the time in the world because we learn that we’re in charge of our lives. You need to become a little bit more serious. But what’s the best way to do this? Rather than change everything, it’s best to focus on a few areas of your life and dedicate your time to getting them in order. Check out four of the most important areas to focus on when you turn thirty.

Your Career

It’s easy to bounce from job to job during our twenties. We try a few different things, and slowly figure out what we like and don’t like. In some cases, we’re happy just to have a job that gives us the cash we need to make our other dreams come true. When we hit our thirties, however, it’s time to find a job that provides more than just a paycheck. We want to find work that stimulates us, work that we inherently enjoy. If you’re not currently in a position like that, look at topping up your qualifications and making a change.

Social Relationships

When we’re younger, it’s the number of our friends that’s important. Everyone can provide something different, and the more friends we have, the richer life. But that only works up to a point. Eventually, you’ll have a solid understanding of who you are and what you like. At which point, it’s time to focus on the quality of the friendships, not the quantity. It’s better to have five close friends who reflect your values rather than thirty half-friends.

Looking After Yourself

As we move into our late twenties and beyond, it becomes increasingly clear that we’re just not twenty-one anymore. We can’t stay out all night and then go to work feeling fresh. If we’re partying too much, then other areas of our life are going to suffer. As such, it’s worthwhile finding a way to leave the party scene and enter something more settled. Reading, cultural events, and the like will show you there’s more than nightclubs in this world. But it’s not always easy. If you’re finding it difficult to say goodbye to your party ways, looking at entering rehab for women, and get help. It’ll provide the right space and treatment you need to look to the future with optimism.

Looking to the Future

By the time we’re thirty, we’re usually in a quasi-settled state. But that doesn’t mean that your fun, exciting days are over. If anything, life will get more exciting – providing you put effort into making it so. Make big plans for your thirties. You’ll have the confidence and cultural capital you need to grow and expand yourself into interesting new ways, whether that’s more nuanced traveling, motherhood, or anything else.

When You Turn Thirty

I remember thinking that turning 30 was the beginning of the end. Dramatic? Of course, but I had no idea how incredible my 30s would be. When you turn thirty you should celebrate this exciting and new decade. Age, of course, is just a number.

Proactive Ways We Can All Take Care of Our Health

Proactive Ways We Can All Take Care of Our Health

Health is a hot topic at the moment, and there has been a massive movement towards better health in recent years. This has resulted in changes like the sugar tax in some countries. Terms like ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’ have soared in Google searches, and health food stores and businesses are absolutely booming. Health tracking devices like the Fitbit are commonly seen on people’s wrists these days are regular watches. You should be more aware of how important it is to take a proactive role in your health.

However, when we’re constantly bombarded with so much information it can sometimes be difficult to know what to listen to. An ingredient or diet that’s healthy one month can be proven unhealthy the next. There’s lots of differing advice and information which can be really quite confusing. For this reason, it can sometimes be best to take things back to basics. Rely on information that we know is correct and do what feels right for our bodies personally. Here are a few ways you can go about this.

Eat Well

There are so many eating styles and diets out there that it can be really quite confusing. One source might tell you that eating a raw diet will cure you of illness and nourish your body, and another will tell you that doing this will cause you to become deficient in lots of types of vitamins. One source might tell you that ‘bulletproof coffee’ (adding butter to coffee) will help you reduce appetite and lose weight, whereas another will tell you that this kind of saturated fat is never good and this simply won’t work. Instead of listening to these new diets and often crazy eating tips, do what you know will work.

How to Stay Motivated on Your Health Journey

Just about every dietician, nutritionist and food expert will agree that eating a wide range of foods is best. The focus should be on fresh produce as well as whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy- this will give you everything you need to thrive and you can tailor the amounts to fit within the calorie and macro allowance that’s right for your body. You can work out the right amounts that you need based on your height, weight, age, and gender. There are calculators online which can give you a rough idea, that way you can go from there and adjust if necessary based on changes in weight or the way that you feel.

Attend Your Appointments

As humans we’re hardy creatures, when we get hurt we can heal and we’re very well adapted to live in the environment we do. However, things can and do go wrong and so it’s important to attend all of your health appointments. Dentistry appointments are important for keeping your oral health in check, did you know that a buildup of plaque and tartar can affect your body (including your heart) as well as make your teeth painful? Screening tests from can help detect cancers and other illnesses that you might be more prone to based on your age, gender, and lifestyle. Attending these kinds of appointments means that everything is picked up at an early stage where it’s most easy to treat.

Don’t Overlook Your Mental Health

Finally, a true state of wellbeing isn’t just about physical health. The mind and body are so closely interconnected that health is about taking care of both. Find ways to reduce stress, exercise is one proactive way you can look after both your body and mind. The flood of endorphins you receive from the brain literally gives you a ‘natural high’.  Being social and staying in close contact with friends and family is also good for your emotional wellbeing. If you feel as though you’re suffering with a condition such as depression or anxiety, talk to your doctor. Often medication, therapy or a mixture of the two can help you get back on track.

Take a Proactive Role in Your Health

You don’t have to go buy all of the newest fitness gadgets and health foods to achieve good health. These can be useful tools, but living in a healthy and balanced way will protect you from disease. It will also increase longevity and allow you to feel happier and healthier.

If you want to learn more about how to be healthier, I can help! If you’re ready to take a proactive role in your health, check out my coaching options to help you reach your goals.

The Best Natural Remedies For Anxiety

The Best Natural Remedies For Anxiety

People have to face a lot of stress in their lives these days, and sometimes that can transform into a form of anxiety. Even though we’ve all been anxious at times throughout our lives, suffering from chronic anxiety is a lot worse. It’s actually classified as an official health condition. It can cause people to suffer from panic attacks and can also prevent them from leading regular lives. They may become very withdrawn and develop some problems socializing with others. As an anxiety disorder is closely linked to depression, some doctors will be eager to prescribe sufferers with a range of medication. If this doesn’t sound like something you would want to do, don’t worry. There are plenty of natural remedies for anxiety. 

Stop Drinking Alcohol

Some people try to self-medicate their anxiety by drinking alcohol. As alcoholic beverages are sedatives and will calm you down, it can sometimes feel like they can effectively remove all anxious feelings. However, this is only a short-term fix and in the long run, it could make your anxiety a lot worse. So, it’s worth trying to cut down on your alcohol intake to see if this makes a difference for you.

Take Daily Supplements

There are also some daily supplements that have been shown to be effective in the battle against anxiety. These include CBD hemp oil, magnesium, and B-complex tablets. If you start taking these, then you should find that your stresses and anxieties start to lift after a couple of days. Eating and drinking certain foods that are known to relax the mind, such as chamomile tea, will also make a big difference as well.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

If you are ever suffering from a lack of sleep, you will probably find that your temper is a lot shorter than usual, and stress affects you a lot more than what it would usually. Trying to improve your sleep patterns will improve your moods and reduce your anxiety, so it’s worth trying to always get as much sleep as possible. Ideally, you need to hit between seven and nine hours each night. If you are finding it difficult to sleep better, there are plenty of online guides that can help you out.

Try To Meditate Regularly

The best way to beat any form of anxiety is to try to clear your mind and calm it down. There is no better way to do just that than by meditating. By meditating, you will also learn to better deal with all kinds of emotions and thoughts that you experience, which will help you with all the negative ones. If you are new to meditation, there are lots of great apps that can help you get started. You will need to start up doing just short meditations, but will be able to build up too much longer stretches!

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious thing, but there are things you can do to help. Should always talk with your doctor to see if you can benefit from more natural remedies for anxiety. You should also be sure that you’re taking good care of yourself. Adding self-care should be non-negotiable. Check out ways to add self-care to your routine. Also, be sure to get your free copy of my self-care ebook here.


How to Take an Active Role in Your Health

How to Take an Active Role in Your Health

When we get to the doctor, the majority of us take a somewhat passive role. We have to actively pick up the phone and dial the number, but that’s where it ends. From then, all we need to do is get ourselves to surgery, and sit while the doctor does their thing. Sound familiar? But you need to have an active role in your health!

In truth, this was how doctors used to roll. They’re the ones who went to med school, after all. Now, more doctors are coming to realize the value of listening to their patients. In part, this is a matter of stretched resources. Listening to patient diagnosis can shave crucial time off appointments. This is also, in part, the best chance of ensuring you get on a care plan which suits your needs. By being active rather than passive during appointments, you can get exactly where you need to be.

But, what if you’ve played the passive role for so long that you have no clue how to communicate with your doctor? Don’t fear; we have a few simple steps to start you off.

Speak Out When You Aren’t Happy

Note, first, that you should speak out when you aren’t happy. Doctors often have to operate on trial and error. It may be, then, that they test a medication you don’t feel you need. Don’t be afraid to air your concerns. The chances are that this alone will help them towards a diagnosis. It also ensures you don’t take medications you’re uncomfortable with. Equally, anything which worsens your symptoms or makes you uncomfortable isn’t right. There may be extreme cases when these feelings come about as a result of negligence on your doctor’s part. In that case, your best bet would be to contact a lawyer like the ones found at and go from there. In most instances, though, talking your feelings through with your doctor will be enough to get treatment back on track.

Do Your Own Research

There’s mixed advice about whether it’s a good idea to Google symptoms. In the case of getting active in the doctor’s office, though, this isn’t a bad idea. The main thing to bear in mind is that you aren’t a professional. Google has a habit of putting us in the worst case scenario, and it’s rarely right. Still, searching your symptoms on sites like can help you to gather some ideas about what you think is wrong. You can then take that knowledge forward with you.

Don’t be Afraid to Make Suggestions

Based on your research, make a few suggestions at your next appointment. Some doctors even ask their patients what they think they have. The reason being that, when you’re searching online, you won’t miss any symptoms off your list. This could be the way to a diagnosis your doctor couldn’t reach otherwise. At the very least, your suggestions can lead to further tests or altered treatments which can help to better manage your health in the long-term. All because you got active!

Take an Active Role in Your Health

It’s so vital that you take an active role in your health. You are your best advocate. If you want more tips on living a healthy life, check out this post!

How to Improve Your Wellbeing

How to improve your wellbeing

Whether you’re a health and fitness fanatic or not, everybody asks themselves that question at some point. Maybe you’ve noticed that your belly is sticking out a little more than usual, or maybe your mental state has recently felt a little off. Whatever the case, many of us experience low points from time to time when it comes to our health. The key thing is to make sure that you enforce positive changes to your lifestyle when you notice that your physical or mental state is suffering. Here are some suggestions.

Stop Unhealthy Behavior

Stopping unhealthy behavior is one of the best changes you could make to your life in order to improve your wellbeing. Obviously, you need to make some positive changes to your life, but cutting out negative habits is a good place to start. Think about the vices that are negatively impacting your health. Get snacks out of your house if you can’t stop yourself from overeating.

If you drink slightly too much then this is a habit that you should cut down. Given that drinking is such a big part of modern culture, it’s easy to dismiss your problem, but the negative health effects are often slowly revealed over time. If you’re struggling to stop unhealthy behavior then slowly wean yourself off substances. For instance, you could use nicotine patches if you find it hard to give up cigarettes. You could drink non-alcoholic alternatives to certain beverages whilst you’re out with your friends. With the support of your loved ones, you could make a big difference to your wellbeing.

Think About the Food You Eat

You need to go further than simply cutting junk food out of your diet if you want to eat more better. You need to think about the food you eat. You’re cutting out empty calories, but are you replacing that with nutritious calories?

There are clever ways to gradually improve your eating habits. For instance, you could satisfy your sugar cravings by eating fruit instead of processed snacks. You’ll still be eating something sweet, but it’ll be an organic option without all the additives and unhealthy preservatives in manufactured produce.

You might also want to start adding this c60 supplement (olive oil) to your meals as a healthy addition. There are benefits to using this oil, such as stopping the growth of fat cells. This could help to promote weight loss if you’re trying to achieve a healthier weight level. Just remember that a balanced diet is essential to protecting your overall health and wellbeing.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

This is something that you could change to massively improve your wellbeing. Sleeping well is crucial to your physical and mental health. A good night’s rest can do more than improve your energy levels and concentration. There are plenty of health benefits to sleeping properly. Depriving your body of the rest it needs can weaken your immune system, slow down your digestive system, and even affect the repair of muscles. Your healthy diet and exercise routine won’t have a positive impact on your wellbeing if you aren’t sleeping properly, so make sure that you get 8 hours of rest every night.

Improve Your Wellbeing

You can start to improve your wellbeing today by implementing these tips. You deserve to feel great so get to it! If you’re looking for more tips on improving yourself, check out these awesome self-care tips!

Is Your Mental Health Suffering?

Is Your Mental Health Suffering_

For most of us, admitting we have any problems is difficult. The notions of time and money are continually pressing upon us, so it seems that there are more people succumbing to these pressures and struggling under the weight. This is why it’s better for us to admit earlier on in the process that we actually do have a problem coping. But, it’s still one of those stigmas that we struggle to face. What does admitting to yourself that you have a mental health problem achieve?


That feeling of depression can be murky waters to swim through, but once you’ve admitted you are struggling mentally, it’s like you can finally start to see everything crystal clear. Clarity is one of the most difficult things to achieve when you struggle with a mental health condition, because you are constantly battling with your internal thoughts and inner critic, and that admittance to yourself that there is something you can’t easily fix is finally going to put everything into focus, all those mistakes you made in the past weren’t necessarily mistakes, and you can let yourself off the hook.

Admitting You Need Help

When starting on the road to recovery, admitting that you have a problem means that you need some extra assistance. But what type of assistance do you need? There are always mental health professionals, like Meridian Psychiatric Partners that can work with you to get to the root of your problem, or provides the relevant medication, but this is half the battle won when we finally admit that we need help in our lives. A lot of us feel it’s nobler to carry on regardless, but you end up doing a lot more damage to yourself in this way.

A Stepping Stone To A Better Life

We have to go through the dark in order to get to the light, and when we do admit that we’ve got a problem with how we think, it gives us license to not put ourselves under the microscope so much. Once we admit that we have a mental health problem, it’s now time to place the stepping stones in front of us to the life that we want. We can feel that we’ve missed out on a lot because of how we felt in the past, and we can either feel guilty about this, which is a useless emotion, or we can draw a line in the sand and start again right now.

Are You Experiencing Mental Health Struggles?

Admitting that we’ve had struggles with our mental health doesn’t mean admitting we are weak, and if you view it in that respect, it’s now time to put that to one side, because it’s not something you were proud of, but by admitting that there is something you’ve been living with, you can begin to craft the life you want.

So many of us suffer from mental health struggles, but we choose not to admit it, but once we do overcome this hurdle, only then can we start to put the pieces together. Want more info on mental health and tips? Check out this post!


Massages: Healing and Relaxing!

Massages_ Healing and Relaxing!

Is it time for a massage? I mean, who doesn’t love a good back rub? I probably hint around for one several times a week.  The tension in our traps rises and rises and when someone digs their fingers into them, it feels like a volcano of pain and pleasure erupting. Actually, you feel a little electrified, a strange sensation of pain that isn’t really hurting but it feels like we’re being strained through a sieve. Hurts so good, right?! That’s because the tension in our muscles is actually explained by chemicals.

The tenser our muscles get, the more they stop functioning as a normal relaxed muscle would. Makes sense, but actually, our bodies are halted in their normal processes. Our muscles no longer allow the unhindered flow of waste chemicals, lactic acids builds and builds, electrical signals are also localized and that’s why we feel cramp and twitchiness. The only real way to stop your muscle from being tense is to slam it onto the mat and drop an elbow onto it and give it a three-count. Yes, sometimes you need to be rough with your body for it to stop misbehaving.

Why Bodybuilders Love to be Hurt

You’ve seen how large and muscular bodybuilders can get. They can be 240 lbs and over, yet still be lean muscle. Muscle is denser than fat, and it weighs more. When a person gets that large, the ways in which you can heal their injuries become limited. It’s little wonder then, that truly specialist massagers are needed to break up scar tissue, and allow any tense muscles to let go and drain toxins away.

The elbow of the masseur is the main tool of choice, and it is used liberally all over the body with full bodyweight. Adhesions below the skin and knots of nerve cells need to be literally crushed and broken up. As you can imagine, this is very painful. However, the benefits are so overwhelming that many bodybuilders will look forward to this kind of massage.

Oil Is Not Just a Lubricant

The natural oil secreted from the skin is not enough for a good solid massage. Various lubricants are used. It’s really up to the person giving or receiving the massage to choose their preferred product. Some may pick coconut butter or various other vitamin E lotions, but they don’t provide any secondary positives. An oil from Wellspring CBD on the other hand, does have a pain relief effect, as it is designed for the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies. The oil helps to stimulate the ECS which regulates our mood and immune system to a degree. It can relax the body. This llows for deeper work to be done. The oil can lessen the sensation of pain further allowing for knots and scar tissue to be broken down by sheer force.

Is It Time for a Massage?

A massage should first be for healing the body, and then for giving your body and mind pleasure. The lubricant we use doesn’t have to just have a pleasant scent, but it can relax our bodies also. Sometimes you have to be ready and willing to receive pain in order to truly heal the damage in your muscles.

Is it time for a massage? If so, schedule one today! I’m running the Race for the Cure in a couple weeks. You can be sure that I will be ready for one after that.

4 Ways You Will Ruin Your Own Mental Health

4 ways you're ruining your mental health

Our mood and mind are massively affected by the world around us, with upsetting and distressing events, like the death of a loved one or a bad breakup, leaving us sad and stressed. Of course, these are things that we have little control over, but that’s not to say that we have none whatsoever when it comes to our mental health. After all, our routines, habits, and patterns of thinking also play a huge role, meaning that the bad habits we possess can negatively impact our own mind. With that in mind, here are four ways you could be ruining your own mental health.

Ignoring Your Cluttered Home

Whether you realize it or not, the clutter in your home can be a source of psychological distress, causing you to feel physically and mentally weighed down. Naturally, this creates large amounts of stress, which can often develop into anxiety and depression. You should make sure that your home is kept in a relatively organized fashion, with anything you no longer want or need given or thrown away regularly. This will allow you to feel more happy and free.

Isolating Yourself From Others

Isolating yourself from friends and family is a common sign of anxiety and depression. You may not realize that doing so can also bring on these mental health problems. This could potentially lead to a vicious cycle of isolation, mental health deterioration, and then further isolation. To prevent this, you need to make an effort to connect with loved ones regularly, even if only for a short time. This will strengthen your relationships and boost your mood.

Never Asking For Help

Asking for help when you need it is never a bad thing. In fact, it’s the very best thing that you can do for yourself. There’s almost always someone who is willing and happy to offer their support. If you needed help as you grew older, for example, then you could turn to the Seniors Helping Seniors home care provider. On the other hand, if you wanted to get out of debt, then there are financial support services you could use. Nothing is gained from struggling alone.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Anyone who’s missed a night of sleep knows how awful you can feel the next day. You’re left irritable, emotional, and completely stressed. Unfortunately, these feelings can cause you to lose further sleep, which, once again, can result in a downward spiral. With that in mind, it’s crucial that you make rest a priority and practice bedtime behaviors that can improve your sleep quality. These include cutting down on caffeine and ditching electronics.

We Can Stop Ruining Our Mental Health

Just like physical health, we can help heal our mental health. This is a task that should never be taken lightly. While it may be difficult at times, avoiding the mistakes above can make the job a lot easier. Making sure that you are incorporating self-care into your life can help improve your mental health. Be sure to get your free copy of my self-care ebook here!


3 Simple Ways To Help Your Elderly Relatives Keep Their Independence

Simple Ways To Help Your Elderly Relatives Keep Their Independence

The image we tend to hold dear of our moms and dads is always of a time when they were younger. We like to think of our parents as eternally mobile, fit, healthy and young. As we grow older and see the wrinkles developing on their faces, the sense of hearing diminishing a little and their ability to get around decreasing, it can be tough to cope with. Sometimes there is no option but to choose a care facility that will look after our parents and their ever-increasing medical needs. However, for those individuals who have a support network around them, they can strive to keep their independence. Take a look at how you can help your mom and dad keep their independence for as long as possible.

Living Arrangements

The idea of going into a nursing home is unpalatable for many older people. To prevent this from happening, you could choose to have your parent come and live with you. If their medical needs aren’t overwhelming and they can take care of themselves, having grandma or grandad around the kids can be enriching for your little ones and for the grandparents. There’s nothing better than hearing their stories, making special memories and allowing them time with their grandchildren. If this is a little too burdensome, you could choose to employ the services of a Seniors Helping Seniors carer. These individuals are seniors themselves and will help your parent with their needs in their own home. Their independence is kept, albeit with a little extra support.


While it may seem a little odd suggesting to your mom or dad that they head to the gym, a yoga class, a treadmill stroll or some lightweight work can work wonders in trying to counteract the inevitable muscle degeneration that comes with age. Older people can still strive for a certain level of fitness. A stroll every day can help maintain strong cardiovascular health. This doesn’t have to be in the gym and could be walking the dog in the park or simply taking a constitutional in the warmer summer evenings.


As your parents grow older, the sad reality is that they will begin attending more funerals as their nearest and dearest pass away. This can cause your mom or dad to be confronted by their own mortality which can be overwhelming. To try and help with any low moods, you need to encourage your parent to remain sociable and enjoy going out with friends. Becoming withdrawn and hermit-like can lead to depression. If your elderly relative doesn’t have a vast social circle, suggest that they join a new club. Walking groups, book clubs, and cooking classes are all great ways for your mom or dad to meet new like-minded people.

Help Mom and Dad Keep Their Independence

We all hate to think of our parents as vulnerable human beings, especially when we can picture them as young, virile moms and dads. However, the natural process of aging means that your parents will begin to struggle with everyday tasks. The good thing is that we can help mom and dad keep their independence in order to cope with their lessening faculties. By using this guide, you can help your elderly relatives to maintain their independence.