How to Improve Your Man’s Style

How to Improve Your Man's Style

You can up your man’s style, but still be true to his love of jeans. It’s not only about your man’s style, but also how they look next to you. (Let’s be honest.)  In case you are fed up with them wearing jeans for all occasions, you should help them make the most out of their accessories and combinations. Check out a few tips on how to improve your man’s style!

Get Them Accessories

If your man usually turns up looking too plain even if you are wearing your latest dress, you might want to help them spruce up their looks and get them some accessories. Adding a couple John Henric ties for men can add color to their dull style. Make sure that they learn how to accessorize for every occasion. 

Make the Most Out of their Jeans

In case it’s impossible to get your man out of their jeans, you might want to make the most out of this casual wardrobe item. What about denim on denim or a great belt? You will definitely have a hard time to get them to part with their favorite jeans, so chances are that you will have to try some smart ways of making the most out of their current personal style.

Smart Casual with Smart Features

Men often find it hard to find the right balance between smart and casual. You will not have to transform them from being a lad into wearing executive suites. Instead, you should make sure that they are adding some smart features. A V-neck jumper with a tie can improve the style and looks of any man. A leather shoe combined with a jacket and black jeans can be just as stylish as a formal suit with the vest and smart shirt.

Help Them Find Their Colors

It is important that you help your man find the right colors that suit their complexion and style. Men and colors are not the best friends most of the time, and your other half’s wardrobe might need a woman’s touch. You should, however, start small, and avoid introducing big changes and bold colors. Try a bit of dark red or brown, green combined with their favorite medium gray, and give them time to get used to more color in their lives before you go for something bolder.

Improve Your Man’s Style

If you would like to help your man look better next to you and every day, it is crucial that you look through their existing wardrobe items and support them in creating the perfect smart casual outfit for days out, dates, and work. Every man would benefit from a woman’s advice when it comes to outfits, but not all of them are ready to accept help. Follow these easy tips to improve your man’s style!

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You Are What You Wear

you are what you wear

Our clothes function as fashion, but also as our ‘second skins.’ You are what you wear. Sound strange? It’s true. The outfit you wear on a given day can either help you feel comfortable, confident, indulgent, sexy, powerful, smart, hilarious or a mixture of all of these and more.

Clothes have powerful effects on our mood and can help how we express ourselves on a given day. This means considering your wardrobe in these terms can help you relate to yourself more, and not the general habit of the following fashion at any cost.

It will also help you choose items to wear with more attitude. What is the attitude? Well, it’s absolutely a good thing. We’re not talking about the angsty, edgy, overly aggro sense of attitude. We’re talking about the confident flair that everyone must have in order to respect themselves to a degree they might like to experience the most. This can be profound for someone who might be going through a makeover, refreshing their life, or finally getting in shape after a long period of letting themselves go.

Attitude can help you feel comfortable in yourself because it asserts your presence (carefully and in a composed manner) while also respecting everyone else. It’s the best way to live life. This can be super easy to achieve.

you are what you wear

Fitting Clothes

No matter how fantastic your wardrobe is, and how much you invest in it, it can all be for naught if they don’t fit your body. It might be that you have purchased fitted clothes one year, but an increase or decrease in your body weight makes the item fit all wrong. This can be a difficult feeling, and it’s important to consider how to change this. It might be that you take your current clothing to a tailor or garment readjustment firm.

It might be that you decide to lose weight to fit into your old favorite clothes. However, most of the time finding new threads that fit you is as easy as clicking the right websites. It might be worth finding new items of clothing through this and freshening up your wardrobe, from new jewelry to a squared hoodie to wearing things you might not have before, such as hats or a certain style of watch.

Know Your Strengths

In order to wear with more attitude, you have to wear with more confidence. This means knowing and highlighting your strengths. For example, if you’re proud of your skin, then it might be showing certain areas could be a fun choice for summer. This might mean instead of wearing t-shirts you wear regularly cropped tank tops, or you invest in a better shorts or skirts collection.

It might be that you’re proud of the body you have worked for in the gym, meaning you feel more confident in a certain kind of complimentary bikini or the comfort in wearing tighter garments. Show off those toned legs or arms!

Conversely, you might find yourself wearing more clothing and layering in manners you might not have done before. You might not have known it before, but the beauty of your eyes might lend itself to a certain wardrobe style or color scheme. It might be that you dye your hair a certain color and realize it actually suits you.

Also, it’s important to consider how your dress setting might affect your clothing. For example, it might be that wearing a certain form of power jewelry such as a thick gold watch could be appropriate in a business setting or painting your nails a certain strong color to make a statement.

Of course, this isn’t to suggest your only value is how you look on that day in the slightest. Sometimes, however, a little extra confidence to wear the things we want can really contribute to your overall happiness no matter where you are.

No Shame in Your Fashion Game

Sometimes, going for that daring style is more appropriate than you know, and can bring you the most happiness. For example, it might be that you’ve been very interested in trying a new shirt, or wearing items you would never feel confident in recently, or adhering to a new fashion style that seems a little more intense than usual.

It might be that wearing bold colors or maybe showing more than you might originally have thought usual could make you happy. You should never feel forced to commit to a standard, but if that makes you happy, why not relish in it?

Of course, sometimes the best methods of feeling unique is to find something completely fun and to go for it. For men, growing a mustache might not be considered the best and most attractive facial hair variant to go with, but if it makes that man happy then it’s obviously functioning as intended, and that man should feel confident in themselves to pull that off.

If a man can feel this with a horseshoe mustache, why can’t you feel it by having your hair a certain way, wearing certain shoes or even dressing with a little more flair than you might do already? If you go through a makeover, the parameters through which you need to view your own fashion might change. 

This could be a new pixie cut or adding a fun pink hue to your locks.

Having Fun With It

Remember, clothing is all about how you feel and how you express yourself. That means it’s supposed to be fun! Functionally, you could wear jeans and a white T-shirt, and your office uniform every day of your life from now on. That would be fine. However, it would rob you of fun, flair, and creativity.

The best method of having attitude is not to be negative and flashy and overconfident in your look. It’s to be fun, to occupy it well, to have it compliment you and the color of your personality. With the willingness to keep this as a priority, you will find clothing that naturally appeals to your lighthearted mindset.

You Are What You Wear

You are what you wear. Fashion is meant to be fun. Don’t stress so much about what is in and instead wear what you love! Work it and own it! 

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Friday Favorites: Spring Mom Fashion

Friday Favorites: Spring Mom Fashion

Friday Favorites Spring Mom Fashion
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We are so excited for Spring. Last week, I made a post about Spring clothes for the girls. This week, I’m thinking about myself and all the other Mommas out there. I have put together MY Spring Mom Fashion Wish List. (It’s part of my Self Care promise to myself this year!) My style is super casual these days, but I still LOVE clothes. No mom jeans here!

Friday Favorites Spring Mom Fashion

The weather here in Southern Indiana has been so crazy. Warm day. Cold day. Warm day. Snow day. Flooding. Sunny. I have no idea what’s going on with the weather, but my husband has been reminding me every day that we are “Springing Forward” this weekend.

So, without further ado, my Spring Wish list!

What is your favorite item? Let me know!