Health, Fitness, and Second Chances

health, fitness, and second chances

It occurred to me this morning, that I have been talking about my story and journey all over social media, but have neglected to share here on my blog. My health and wellness have undergone a tremendous makeover in the last 2 years. Two years ago, I took a chance on myself. I was exhausted. I had 18-month-old twins. I ate so poorly. I could eat an entire package of Oreos in 2 sittings. The amount of sugar that I was consuming was ridiculous. I wasn’t overweight. In fact, I was in my 120s but I was also breastfeeding my twins so that burned a huge amount of calories.

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I was fed up with being grumpy and sleepy. I decided to try something I had never done before. I worked out in the past. I was an athlete, but I hadn’t done anything in so long. I was 32 and determined to make my 30s freaking awesome. I had been skeptical that anything would get me in the shape I wanted to be in, but I gave it a shot.

I began fueling my body and working out consistently 5 days a week for 30 minutes a day. I went all in and WOW! I couldn’t believe that at 32, I was in the BEST shape of my life.

Once I became pregnant with my youngest, I said that I would have a fit and healthy pregnancy. I had already been sharing my journey for a year at that point, so I wanted to continue to do that. Well, my fitness became non-existent and I felt like such a phony. I disappeared and hid. When I decided after she was born to get back to my journey, I let fear take over. Who would take me seriously? I just “fell off the wagon”. How can I help other women if I was so inconsistent the last 10 months?

Second Chances

Fear is a funny thing. I began to work with a mindset coach shortly after M was born. She helped me learn to change my thought processes and mindset. Today, I refuse to let fear take control. I KNOW I can help other women because I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to be unhappy with my appearance, to be self-conscious, to have low self-esteem, to be anxious. I know what it’s like to feel alone in my journey like no one¬†understands how I feel.

I also know what it’s like to find other women who understand me and support me. I know what it’s like to feel encouraged and loved on and appreciated. I know what it’s like to help women discover that they too can take control of their health, fitness, and mind.

I know the steps it takes to accomplish all of these things. That’s why I decided to become a health and fitness coach as well as accountability coach. I know everyone has different goals and I know that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything!

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And if no one has told you yet today, You’re Beautiful and Loved!

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