How to Improve Your Smile

How to Improve Your Smile

We live in a visually oriented world. It may not be fair, it may not be right, but that’s the truth of it. We live in a world that sees intrinsic value in beauty. Studies have shown that the world rewards beauty. It doesn’t make us superficial or shallow, we are hardwired to appreciate beauty in whatever form it takes.

We assign value to beauty and treat it as if it’s one of those things that people are born with. You either have it or you don’t. But the truth is that there’s beauty in every size and every shape, every color, shade, and tone. We all have it, but it’s up to us to harness it.

But you can have an enviable body, a cascade of long and luscious hair, flawless skin and ruby lips… But if those lips part to reveal a mouthful of uneven, discolored or broken teeth it can completely undo a carefully crafted ensemble. The trouble with first impressions is that you only get to make one of them.

Whether you’re heading into a job interview, meeting an investor for your small business or embarking on that all important first date, a great smile is beneficial. Very often the price of a great smile is simply constant diligence, good dental hygiene (that includes flossing) and regular checkups with your dentist. If you really want to dazzle people with your smile, though, here are a few ways you can go about it.

How to Improve Your Smile

Say Bye, Bye to Stains

If you simply can’t face the day without a double espresso and as cigarette it’s only a matter of time until this lifestyle beings to take a toll on your teeth. As a result your teeth may become yellowed and the gaps between stained with a thick brown tartar. Not a look that inspires a tremendous urge to employ, promote or kiss! Get a regular scrape and polish from your dentist and talk to them about whitening procedures. Avoid in the box treatments as these can be highly corrosive and can actually damage your tooth enamel. And once that’s happened, it’s never growing back.

Crowning Achievement

If you have a chipped, broken or damaged tooth it can feel like a near constant source of embarrassment, even when your dental hygiene is otherwise impeccable. But don’t fret. Advances in dental technology mean that treatments are easier and more affordable than ever including same day crowns. These tend to be made from virtually indestructible ceramics and unlike your real teeth, they are impervious to staining and discoloration.


We’re preprogrammed to find beauty in symmetry, and when we have a tooth that’s crooked or misaligned it can have a profoundly negative impact on the rest of our smiles. But if you think that fixing it requires saddling yourself with a big ugly brace, think again. Advancements like Invisalign can help straighten your teeth without making your mouth look like The Terminator!

Your smile is an integral part of the first impression you make… So it’s up to you to make sure that you make the right one!

Health Advice For Mothers And Their Babies

Health Advice For Mothers And Their Babies

The hardest thing about being a mother is trying to get your head around all the advice you’re given from every direction. Especially when a lot of the advice you hear seems to contradict other pieces of advice you’ve heard. That’s why we’re going to keep things simple in this article. Check out some health advice for new moms and babies!

Quality Time

Plunging into motherhood can be an overwhelming experience, but you’re more equipped to bring up this child than you realize. There are so many people out there who will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but there are only a few universal rules when it comes to bringing up a child. The rest depends on every individual baby and their mother. You’ll know best, but you have to give it time. That’s why it’s important to spend as much time as possible with your baby so that you can understand their emotions. This will help you synchronize with each other. In turn, that’ll keep you and your baby happy. It’s crucial in terms of mental health.

Stay Active

Another important piece of health advice is to stay physically active. This applies to all people of all ages, obviously, but it’s particularly important for a new baby whilst they’re growing (and a mother who might be focusing more on her baby’s health than her own). Going for a stroll in your local park is a good way to stay physically healthy and teach your baby about things out in the open world. Of course, whilst walking is a great form of exercise for you and it’s good for your baby to experience new things, you might also want to consider some forms of exercise that directly involve your child. You could try out baby swim classes if you want to get your baby exercising frequently. It’ll teach them a new skill, and it’s a chance for both of you to socialize with people.

Get Some Sleep

Healthy habits are important for everyone, but it’s particularly important to get into the habit of sleeping well if you want to look after you and your baby. Babies have a need for structure, even if they’re growing and changing all the time. They might wake up constantly when you put them to bed, but you still need to stick to a consistent bedtime schedule. That consistency is crucial to their development. As for your own sleeping pattern, you need to make sure you’re resting as much as possible. Your health is essential to your baby’s health.

If you’re not getting as much sleep as you should be during the night then that’s understandable. Babies cry (a lot). Perhaps a friend or family member could stop by during the day so you could catch a power nap. You could even nap at the same time as your baby so that you both wake up feeling rested. (Yes, I know how incredibly difficult this is, but at least give it a shot!) Remember, your health is just as important as the health of your little one.

Health Advice for New Moms (and Babies)

Looking out for your health and your baby is so important. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the well meaning advice but the most important thing is to follow your motherly instinct. This health advice for new moms can definitely make a difference in those early months with your new bundle of joy.


3 Ways to Gain Loyal Blog Supporters

3 ways to gain loyal blog supporters

Some blog owners are only interested in ad revenue and getting hits. For those that are passionate about their content, owning a blog is more about creating a loyal fan base of readers than just attracting any old visitor. Here are several ways in which you can turn visitors into your loyal blog supporters.

Let People Know They Can Subscribe

Allowing readers to subscribe to your blog can allow you to alert new readers every time new content is uploaded. Many blogging platforms have subscriptions services – WordPress allows those with a WordPress account to subscribe, whilst Blogger allows people with a Google Plus account to receive notifications.

Of course, not everyone may have these accounts which is why it can also worth setting up an email mailing list. By collecting the email addresses of readers, you can then send out emails to these readers every time you publish a new blog post. You can borrow newsletter templates from Postman and use a bulk mailing service that sends out these emails to everyone at once. To collect people’s email addresses, you can create a pop-up on your homepage that allows visitors to subscribe there and then or you can allow people to sign up in the sidebar.

Social media can be another tool for getting people to subscribe to your content. You can create pages for your blog on social media onto which you share links to every new post you publish. You can then add social media plug-ins to your blog that allow readers visiting your blog to follow you on social media.

Encourage Engagement

You can also turn visitors into loyal readers by creating a sense of community on your blog. Enabling comments allows readers to leave their opinion. This can help readers to feel more involved and make your content more engaging. Discussion can also be great for encouraging readers to return. Readers may go back to check that someone has replied to their comment and they may be more inclined to comment on other posts in the future. You yourself can create content that inspires discussions such as asking for readers’ opinions with polls or even reacting to readers’ requests once you start getting a stream of regular comments.

Most blogging platforms have their own comment systems, but you can also use plug-ins that allow people to comment via Facebook.

Keep Content Consistent

Loyal readers are likely to want consistency. They don’t want to wait several months for new content and then have three posts published in one day. Nor do they want inconsistent topics to be covered. Try to post content on a regular basis and even consider scheduling it for a certain day so that readers won’t grow impatient waiting for new content. Similarly, keep to a theme rather than posting random content so that readers know what to expect from your blog.

Loyal Blog Supporters are So Important

Loyal blog supporters are your bread and butter. They are what keep you going on days that you just want to pull the plug. Nurture your tribe and it will grow!

If you are a new or even a seasoned blogger, you need to check out my list of favorite affiliates!

The 5 Health Measures Every Woman Must Take To Feel Her Best

The 5 Health Measures Every Woman Must Take To Feel Her Best

When we think about health, it can be natural to think of things like the hospital and feeling sick. But women’s health is so much more than that. In fact, it’s something that you should think of as being a good thing – not necessarily a bad thing. While it can be incredibly tough to get it right, when you really start to nail your health, you will also start to feel amazing and strong. And isn’t that what every woman wants?

Even if you don’t think of yourself as being a strong woman, you are. Because we all are. Even if you feel weak right now, she’s in there somewhere just waiting to come out. And if you start to focus on your health and feeling good, she’ll only ever get stronger. So, to work on feeling your best and stronger than ever, here are five things  you need to take care of.

Taking Care Of Your Body

This is going to sound obvious, but taking care of your body is just so important. And it’s something that you can quite easily forget about. You need to make sure that you’re eating right, drinking lots of water, that you’re exercising and that you’re sleeping too. All four contribute to how you feel, so start to make sure that working on each and you should find that you start to feel amazing in yourself.

Three Things to Start Doing to Live Your Best Life

Managing Your Mind

But that’s not all. You really have to learn how to master and manage your mind too. If you want to feel more content in life, you need to look into options like that allow you to do just that. When your mind feels calm and centered, you will be healthier and happier overall.

Taking ‘Me Time’

From here, you’ve then got the idea of taking some time out for yourself. And this is absolutely essential when you’re someone that’s incredibly busy. Even doing things like will help you. You just need to make sure that you’re finding a balance in life that lets both your mind and body relax.

Managing Your Health

You also need to make sure that you’re being responsible with your health. From wearing your sunscreen to check-ups like, be responsible. If you want to feel healthy and strong, you have to be responsible for your health.

Investing In You, For You!

A huge part of your health is how you feel about yourself. Because if you’re unable to take control of your mental health, you may find that it can start to spiral and control you. But if you’re able to feel good about yourself, things can really start to change. So invest in yourself. Invest in the things that you want to do, and in things that are going to make you feel good about yourself – health wise or otherwise. When you do, you’ll realize that you feel your best all of the time.

Women’s Health Is So Important

Women’s health is such an important topic that doesn’t get enough attention. It’s vital that we focus on ourselves and learn to listen to our bodies and give them what they need. For more tips on taking care of yourself, check out this post by!

If you are wanting to start your self-care journey, check out my ebook here to help you start your journey to loving yourself!

5 Ways to Protect Your Immune System In Your 30’s

5 Ways to Protect Your Immune System In Your 30's

In our teens and our 20s, we all feel invincible. We can eat almost anything, rarely suffer from allergies or indigestion, and it is easy to maintain our energy level. The stress of working life and the pressure of making a living, however, can take its toll on our health and immune system. We start getting colds and viruses more often and don’t understand why. If you would like to stay healthy for longer, you should take care of your immune system. Check out these five tips on how to get started protecting your immune system.

Cut Back on Processed Food

No matter how convenient, processed and ready-made food is low in nutrition, minerals, and vitamins. If you haven’t yet learned how to cook food from scratch, it might be time to get started and enroll in a class where you can learn more about human nutrition. There are also free online courses on Alison to teach you the basics of a healthy diet.

Replace Sugar with Stevia

One of the main culprits of building up toxins and extra weight and reducing our vitamin intake is sugar. You should start with small changes first, such as swapping half your white sugar in your coffee with brown sugar, coconut sugar, or other healthy alternatives. Once you have managed to put up with the different taste, you can introduce Stevia, which is a natural sweetener with zero calories and no carb.

Reduce Party Time

You might think that you can party like you’re 19 all your life, but your body needs more rest. To successfully deal with adult health issues, regenerate your system, and stay energized, you must reduce the number of all-nighters. Not sleeping will make you age faster and put more stress on your immune system. Detoxify your body after a night out, so you can reduce the negative impact of partying.

5 Ways to Protect Your Immune System In Your 30's

Sleep More

In your 30s you will need more sleep. While older people don’t need that much, you do, especially if you have an active lifestyle. Having just 4 hours of sleep instead of 7-8 will take its toll. You will be more likely to get sick and catch viruses, as your body’s defense system will not be prepared for the attack.

Break Your Unhealthy Habits

It is also crucial that you grow up and look at your lifestyle realistically. If you have taken on some habits that are ruining your health, such as smoking or taking painkillers for everything, you need to stop. Tobacco smoke empties your body from vitamins and minerals, and flushes out calcium, too, causing osteoporosis long term. If you are looking for an alternative, you should gradually reduce your nicotine intake and find out why vaping is cool, even if you take a while to reduce your dependence.

Protecting Your Immune System in Your 30’s

If you would like to stay healthy and avoid developing long-term conditions later in life, you might have to break with some of your habits. Reduce your party time and dependence, sleep more, and learn how to cook healthy meals from scratch. These simple habits can really benefit your immune system.

Want more healthy tips? Check out these 5 tips for busy women!


How I Transitioned From Lost Girl to Strong Woman (and I Can Help You Do The Same)

How I Transitioned From Lost Girl to Strong Woman

This year, I will be 35. When I look back at pictures of myself from 10-15 years ago, I barely recognize that girl. I knew nothing about a healthy lifestyle. I went through the wild college stage of too much partying and way too much pizza and Hardee’s.

College wasn’t to blame. My insecurities began way before that.


At 18, I was lost.

My life consisted of a super unhealthy body image and relationship with food. My first weapon of choice was Ephedra pills. Popping so many of those so often that my toes would curl at night because I was so dehydrated. I put myself on weight watchers after I broke my arm Senior year because I was afraid I would get fat. I used more diet pills & laxatives because I was so unhappy with my 119 lb frame.

It took my sister seeing through my lies and BS to get me help before things went too far. I remember being so mad at her and at the same time, so relieved that she cared more about my life and less about my feelings. I needed that. Hiding and lying were exhausting.


At 34, I now know how to FUEL MY BODY and FEED MY MIND. I love this body that has grown 3 beautiful babies. I have learned (and continue to learn) how to live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. 

It certainly wasn’t an overnight thing. It took work. I had to retrain my brain to learn what I needed and not what I wanted because too often those are two separate things.

There are 4 fabulous girls that look up to me and I want them to LOVE themselves just how God made them. They need to see my confidence and feel empowered.

My past doesn’t define me and I really want you to know that your past doesn’t define you either.

You can change your story at any time. I did!


I know God’s plan is for me to encourage and empower other women and girls to change their stories and find the lifestyle that you were meant to have.

This has become my mission: encouraging and empowering women to take control of their lives and their health. To be better wives, moms, friends, daughters, we need to begin taking care of ourselves.

I have spent the majority of my life being a cheerleader. I felt a pull to continue that (minus the uniform and pom poms lol). This is my platform to encourage and empower you to love yourself and live a life you’re proud of! Your continued support, trust, and kind words mean the world to me and push me every day to help another and another and another.

Ready to Begin Your Healthy Lifestyle?

Looking for more information? Fill out this quick form and I will get back to you within 48 hours.


The Chilly Benefits of the Cold

The Chilly Benefits of the Cold

It’s something that sends shivers down our spines, not just physically, but emotionally. The cold is something we have grown up to avoid, but now, there are so many potential health issues out there that are being curbed by being out in the cold. While we know that ice is a great way to stop things swelling, what else can the cold do for us that can benefit our lives on a daily basis? Check out these chilly benefits of the cold.

It’s Great For The Immune System

Exposing yourself to the cold increases the number of white blood cells which you use to fight infection. The next time you feel a little bit under the weather, expose yourself to some cold water. It will possibly help you to recover quicker.

It’s Great For Injury

Not just in a physical sense, but it’s a great way to help you recover quicker. It’s advised that, after heading to the dentist, you can use ice after an impacted wisdom teeth extraction to numb the pain, which isn’t old news at all, but because we think that the cold is uncomfortable, that we shouldn’t be using it. In fact, if you have various injuries, such as muscle spasms or inflammation, getting into an ice bath, albeit uncomfortable, will speed up recovery quicker than applying heat.

It Helps You Lose Weight

This is one of the more interesting discoveries about cold exposure because our bodies have stores of brown fat tissue, this is activated when we apply cold to it. Brown fat is what helps you use energy and burn fat, unlike white fat, which stores energy. Looking to lose weight? Exposing yourself to the cold increases what’s called thermogenesis, where your body is feverishly burning energy in order to keep itself warm, which is how you can lose weight.

It Helps Us Sleep Better

The ideal bedroom temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees F. Struggle to keep your bedroom cool at night?  A cold shower a couple of hours before bedtime has been shown to keep your body cool enough to get into deep sleep and stay there. Sleep isn’t just about the quantity, it’s about the quality. And if you struggle to sleep, a cold shower is what will be one of the most effective things.

It Increases Resilience

We can’t just avoid the fact that a cold shower or bath is actually very uncomfortable. But in actual fact, by gradually exposing yourself to the cold, rather than just diving into an ice bath, you will develop your resilience over time. As such, you will become used to the cold.

Benefits of the Cold

There are so many other benefits of the cold such as increased brain function.  What’s interesting is that it’s seemingly a way to improve your quality of life. We are so used to heat and warmth that we have viewed the cold as something really bad for us. Having a cool shower every day can improve your life in more ways than you think. Embrace those goosebumps and chill out!



How to Recover From a Painful Injury

How to Recover From a Painful Injury

Injuries can really suck. There are no two ways about it. No one enjoys this process. Even paid time from work is more of a consolation prize than a reward. Healing should be your only priority here. It’s likely you knew that. However, healing in a way that helps you recover completely, with a sense of absolute long-term recovery and an eye for your current needs can help you get through this process with a sense of relative ease. Check out these ways to heal from a painful injury. 

Occupying Your Mind

It is essential to occupy your mind to the extent that you can, particularly if you have been rendered relatively immobile, or less mobile than you used to be while you heal. For this reason, you can often slip into lethargy and even more mental unease without anything to do. If you were relatively high functioning before this accident, you can be sure that the drop in pace can make you feel a little stuck for things to do. However, there are many ways to occupy your mind, and it is essential that you try them.

For example, it might be that you attempt to grapple with a number of challenging novels, that you journal, that you try and begin working towards your further education around your professional topic. All of this can be done with a laptop or a book in your hands. Try and do puzzles regularly to keep your neurons firing. All this will help you feel healthier in mind that you might have done, and will provide you with something to do. Also, never be afraid of indulgence, such as watching an entire season of a great TV show in one day. When injured, you deserve a little respite.

Visiting The Professionals

It’s essential to try and visit the professionals to help you rectify a problem. From a sensitive and understanding chiropractor to booking physical therapy sessions outside of your officially sanctioned healthcare (with the permission of your GP) you should find yourself slowly making beneficial progress in more ways than one. It might be that you visit a sleep therapist, or try to get a second opinion about the long-term health consequences of your injury. All of this can help you gain a clearer picture of your situation, perhaps lending itself to optimism. At the very least, you may find a semi-solution that could help you feel less pain or recover more quickly.

The Balance (Work & Rest)

Recovery is work. Keep that in mind. It’s essential to find a balance between actually working and occupying your mind and the practical realities of working around your injury requirements. Try not to stretch yourself too thin. It’s better to be safe than sorry, lest you risk making the injury worse, or extending your recovery time. This perspective can help you heal in the long term, giving you plenty to look forward to as you bounce back slowly.

Recover from a Painful Injury

With these simple tips, you will take a practical and smart effort towards recovering from your painful injury, and hopefully in a desirable timeframe.

How to Have a More Tailored Life!

How to Live a More Tailored Life!

Think about a comfortable dinner suit or dress. Purchasing one straight from the store can be a wonderful thing, but it might not fit exactly. Sometimes, you need to go for a tailored option, to look your best and feel the most comfortable within its fitting. This metaphor can be used in a thousand different ways, but perhaps the best way it could be applied is the ability to consider how well tailored your life is.

People often live the lives they have out of a sense of convenience. What works for them is often good. It may take someone a little or a lot of time to figure this out, and it might be that what works for you changes over time. Some people need to figure this out with more urgency due to a life accommodation they must make. However, no matter who you are, you can benefit from considering just how well tailored your life is to you, and how you should never be afraid of making changes that support your health and positive state of mind. You deserve to feel joy daily. Consider the following:

Get Social

Many people feel the necessity to socialize as much as they can. This is good to some extent. People need one another to flourish, just like a plant needs water. We have and will always be exceedingly social creatures. There’s nothing quite as useful as a coffee with a friend for some laughs and help you reduce stress regarding a specific situation. Socializing is important, but how well does your tribe work for you?

Are they supportive, and would they be there for you if you need them? Do you feel confident and good around them, or do they often like to criticize you? No matter who you are, it’s important to understand that you deserve a list of friends that are working with you rather than against you. Never be afraid to weed out some people. You deserve quality, even if this comes at the expense of quantity. Build an amazing tribe of friends!

Dietary Health

Your dietary health is incredibly important. Eating good proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats, as well as plenty of vegetables not only makes for a delicious diet but helps your body feel sustained. It might be worth tailoring your diet. Do you love cooking but have no time during the week? It might be worth beginning a meal prep Sunday in which you cook plenty of meals and freeze them for use during the week. Have you recently had braces put on? It might be worth thinking ‘are there foods I can’t eat with braces?’ In order to keep on top of your diet, it must be flexible, healthy and always well sourced.

Content Exposure

We all have a choice over the type of content we are exposed to. From podcasts to movies to the books we read, we can choose to be inspired or educated, rather than wasting our lives watching reality shows of people with too much time on their hands. Try and find content that nurtures your soul. No matter what that is, enjoy it shamelessly. This can help you feel inspired, interested, curious and generally helps you make better use of your time day in and day out.

Create a More Tailored Life

It’s not difficult to create a more tailored life. It just takes work and examining your current life. You need to find what works for you and what makes you happy. If you are wanting to work on your mindset (and who doesn’t need to do that?), check out these 5 ways to improve your mindset now!



Potential Adult Health Issues You May Not Expect (and what to do about them)

potential adult health issues

When we reach a certain age, we can often feel like we have crossed a threshold in terms of health. Children’s bodies grow at incredible rates, and can often be victim to many different difficult health maladies from time to time. When we get to adulthood, we can often feel like we’re over the hump of these potential adult health issues.

Unfortunately, you’re never completely free of all health issues. This isn’t to be demoralizing, adulthood also lends you the potential of living your most healthy and amazing life possible. However, in order to proceed in that direction, it’s worth knowing a few methods of taking care of yourself and identifying problems that occur in adulthood you may not expect. Consider these potential adult health issues.

Dental Issues

Dental issues can occur when we least expect them, and often all at once. It might be that you feel fine for years, and then deep toothache hits you out of the blue. It’s always worth preparing for these circumstances by regularly visiting the dentist. Keeping the contact information of an excellent orthodontist close to hand can also help you with teething and tooth placement issues that might occur when you least expect them.

Remember to take adequate care of your teeth. Brushing might not be enough, but brushing and flossing, or brushing alongside using mouthwash could be ideal. Invest in the better dental hygiene products. It’s almost always worth it.


Our eyesight will naturally reduce incompetence as we get older, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. Some have no issues with this, while others seem to need glasses from the moment they are diagnosed with eyesight issues as children. Remember to continually visit to update your prescription of glasses once every year at least. Be sure to actually wear your glasses, and never be afraid to boost your eye health with quality nutritional resources such as Omega 3.


Allergies can develop in adulthood, and often do. This can come to a real surprise to some people, especially those who had otherwise considered themselves free of any and all problems. Nasal allergies are often the most common, but you can develop this regarding certain types of food also, and the most common of these is seafood.

Allergies can be hard to diagnose. The best course of option is to never write off the possibility. If you feel strange after eating a dish and cannot pinpoint why, or if you suddenly find yourself reacting harshly to being exposed to certain objects or natural material, consider visiting your Doctor and try to gain a professional opinion. Most of the time you will be fine, but it can never hurt to make sure.

Potential Adult Health Issues

Health issues can occur in adulthood and will often do so with the most frequency. The best guard against these is to continually take care of your health, and always visit your healthcare professional if you feel something is a little off. Also, educate yourself online about your symptoms. It might just help you catch something early. There are always potential adult health issues, but if we are proactive and educated, we can protect ourselves and live happy, healthy lives.

If you’re looking for some healthy tips, check out my favorite healthy tips for busy women!