Mom Shaming: I’m over it!

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Let’s talk about Mom shaming.

Just typing the phrase annoys me.

I am all about empowering each other. I am all about spreading positivity. I am all about cheering each other on.

I’m willing to bet we have all been shamed.

Shamed for staying home with our kids. Shamed for working outside the home.
Shamed for letting our kids watch TV.
Shamed for not allowing our kids screen time.
Shamed for formula feeding.
Shamed for exclusively breastfeeding.
Shamed for for doing both.
Shamed for nursing our toddlers.
Shamed for giving our kids cheetos.
Shamed for feeding our kids healthy foods.
Shamed for going on a girls’ weekend getaway.
Shamed for not wanting to go on the girls’ weekend.
Shamed for cosleeping.
Shamed for wearing yoga pants and no makeup.
Shamed for always being “put together”.
Shamed for working out every day and having a break from the kiddos.
Shamed for not “taking care of yourself”.

Seriously. STOP IT! I am so over it.

Being a mom is hard! Constantly wondering “am I doing this right?” “Should I do that instead?” The last thing we need is to be judged by people who should be supporting us.

I have been shamed for the decisions I make. And I’m over it.

We will not always agree and that’s ok. We are doing our best and what we believe is best for our family.

Imagine a world where we cheered each other on. A world where we loved on our fellow mamas.

I encourage you to think of a mama in your life. Write her a letter. Send her a text. Grab her a coffee. Tell her you love her and are proud of her because she’s doing a damn good job!

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How I Made Myself Spend $50 At Target!

How I Made Myself Spend $50 At Target!


Let’s play a game! Let’s say that I had $100 to give you, but you had to spend it on yourself. (Not the kiddos, but YOU!) Then I’ll tell you how I made myself spend $50 at Target…

I have to say, this would be really difficult for me. Now, before I became a mom, I loved to shop for me. In college, my friends and I would go to the mall once a week to buy outfits for the weekends. We usually went to Forever 21. (That may show my age. Do the coeds still shop there?)

Now that I’m a mom, it is soooo difficult to spend money on myself. I am always thinking, well, I should get this for the girls. Y’all! I don’t even want to tell you the last time I bought myself underwear better yet a new bra! It’s crazy!

For my birthday last month, our sweet neighbor gave me $50 and told me I had to spend it on me. I promised her I would but immediately started feeling this guilt. Mom guilt? I spoke with my friend and life coach about it and she told me to think about my integrity. If I tell my neighbor I am going to do something and then don’t follow through, what does that say about me? Wow! I never thought of it that way.

Off to Target I went with the plan of spending that $50 in record time. Is there any better place to go than Target? Seriously? You walk in and immediately hand over all your money! Spending $50 should be a cinch.

I walked the aisles. Looked at all the cute clothes. Realizing I had no where to wear them because, SAHM. I walked around the store for 2 hours with an EMPTY shopping cart. Two hours. Empty shopping cart. In Target! WHO AM I?

My anxiety was building up. I literally felt like I was going to puke. I called my husband and said, “you won’t believe this. I can’t spend this money!” I’m sure most husbands are wishing their wives would make that phone call and normally mine would too, but he agreed that I should buy myself something “real nice.” (If you don’t get that movie reference, we can’t be friends lol)

So, I did it. I spent the money on a new workout outfit. Sports bra. Tank. Yoga pants. Grand total: $50.03. Mission: completed.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I’m not the only mom who struggles to spend on herself. I’m not the only mom who has some small (or big) holes in those once sexy Victoria Secret underwear. I’m not the only mom who still has some Forever 21 jeans in the closet. (Gasp) I’m actually wearing mine as I write this. I’m not the only mom who wears yoga pants with runners in them because I wore them through 2 pregnancies and dang it, they were expensive.

It’s so important that we remember to take care of ourselves too. You can’t pour from an empty cup. There’s a reason on airplanes they say you should put on your face mask first BEFORE you help anyone else.

This could be as simple as taking a walk, getting up before the kiddos and having a cup of coffee in silence or spending that damn $50 at Target!

If you have momma friends who need to hear this, please share this post! ❤

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