5 Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

5 Reasons People Aren't Reading Your Blog

You did it! Your blog is finally live. Now you only need to sit back and watch the hit counter on your blog as your site traffic increases. It’s a case of ready, steady, go (or even grow). And yet your blog never gets off the starting grid. The occasional person takes a look, but after weeks of waiting for your audience to grow and respond, your heart sinks. People aren’t reading your blog! Why?

You Haven’t Marketed Yourself

People aren’t going to stumble across your blog by accident. You need to get the word out. Tell your social media friends, comment on other blogs, and share your content. You have to market and brand yourself so people take notice.

Your Content Isn’t Interesting

 Not every blog needs to have universal appeal, so it’s okay if you only appeal to a niche. But it still needs to be interesting to read. You should also post great pictures. You may want to follow a few web design techniques to make sure your web pages engage your site visitors.

Google Doesn’t Recognize You

In short, you need to improve your SEO, and we have already provided SEO tips on this site to help you do just that. Your blog will be on Google’s search pages somewhere, but if you haven’t adhered to SEO rules, your site will probably be on page 101 rather than page 1. Do yourself a favor, and those people who would really benefit from reading your blog, by sorting this out today.

You Haven’t Analyzed Your Blog Content

 It’s time to crunch the numbers and analyze the effectiveness of your blog posts. How many people are reading your posts? How long do they stick around? What topics are generating the most (or least) interest? Use your blog platforms analysis tool, and then analyze the numbers further with Excel, using this step-by-step guide. And if you don’t know the first thing about using Excel or need a refresher? Training Connection run frequent Microsoft Excel classes, so book yourself a course.

5 Reasons People Aren't Reading Your Blog

You’re Not Updating Your Blog

You have written a couple of posts, and that’s fine. However, if you want to build your readership, you need to give them an incentive to keep coming back. So, after marketing yourself more, improving your web design, and analyzing topics that your readers are interested in, you need to add more content. Otherwise, what’s the point in having a blog in the first place? And if you don’t have time to always update your blog with fresh stuff, reach out to freelancers and they will produce content for you for a fee.

People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

Are you struggling because people aren’t reading your blog? Chances are, if you aren’t generating enough traffic to your blog, one or more of the issues above may be the problem. Consider each, and take the relevant steps to see if things turn around for the better. Hopefully, your blog will achieve success if you do!

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4 Ways to Help Your Child’s Cognitive Development

4 ways to help your child's cognitive development

We all want our kids to do well in life. We want them to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. Life is a journey, and you won’t be able to join them every step of the way. Nonetheless, those first steps are taken before they even start school and you’ll be instrumental in setting them on the right path. With your help, they will gain the right skills and the confidence to help them in school and later in college. There are many things that we know can help aid kids in their cognitive development. Ensuring that they are stimulated and encouraged, shown love and well nourished is pretty much common knowledge. But there are some things that you may not have considered that can give your son or daughter an academic edge. Check out 4 ways to help your child’s cognitive development.

A Clean Room

IQ is one thing, but studies have shown that intelligence needs to be paired with discipline. It’s vital that we raise our kids with the discipline to apply themselves to their studies rather than coasting on their innate talent or wits. A great place to start is their bedroom.

A clean bedroom is great for a restful and productive mind. It’s a great excuse to go shopping for children’s wardrobes and other cool kids’ furniture. Making sure that they have a beautiful room and are encouraged to keep it beautiful is a great first step in ensuring discipline. Oh, and a handy hint, a diffuser filled with peppermint or citrus essential oils will not only make the room smell gorgeous but aid cognitive function.

A Good Night’s Sleep

We all know that getting plenty of sleep is important for kids’ development but it’s also great for cognitive development. Missing just one hour of sleep a night can turn a sixth grader’s cognitive ability to that of a fourth grader. It also helps them to better metabolize their food and stay healthy and in shape. Getting plenty of sleep can even reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s in later life.

Music Lessons

Even if your kid has no desire to be a Grammy winner, there are numerous cognitive benefits to music lessons. Kids who learn a musical instrument show higher across the board IQs and also demonstrate better coordination and tend to be more disciplined. 


The stereotype of the dumb jock is a myth. There’s actually substantial evidence to prove the correlation between a healthy mind and a healthy body. Being fit and healthy facilitates better learning and can even help them pick up new words and build a more comprehensive vocabulary 20% easier. Exercise facilitates better blood flow to the brain enabling it to get more nutrients and oxygen. Sporty kids tend to be more articulate with better memory and reasoning skills. In fact, busy Moms can even help to keep themselves in shape by exercising with their kids as a family.  Win-win!

Help Your Child’s Cognitive Development

As parents, we want to do everything we can to help our kids grow up smart, healthy and ready for success. Use these ways to help your child’s cognitive development.

Victim Mentality: It’s Nothing To Be Ashamed Of, But It Must Be Conquered

Every now and then life likes to throw a great big cinder block in our path just to see how we react. 9 times out of 10 we’ll be able to sidestep it or leap over it. We’ll barely register this near miss and get on with our day. On other occasions though, we will stumble and fall and wonder how we can overcome obstacles.

When this happens we are presented with a simple choice. Do we get back up, or do we stay down on the ground? This choice is not as clear-cut as it may seem. Some of the “cinder blocks” in question can be pretty big hurdles, like debt, injury, bereavement or illness. Their effects may be far-reaching and hard to shake off, even with the most positive of attitudes. In an era that seems to breed negativity from depressing news headlines to awful behavior on social media, it can be oh-so-tempting to stay negative. 

But when this happens, we can slip into a victim mentality. We can start to see causality between unrelated events and assume that this means that God or the universe is against us.

Unfortunately, this kind of mentality, while understandable, can be debilitating and have an adverse effect on our quality of life. It can prevent us from healing and become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Here are some ways in which you can prevent yourself from getting lost.

Recognize what’s not your fault and pursue justice where you can

One of the worst things about victim mentality is that it can recalibrate our cognitive faculties, causing us to assign blame to ourselves even for things which are not our fault. Needless to say, this is neither sustainable nor conducive to our mental health.

If we suffer a pedestrian injury by a negligent driver, we should be rushing to pursue justice and holding the negligent driver to account rather than allowing ourselves to be consumed by our “poor me” feelings. Unless we make efforts to be proactive, we cannot hope to break the cycle that a victim mentality can perpetuate and all the stress, anxiety and self-loathing that can go with it.

Look to our friends to call us out on our BS

Sometimes the bitterest pills are the ones we most need to swallow. Our friends love us, and they want to see us happy, but our true friends are the ones who won’t enable our unhealthy behaviors and call us out on our nonsense.

It may not feel like it at times, but these friends are worth their weight in gold as they can help us to break unhelpful cycles and find ourselves once again.

Apply some CBT principles

Like all unhelpful thought processes, victim mentality rarely bears scrutiny under the magnifying glass of logic. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be a real boon in catching and unraveling unhelpful thoughts before they take a toll on our psyche and our actions.

Are you able to overcome obstacles?

It’s important that we learn how to overcome obstacles. Only when we truly understand the less than helpful aspects of our psyche can we liberate ourselves from them. 

4 Healthy Reasons To Love Gardening

4 Healthy Reasons To Love gardening

I remember being a little girl and helping my mamaw in the garden. The memories of sitting in the yard breaking beans with her are so special to me. As an adult, I knew that I wanted to have those same memories, so I started my own garden. It’s pretty small right now, but in the future, it will be much larger. I look forward to having the girls help me with and instill in them a love of gardening. 

4 healthy reasons to love gardening

For some, gardening is a way of, and for others, it’s something they do to keep the neighbors happy. No one wants to be the talk of the town. Whatever your reason, here are four more motives which concern health.

It’s A Fat Burner

Did you know that America has a problem with obesity? Sorry, stupid question. What you may not realize is what constitutes being overly overweight. You may feel a little tubby, yet there’s a possibility that you’re bordering on being obese. It all depends on the ratio between fat and the rest of the body’s mass. Not to scare you or anything but it’s worth understanding. Gardening is a great equalizer because it’s an aerobic activity, which means it burns fat. Plus, it works a variety of muscles from the biceps and triceps to legs and the lower back.

Good For The Mind

Let’s not focus on physical well-being for too long because the mind is as important. In fact, it may be more so as the body will break down if the brain isn’t on point. Sadly, modern day life includes plenty of stressors which increase feelings of tension. Some people are naturally very good at dealing with stress, while others have a tension-relieving lifestyle. If you’re in neither camp, then gardening is an excellent activity as it helps you lose focus. After a session in the mud, you’ll forget about life and your problems will float away.

Better For The Bank Balance

What’s money got to do with health? In this case, it’s not you but the well-being of others that is important. Although it’s your property, a garden full of hazards can lead to an accident. When it’s your fault, a premises liability lawyer should be the first person you call to dig you out of a hole. However, it’s easy to stop the situation from occurring in the first place. All you have to do is mow the lawn, remove the clutter, and generally clean up the area. That way, no one should be at risk and your bank balance will be safe.

Vitamin D

Vitamins are available in pill form nowadays, but it’s best to get them straight from the source. C is in citric fruits whereas fish contains plenty of B, but D isn’t in food. Instead, it’s in the big burning ball of fire in the sky. The sun’s UV rays give off lots of this vitamin, yet you have to be outside to soak up the benefits. With the inside lifestyle lots of us lead, this is an issue. Gardening will ensure the sun shines on you all of the time.

Do you Have a Love of Gardening?

Are you a fan of gardening? Will you be trying it in the future? If you already have a garden, what’s your must-haves to grow?


How To Choose The Right Toys For Your Child

How to Choose the Right Toys

Naturally, as a parent, you always want to do what’s best for your child. When it comes to choosing new toys for your child, you want to make sure that you select them carefully. It’s not just a case of seeing what’s on sale, it’s about choosing toys that not only you are happy to give to your child, but also that you know your little one will love.

When you’re spending money on something, like a new toy or game, you want to ensure that you’ve made the right decision. Pick something that’s suitable for your child. It doesn’t matter whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, or you just feel like spoiling them. To help make the process of choosing a new toy for your little one easier, below are some handy hacks that it’s worth taking note of.

How to Choose the Right Toys

Think About Your Child’s Interests

Okay, so you loved Sylvanian Families as a kid and want your child to have the same love for them. However, your little one is more into wild animals, cars and army men than little figurines and playhouses. Maybe they will love the toy once you buy it for them or maybe think about getting them something that is a better fit for them?

When choosing a new toy for your child, always make sure to take their personal interests into account, as well as your own. After all, you want the toy that you pick for your child to be something that they will love, don’t you?

Pick Safe Toys

Safe, age-appropriate toys are a must. If a toy has a warning on it that states it’s not safe for certain ages, respect that. These toys carry these warnings for a reason, and it’s silly not to listen to them.

When it comes to choosing safe toys, it’s also important to consider what they’re made out of. Only choose BPA-free plastic toys, and if you are getting your child painted toys, ensure that they are painted in child-safe paint.

A great option, when choosing toys for your child, is to pick all-natural, organic wooden toys, like the ones on sale at https://www.babame.com/natural-wooden-toys.html. This type of toy is a traditional toy with a twist; these are like what you played with as a child but with an all-natural, organic twist. Wooden toys are a great investment as they’re strong, sturdy and built to last.

Look at What Other Parents Recommend

Stuck for ideas for what toys to get your little one next? Gain inspiration by taking note of what other parents are getting their children. There are new toys being introduced all the time, and while some are a flop others are a huge hit. Want to know which toys are popular at the moment? Take a look at what other moms have been getting their kids.

While you’re at the baby/toddler groups, chat with the other moms and see what toys they’ve given their children recently, or want to get them. 

Choosing the Right Toys for Your Child

For more advice about choosing toys for your child, head over to https://psychcentral.com/lib/choosing-toys-for-your-child/ and have a browse.

Want more ideas on great toddler toys? Check out my guide here!

Recovering From A Traumatic Incident

recovering from a traumatic incident

Trauma is something that takes many forms. But the origin of it can be from a one-time incident in childhood or it can be an ongoing problem. The symptoms are the things we all know very well, stress and anxiety, not to mention an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. How can we all work to cleanse the soul and fix the mind when recovering from a traumatic incident?

Don’t Isolate Yourself

This is one of the default settings we tend to have when suffering something traumatic. By isolating yourself and hiding away, you know that it doesn’t help the problem and can actually compound the issue. Being social doesn’t mean you have to talk about your problems, it’s more about the fact that you can integrate with other people, and realize that you are capable of being with other people. It is incredibly liberating.

Asking For Help

Suffering from trauma alone is something that no one should have to go through. Depending on the incident itself, you may find it difficult to turn to family members, but there are other people in your life, or not in your life, that can help. Check out  Bill Hurst today and see blogs about getting professionals to help while you recover, which is great if you are going through a stressful legal battle, or a court case that is very testing on your emotions. It’s important that when asking for help, that you take advantage of what can be done for you. But it’s about reaching out for that help first, which is the difficult bit.

Focus On Your Health

There are two sides to your health: mental and physical. Both need as much care and attention as the other. Focusing on your physical health is easily done because it’s all advice we’ve heard about before. Exercise, eating well, and ensuring you are eating enough to sustain your energy are all essential components. But when it comes to your mental health, help is always around the corner.

Your mental health involves looking deep into yourself from time to time, and understanding what your mental triggers are. No doubt, you already know them, but if you don’t, a session with a counselor or even a professional helpline will enlighten you.

Recovering From a Traumatic Incident

Recovering from a traumatic incident isn’t an easy thing. And no one should go through it for any longer than is necessary. No, there’s no quick fix, but the starting point is admitting you want to fix these issues. We can spend so long running away from our problems, that we aren’t ever ready to stop and face our fears. Recovering in an emotional sense is all about cleansing, not about running away.

In life, we can avoid issues for so long, but life has a way of forcing us to confront these issues. And while it’s painful, once you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you’ll realize it was worth it. And most of all, you deserve to feel great again.


4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Health Now

4 easy ways to boost your health now

In most instances, people don’t have to work too hard to make substantial improvements in their overall health.  It’s possible to alter and adjust some of the things you already do to ensure you get the best outcomes. It’s totally possible to boost your health with baby steps. 

Don’t Drive if You Can Walk

Lots of people choose to drive to work when they only live a couple of miles away from the office. If that statement applies to you; it makes sense to walk or cycle in the future. Not only will you help to protect the planet, but you will also boost your health. Of course, the risk of injury from collisions increases when you use a bike or walk, and you can visit Dolman Law for more info about that. Whatever happens, make sure you leave the car at home and get some fresh air for a change.

Plan Your Meals

If you eat takeaway food every night, it makes sense that your health will suffer. Do yourself a favor and spend a couple of hours each weekend planning your meals for the week. You can then head down to your local store, buy all the ingredients, and pre-cook your meals. Place them in the freezer, and then you can warm the food up in the microwave when you’re hungry.

Avoid Sodas

Sodas like  Coca-Cola contain a lot of sugar.  They cause weight gain if you consume them too often. Try to get into the habit of drinking at least two liters of water each day for the best results. While you can have those drinks as a treat sometimes (if you really want them), you can’t pour that stuff down your throat every day because it will ruin your health. It can also make you sick. Ask your doctor if you want to know more about the risks of sugary drinks.

Get into a Routine

Getting yourself into a routine is essential if you want to improve your health and get the best outcomes. Make sure you eat meals at the same time every day. If you’re going to workout or join a local gym, try to do that at the same times of the day too. Your body will deal with the situation a little better if it knows when to expect the next load of food or the next instance of strenuous exercise.

Boost Your Health with Simple Changes

If you want to improve your health, nothing should stand in the way of your success. Using these tips are a great place to start when you are wanting to boost your health. Everyone can benefit from making these simple changes.

How to Get Back on the Bike after an Injury

Thank so 

There’s nothing more annoying or painful than trying to get fit by cycling and then having an accident. It’s like the universe is telling you to go back to the sofa and eat the doughnuts instead of trying to get fit. For your efforts, you’ve earned yourself a broken leg and a few weeks off training, and a dose of anxiety about being on a bicycle for the pleasure of trying to get fit. It’s not all that fair, really!

Every injury from cycling is unique. Some come from accidents, and when they do you need to think about a personal injury consultation to get what you deserve to aid your recovery. Some accidents happen out of lack of concentration. Whatever happens, it can be hard to get back in the saddle and start cycling again. So, how can you get yourself back to that place?

Accept Your Accident

It’s happened, it sucks, but it’s happened and there isn’t much that you can do now to change anything. The first thing to do when it comes to getting on your bike again is to accept that you can’t for a little while. You need to recover or you’re going to injure yourself further which is just not what you want. Your attitude toward your recovery is going to help you get well again; don’t mistake that.

Listen To Your Doctor

You may be used to training and playing through the pain, but you’d be stupid to ignore the medical advice. You don’t know what’s going through your limbs that have been broken and bruised, but the doctors do. Take all the advice that you can get and make sure that you are following it religiously. Break a rule and you’ll find yourself back to square one!

Keep Taking Care of Yourself

If you found a slashed tire on your car, you wouldn’t slash the rest, would you? No, of course, you wouldn’t. If you’ve been training and have found yourself with a broken leg, that doesn’t mean that you stop working your arms and you sabotage your eating plan. You need to keep on as much as you can without compromising your injury.

Go Easy

When the time comes to get back into it and you’re allowed to start working out again, go slowly. Don’t dive in a with a three-hour training session and think you’ll be fine. Those muscles need time to build back up again and time is what you must give yourself to be successful.

Don’t Say No To Physio

It takes time, but it does work. Physiotherapy is going to get you back on that bike and cycling away faster than you think, so attend the sessions and do the exercises at home, too.

Get Back To Cycling

It’s time. You’re ready. Get back on the bike and enjoy the freedom. Take your time and do short rides at a time. It’s not going anywhere so don’t rush it!

5 Unhealthy Habits That You May Think Are Healthy

5 Unhealthy Habits That You May Think Are Healthy

There are lots of habits out there that people believe are healthy at first glance, however, upon further inspection, you’ll see that they can actually be really bad for you. The ‘healthy habits’ in this guide can actually be more detrimental to your health than anything. Take a look and see if you’re guilty of doing something that is bad for your health.

Exercising all the Time

Going hard in the gym and getting some great workouts in is fantastic, but not if you’re exercising all the time. You should not be exercising every single day. The body needs rest to make progress, so you should aim to have at least one full rest day per week. You might think you’re doing your body the world of good, but you could actually begin to suffer from overtraining syndrome. You might even get so sick of your hardcore routine that one day you decide to quit altogether. Make sure you exercise because you enjoy it, and not as a way to punish your body or get extreme results.

Firms like Hasner Law PC deal with people who injure themselves, even people who were just walking. Walking is probably the only thing you can do every day without injuring yourself, so aim for 10,000 steps if you want to be sure you’re being healthy.

Eating Nothing but Healthy Foods

Eating nothing but healthy foods might feel great at first, but if you ignore cravings, you will end up binging. Having a little of what you fancy will help you to keep going and stop you from stuffing your face in a moment of weakness. Living a balanced lifestyle can help you maintain your habits because you’re not depriving yourself. I love the 80/20 rule: 80% clean 20% other.

Flavored Water

Think that drinking flavored water is a good way to get your water intake up? Think again. This water is usually full of additives and things that ruin the effect of water, sometimes containing as much sugar as a donut. Drink regular water, and add your own fruit or herbs if you like it flavored.

Cutting Out a Food Group

Heard that fats or carbs are bad for you and thinking of cutting them out? Well, don’t. They aren’t bad for you providing you eat the right ones. Eating things like sweet potato, fish, nuts and nut butter, avocados, and similar foods is a great way to get nutrients into your diet and should not be cut out.

Replacing Your Breakfast With a Smoothie

If you think you’re being healthy by throwing a bit of nut milk and some fruit into a blender, think again. This isn’t a well rounded, balanced meal. For this to replace a meal, you’d need to add some kind of protein, and some healthy fats too. Adding too much fruit can cause insulin spikes that can lead to weight gain. Juice cleansing and ‘detoxing’ is just as bad, so avoid that at all costs as well. 

For a healthy breakfast shake, mix a protein powder with 1/2 a banana, unsweetened almond milk and a handful of spinach.

Don’t be Fooled by “Healthy” Foods

It’s so easy as consumers to be fooled by the food industry when it comes to “healthy” foods. Labels marked “low fat” are usually chalked full of sugar and other additives to make it taste good. Get into the routine of reading nutrition labels so that you know exactly what you are putting in your body.

Tip: when grocery shopping, shopping mainly on the outer parameter as that’s where the whole foods usually are.

Want more tips on living a healthy lifestyle and building more healthy habits? Be sure to check out this post with quick and easy tips!


4 Inspiring Ways for Women to Kick Butt

4 inspiring ways for women to kick butt

Now, we know that there has been a tremendous improvement in women’s rights over the past hundred years, but alas, there’s still a long way to go. There are still women out there who believe that there’s a limit to what they can achieve. This could be blamed on what we were told as little girls, while part of it is skepticism on the part of institutions, who are sometimes reluctant to give women equal billing in their organizations. The positive aspect is that there is plenty of inspiration. There are so many women who have done great things in the past and will do in the future. Here’s how to ensure you can add your name to that list of kick-butt ladies.

Look to the Past

History doesn’t always give them as much attention as their male counterparts, but there have been many females who have done amazing things in the past. These are a good source of inspiration if you’re looking for the courage to pursue your dreams. You could take a look at the sacrifices and courage of those behind the suffrage movement, for instance, or a person like Elizabeth Blackwell, who was the first female to get a medical degree in the United States. Women like Blackwell and many others showed what females were capable of at a time when all the odds were stacked against them.

Look to the Current Kick Butt Ladies

The past is littered with courageous women who fought the oppressive male-dominated culture. And there are many others continuing that heritage today. Celebrities, like Emma Watson and Beyonce, have championed female rights with much success, but you don’t have to be famous to make a difference. In politics, positions such as the Arizona Secretary of State and the Senator for Alaska are both currently held by women. We have a long way to go before equality in politics is achieved, but things are moving in the right direction.

Don’t Take No For An Answer

Inspiration to continue following your dreams can be drawn from a simple phrase, “yes I can.” If people try to tell you that you can’t do something because you’re a woman, politely inform them that they’re wrong. It really is worth it to develop a stubborn streak. You never know where it’ll take you. Just don’t give up until you get what you want.

Believe In Yourself

To be the best you can be, you have to believe in yourself. There are no two ways about it. This is less important for yourself, and more important for how other people see you. If you don’t believe in yourself, then no-one else will. If you have to, fake it until you make it. Confidence and belief are mostly about perception. You can be nervous on the inside, but a giant on the outside. People won’t be able to tell the difference.

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