5 Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

5 Reasons People Aren't Reading Your Blog

You did it! Your blog is finally live. Now you only need to sit back and watch the hit counter on your blog as your site traffic increases. It’s a case of ready, steady, go (or even grow). And yet your blog never gets off the starting grid. The occasional person takes a look, but after weeks of waiting for your audience to grow and respond, your heart sinks. People aren’t reading your blog! Why?

You Haven’t Marketed Yourself

People aren’t going to stumble across your blog by accident. You need to get the word out. Tell your social media friends, comment on other blogs, and share your content. You have to market and brand yourself so people take notice.

Your Content Isn’t Interesting

 Not every blog needs to have universal appeal, so it’s okay if you only appeal to a niche. But it still needs to be interesting to read. You should also post great pictures. You may want to follow a few web design techniques to make sure your web pages engage your site visitors.

Google Doesn’t Recognize You

In short, you need to improve your SEO, and we have already provided SEO tips on this site to help you do just that. Your blog will be on Google’s search pages somewhere, but if you haven’t adhered to SEO rules, your site will probably be on page 101 rather than page 1. Do yourself a favor, and those people who would really benefit from reading your blog, by sorting this out today.

You Haven’t Analyzed Your Blog Content

 It’s time to crunch the numbers and analyze the effectiveness of your blog posts. How many people are reading your posts? How long do they stick around? What topics are generating the most (or least) interest? Use your blog platforms analysis tool, and then analyze the numbers further with Excel, using this step-by-step guide. And if you don’t know the first thing about using Excel or need a refresher? Training Connection run frequent Microsoft Excel classes, so book yourself a course.

5 Reasons People Aren't Reading Your Blog

You’re Not Updating Your Blog

You have written a couple of posts, and that’s fine. However, if you want to build your readership, you need to give them an incentive to keep coming back. So, after marketing yourself more, improving your web design, and analyzing topics that your readers are interested in, you need to add more content. Otherwise, what’s the point in having a blog in the first place? And if you don’t have time to always update your blog with fresh stuff, reach out to freelancers and they will produce content for you for a fee.

People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

Are you struggling because people aren’t reading your blog? Chances are, if you aren’t generating enough traffic to your blog, one or more of the issues above may be the problem. Consider each, and take the relevant steps to see if things turn around for the better. Hopefully, your blog will achieve success if you do!

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