Cookies and Celebrations


I love all holidays and birthdays! I love celebrating loved ones on their special days. Today, is Father’s Day. I have been blessed with an awesome Dad and an amazing husband who is the best dad to our little girls. I can’t spend the day with my Dad today, but am spending it with my husband and we are doing whatever he wants. It just so happens to be a rainy, dreary day so we are having a lazy, relaxing day. What better excuse do I need to make warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies??

We are currently doing a dairy restricted diet because one of our daughters has had a pretty rotten eczema outbreak. I thought it would be super easy to eliminate all dairy but I had forgotten about some things like COOKIES! I went to trusty Pinterest to search for a yummy dairy free chocolate chip cookie recipe and found the perfect recipe on “Truffles and Trends” . I was very happy to find dairy free chocolate chips at our local grocery store too and surprisingly, they are SO GOOD! I love dark chocolate. Here’s the link for the chocolate chips for all you Amazon shoppers . I added some peanut butter chips to the recipe too just because. These cookies were everything I wanted and the family approved.


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