How to Stay Motivated on Your Health Journey

How to Stay Motivated on Your Health Journey

We are what we eat, which is why it’s important to clean up our diet and be healthy. The only problem is it’s hard. Anyone who has tried to stick to a plan for longer than a month understands the dynamic. You start off strong and slowly start to fade as temptation takes hold once again. After all, you’ve been good, so don’t you deserve a break. Unfortunately, a hiccup in a routine encourages bad habits to return, and then you’re back at square one. The key is to stay driven and motivated, and here are the tips which can help you stay motivated on your health journey.

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey is a myth. There are no health benefits to cutting out carbs or fats or anything else you think are unhealthy. A legitimate diet includes all of these things, but it does it in moderation. Eliminating them from your diet is only going to cause hunger pains, especially if you try to go carbohydrate-free. Carbs digest quicker and satiate the stomach, so without them, it’s will feel empty. The trick is to take it in stages and cut down without cutting them out altogether. For example, switch from white to brown. Brown pasta, rice, and bread are all much better than their pale cousins.

How to Stay Motivated on Your Health Journey

Choose Foods You Like

Too many people start a diet and pick ingredients they hate or have never tried before. This is a rookie mistake because the brain will associate the diet with being bland, and then it will crave foods it thinks are tasty. Usually, these are junk foods. So, be sure to choose the stuff which you know you can turn into a delicious meal. A perfect illustration is vegetables. Forget the things you don’t like, such as mushrooms, and focus on tomatoes and onions and peppers. Then, come up with clever ways to make them more delicious. With veggies, you can cook up a storm with a low-calorie stir fry.


I prefer the term “treat” but give yourself a cheat day. This doesn’t mean that you binge all day on carbs and sugar. But if you want a piece of cake, have the dang piece of cake! If you’re looking for a healthier way to sweeten up things, consider raw honey. When you buy bulk raw honey, you always have an option to sweeten the dullest of dishes. Or even make your favorite sweets and replace the sugar with honey or pure maple syrup.  There is nothing wrong with cheating in moderation. Think of a balanced, 80/20 lifestyle.

Forget Your Ego

Dieters think they have to go long periods without eating, but that’s ego. It’s your brain wanting to do it the “proper” way instead of choosing the path of least resistance. People who can’t go a couple of hours with eating are going to struggle to stay motivated, which is why you should check your ego at the door. For those that love eating, it’s about frequent, small meals as the regularity of them should stop your gut from rumbling.

Stay Motivated on Your Health Journey

The best way to stay motivated on your health journey is to get an accountability coach. This is someone who will hold you accountable for your goals and help you be successful.

If you’re looking for an accountability coach, I’d love to work with you! Fill out this quick form and let’s see if we will make a great team.


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