4 Easy Tips When You’re Sick

4 things to do when you're sick

Whether you’ve got a common cold or a chronic disorder, no one likes being sick. You have little energy, you feel tired and emotional, and all of your favorite foods just don’t taste the same as what they normally do when you’re sick.

Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to perk yourself up and lessen your symptoms or even lessen the time that you’re sick. Of course, this advice is very general and won’t work for every ailment, but it should put you in a much better position to fight your illness nonetheless. Here are four things you can do when you’re sick.

Get Some Rest

Sleep is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining your immune system, which means that you’ll find it much harder to battle illnesses unless you’re getting enough sleep. Because of this, it’s important that you rest up if you think that you’re getting ill.

4 things to do when you're sick

Avoid doing too much at once, consider taking a day or two off work, and ensure you’re getting quality sleep each and every night. This will put your immune system in a much better position to help you. Put some essential oils in your diffuser and get some beauty sleep.

Visit Your Doctor

When you start to feel sick, it’s always a sensible idea to speak to your doctor about your symptoms. This way, you can find out what’s wrong with you and how best to help yourself.

Your doctor may want you to come in for a consultation or some tests, such as a blood test or a molecular imaging procedure, but they also might be able to diagnose your illness over the phone. Even if you think your illness isn’t too serious, it’s always best to get professional advice.

Watch Your Diet

Being sick uses a lot of energy and often results in a loss of fluids, so it’s vital that you eat the right foods and drink plenty of water. Of course, doing this probably won’t cure you, but it should help you to prevent your symptoms from getting any worse.

Try eating foods that are nutritious and full of flavor, like chicken soup or fresh fruits, and avoid anything that could upset your stomach. You should also ensure that you don’t drink too much water, as this is bad for you too.

Try To Relax

Stress isn’t great for you at the best of times, but when you’re sick, it’s the very last thing that you need. This is because stress often makes it harder for your body to fight off illnesses. Because of this, it’s essential that, when you’re ill, you do what you can to relax and manage your stress.

This could mean doing yoga or meditation, simply saying “no” to things and leaving yourself some time to wind down, or taking up a calming hobby, like coloring or playing the piano. Maybe you just need to binge watch your favorite Netflix shows while relaxing on the couch.

4 things to do when you're sick

It’s Important to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Sick

Of course, playing the piano and eating fruit isn’t going to cure your illness or disorder, which is why it’s important that you speak to a doctor. However, this advice should put your body in a much better position to battle and cope with illness, and help you to feel better faster when you’re sick.

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Taking Care of You: Mom Self Care Round Up

Self Care for moms

I recently wrote a post about Self Care For Moms and it has been greatly received. It’s such an important topic that we tend to forget about or push to the side. It’s so important to be taking care of you!

There are so many posts out there about this topic and I wanted to pull some of them together in one place to keep you and myself from aimlessly scouring the internet. (We do that enough, am I right?)

What better month to put this together than February!

Some of these posts have some awesome free printables as well, so take advantage of that! (Get my list of 30 Self Care Ideas that you can print and post on your fridge as a reminder to take care of you!)

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Self Care for Moms is a Must

Self care for moms shouldn’t be negotiable! You deserve to fill up your cup and take care of yourself! Ready to get started on your self care journey?

Get my FREE Self Care for moms ebook with 11 printables!

What is your favorite Self Care activity?

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