Fun Things To Do With Your Friends Next Weekend

Fun Things To Do With Your Friends Next Weekend

As we get older, we’re all guilty of shying away from having the same wild weekends we had when we were younger. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a lazy weekend. It sounds like bliss to stay in and catch up on all the Netflix shows you were too tired to watch throughout the week. But those two days off work are a blessing. You should be using your weekends to meet up with the friends you don’t get to see very often. You should be going out and having a fun time. Or, at least, if you do stay in then stay in with your friends. Need some inspiration? These suggestions should help you out if you need some fun things to do with your friends next weekend.

Go on a Short Road Trip

There’s no better way for a group of friends to bond than by getting in the car and hitting the open road. Pack some snacks, make a list of destinations, and go wild. You could visit local towns and cities that you’ve only really explored the surface. You could even venture a little further out of your comfort zone if you and your friends fancy a longer road trip. But there are hidden gems everywhere if you do your research.

You might visit your local town and find a trendy little bar tucked away on some street that you’ve passed hundreds of times in your life. Maybe you’ll find a nearby park or valley that you’ve never visited before. You could set up camp, eat some snacks, listen to some music, and have some deep conversations at 2 in the morning. The point is that road trips offer you endless possibilities in terms of things to see and do. They can take you to places that you wouldn’t usually visit. It’s the best way to spend a weekend with your friends.

Host a Dinner Party

Maybe you fancy a tamer weekend. Well, nothing says “adult gathering” quite like a dinner party. You could use it a chance to show off your cooking skills, or you could simply order in some pizzas and just use the party as an excuse to catch up with your closest mates. All a party needs are food and drink – the rest will fall into place. You might even want to check out a same-day delivery service such as Oddbins to get wine, whiskey, and spirits delivered straight to your door. Who said dinner parties can’t be spontaneous?

Fun Things To Do With Your Friends Next Weekend

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Let’s end with a suggestion that’s slightly different. You could organize a scavenger hunt for next weekend if you really want to take your friends by surprise. Relive the Easter Egg hunts of your youth, or simply hide an assortment of weird things for your friends to find. Watch them competitively scramble to locate the things you’ve hidden whilst you sit back and relax. You could hide the things around your local town and laugh as your mates embarrass themselves by running around the place like lunatics.

You Deserve Some Weekend Fun

Life can be so crazy and the best prescription is some weekend fun! Grab your besties and make a plan and some fantastic memories. Enjoy!

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