Taking Care of You: Mom Self Care Round Up

Self Care for moms

I recently wrote a post about Self Care For Moms and it has been greatly received. It’s such an important topic that we tend to forget about or push to the side. It’s so important to be taking care of you!

There are so many posts out there about this topic and I wanted to pull some of them together in one place to keep you and myself from aimlessly scouring the internet. (We do that enough, am I right?)

What better month to put this together than February!

Some of these posts have some awesome free printables as well, so take advantage of that! (Get my list of 30 Self Care Ideas that you can print and post on your fridge as a reminder to take care of you!)

Mami Works has an amazing series called 14 Days of Love which is obviously perfect for February! Be sure to check out all the posts including Love Your Skin.

Ashton Taylor put together some great ideas if you want to incorporate your littles! A Tired Mom’s Guide To Self Care.

Just Redefine has some great ideas about taking A Day (Almost) Off for Moms!

The Preemie Mummy has some great ideas in her post Practising “Self Care” including cutting ties with the negative!

The Sane Momma tells us How to Create a Daily Self Care Routine. You can also get her Free Self Care Routine Checklist too. She also has takes a very interesting approach to self care using Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. I love that!

Always A New Day posted 40 Self Care Ideas For The Anxious Mom. These are right up my ally!

Three Makes A Family put together a 30 Day “Me Time” Challenge for burned out moms. She also includes a free printable to keep track to help you with the challenge.

The Balanced Mama has several amazing posts on self care. She wrote a great post, Hey Mama, You Are Enough. I love that because you are enough and so am I. You should also check out these posts from The Balanced Mama: 5 Self-Care Practices You Should Start Now and 20 Self-Care Ideas To Take Time For Yourself.

Wellness Mom Life wrote a beautiful post about Self Care for Moms of Intense Children. She discusses why it’s important and how to do it when you have intense or gifted children. Wellness Mom Life also includes a 8 Day Wellness Mom Challenge.

Jessica Dimas knows from experience the importance of Self Care for Highly Sensitive Moms. Read her post here. I had never heard the term “sensitive mom” but after reading her article, I realize that I share many of the same qualities. So, Thank You Jessica!

Candace Playfourth gives us 7 Ways To Practice Self Care When Anxiety Hits. I have personally dealt with anxiety throughout my life so this truly resonates with me.

Self Care for Moms is a Must

Self care for moms shouldn’t be negotiable! You deserve to fill up your cup and take care of yourself! Ready to get started on your self care journey?

Get my FREE Self Care for moms ebook with 11 printables!

What is your favorite Self Care activity?

30 Self Care Ideas For Moms


Healthy Finds: Program Review + FREE Gift Card!


If you know me well, then you know I LOVE health and wellness. Since becoming a mom, I have been researching products and foods that are good for my family. I mean, actually good. Many companies give us the impression that something is healthy, when it reality it is not. That’s not what you get with Healthy Finds!

Healthy Finds is a program that is dedicated to finding healthy products. What really stands out to me is their desire to also inform consumers about what they are really putting in their bodies. In the words of the company, “It’s time to take back your health”.

I couldn’t agree more. Some many companies confuse us (consumers) about what is truly healthy and beneficial. Healthy Finds, led by Dr. Andrew Campbell, puts in the leg work.

Healthy - Finds

Program Details

  • $7 monthly fee
  • Get $10 cashback on every $50 you spend on any of the brands that Healthy Finds works with — no matter where you shop. (Amazon, Target, GNC or anywhere else the products are sold. See details here.)
  • Access to awesome deals on all natural products from trusted brands
  • Monthly newsletters on health/wellness
  • Gift cards that can be redeemed online
  • The average member of Healthy Finds gets at least $60 in gift cards when they sign up and $50 more each month they are a member.
  • Members will also receive a free phone consultation with one of our wellness advisors to ask our wellness team any questions they might have.


What do I think?

I love that they find products for everyone, including your little ones. It’s so difficult when we are bombarded by companies who tell us that they are healthy or organic when often they are only putting some “healthy stuff” in and marketing it as the best choice. It’s pretty frightening the things that are in our “good for you” products.

I like how you can earn cash back in the form of gift cards from many of the places you are probably already shopping (I’m talking to you Amazon and Target fans, I see you) when you purchase products from the brands that Healthy Finds is already working with. You just send them the receipts here.

I do worry that you could end up spending more than you normally would as some brands have a minimum purchase price to redeem certain gift cards; however the products that I have seen are pretty incredible, so it could totally be worth it. (My wish list is pretty long at this point lol)

If you are ready to get started, sign up here. They have an awesome introductory offer expiring soon! (P.S. I do NOT get a commission if you sign up.)

If you would like  a $10 Gift Card to Healthy Finds, enter here. First 100 subscribers will get a $10 Gift Card!

Program Review: Healthy Finds


Strawberry Banana Smoothies

It’s 30 degrees outside but I’m dreaming of Spring. Not the crazy hot, humid Spring that we get in Southern Indiana because that season is often skipped over here, but the beautiful, sunny 70 degree Spring with a slight breeze and the fresh air smell!

Sounds pretty fantastic right?!

Today, I’m trading in the hot cocoa for smoothies! Strawberry – Banana smoothies or as the Mambo Sprouts calls it a Straw – Nana Flip Smoothie. (What a fun name!) See the recipe here.

Have you heard of Mambo Sprouts before? I hadn’t until recently. Their motto is “Live Green. Save Green.” They offer great savings on natural and healthy products. Check out Mambo Sprouts  here for coupons that are redeemable at Whole Foods stores. You can also get more coupons in your Valpak envelope!

Who doesn’t love saving money? I love coupons, but usually only find them for processed foods that we don’t eat. I was so excited to discover coupons for healthy, organic foods.

Anyway, back to this smoothie! Such a simple recipe but so yummy! And did I mention, toddler approved? That’s always a win! So pretty too! It’s pink, which is one of the girls favorite colors. She expects EVERYTHING to be pink. She was even upset the other day, when I wouldn’t tell her that her eyes were pink! Please, no pink eyes in this house!


Mom Shaming: I’m over it!

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Let’s talk about Mom shaming.

Just typing the phrase annoys me.

I am all about empowering each other. I am all about spreading positivity. I am all about cheering each other on.

I’m willing to bet we have all been shamed.

Shamed for staying home with our kids. Shamed for working outside the home.
Shamed for letting our kids watch TV.
Shamed for not allowing our kids screen time.
Shamed for formula feeding.
Shamed for exclusively breastfeeding.
Shamed for for doing both.
Shamed for nursing our toddlers.
Shamed for giving our kids cheetos.
Shamed for feeding our kids healthy foods.
Shamed for going on a girls’ weekend getaway.
Shamed for not wanting to go on the girls’ weekend.
Shamed for cosleeping.
Shamed for wearing yoga pants and no makeup.
Shamed for always being “put together”.
Shamed for working out every day and having a break from the kiddos.
Shamed for not “taking care of yourself”.

Seriously. STOP IT! I am so over it.

Being a mom is hard! Constantly wondering “am I doing this right?” “Should I do that instead?” The last thing we need is to be judged by people who should be supporting us.

I have been shamed for the decisions I make. And I’m over it.

We will not always agree and that’s ok. We are doing our best and what we believe is best for our family.

Imagine a world where we cheered each other on. A world where we loved on our fellow mamas.

I encourage you to think of a mama in your life. Write her a letter. Send her a text. Grab her a coffee. Tell her you love her and are proud of her because she’s doing a damn good job!

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Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Happy February!

This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may make a commission at no extra cost to you.

Geez, January flew by didn’t it? Now that it’s February, let’s talk Valentine’s Day! My husband and I don’t go out for Valentine’s Day because restaurants are always so busy. We are also pretty frugal so we are usually pretty low key and we like it that way. I still like date nights and making it special, so here are some sweet date ideas!


Date Night In! Put the kids to bed early after dinner if you can and watch your favorite Rom-Com and have some wine and chocolate. We love Sweet Home Alabama! (I’m not sure if my hubs wants me to share that lol)

Ice Cream Date! Dates don’t have to be all out. A simple trip to your local ice cream shop. Here, in Evansville, there is the best ice cream spot called Milk & Sugar. It’s amazing!

Take Out! Valentine’s Day is on a week day this year. Why not pick up your favorite take out on the way home from work? Bonus: if you can order ahead so you don’t have to wait. Sushi, anyone??

How about re-creating your first date? This would be so fun and romantic to reminisce on how your relationship began!

While we are taking trips down memory lane, get out your photo albums (or make one here and give it to your partner). I love looking back at old photos. My husband and I were friends before we ever dated, so I have some fun pictures of us in college. I love looking back at those!

Hit up the local comedy club and have a few laughs!

Have kiddos? Have a family date night! Let everyone dress up and either have dinner in or go out to your favorite family restaurant. I love the idea of making the kids feel special too!

What about taking a tour of your city? You can hit up your favorite places. Favorite cocktail place. Favorite appetizer spot. Favorite Dinner spot! And don’t forget dessert! Weather permitting, go for a stroll!

Check out this awesome post by The Dating Divas with The Top 76 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

If you love going out on Valentine’s Day, get dolled up and hit the town! It’s been forever since I’ve dressed up, but I love it. How cute would this tunic tank be for a date night?

You can get this tank and other items at Charlotte Russe for 20% off! (Promo Code: SALE2018. Restrictions may apply.Valid through 2/1/18 at 11:59 PM) 


What is your favorite date night idea?


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