10 Awesome Family Christmas Traditions

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As we prepare for another Christmas, I am feeling super nostalgic. This is my favorite time of year. The cool weather, the snow (well, hopefully the snow!), being with family. Now that I’m a mom and have a family of my own, I love the idea of starting family Christmas traditions of our own.

When I was a child, every Christmas Eve, we were allowed to open one gift from under the tree. Christmas morning, we would go into the living room and unwrap all our gifts. Then my mom would make Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. At the time, I remember being excited for a sweet treat for breakfast. Now, I think, “genius move Mom. Easy, quick breakfast.” We would hang out and then go to my Mamaw and Papaw’s for a huge Christmas meal!

I wanted to put together a post with lots of other family traditions to get some fun ideas and to share with you. So…enter Pinterest. Obviously.  I mean, what did we ever do without it? Here are 10 awesome family Christmas traditions:

    1. Volunteer with your family. It’s so important to my husband and I to show our children how fortunate they are to have a warm home and all the necessities. Volunteering is a great way to have family time and help others. Here are some fantastic volunteer ideas!
    2. Christmas Break fun! Check out all these ideas to have an eventful Christmas Vacation with the family.
    3. Christmas Eve Pajamas! Every year, our kiddos get new pajamas. We put them on and then watch a Christmas movie with hot chocolate. We love this tradition. My husband insists that even when our girls are older, we will ALWAYS do this!
    4. Invite someone to spend Christmas Eve with you who would normally spend the evening alone. How great of an idea is that? Livingly has even more awesome tradition ideas here.
    5. Christmas Eve church service. I love taking the family to Christmas Eve service so we can be reminded of the reason for the season.
    6. Birthday party for Jesus. One of the sweet ladies in my women’s group said that every Christmas Eve, they would bake a cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. Here are some ideas for birthday gifts for Jesus.
    7. “Just the parents” Christmas tradition. I love this idea. Life is so super crazy, especially this time of year. How nice would it be to start a tradition between you and your partner of putting the kids to bed early and staying up watching one of those holiday movies that the kids can’t watch. Love Actually for mom or Die Hard for dad.
    8. Reverse Advent Calendar.
    9. December Picture Book. You know you are going to be taking lots of pictures of all your family holiday adventures. Why not put them altogether in a photo book. Make  Custom Photo Books at Mixbook each year so you can look back on all of your special memories.
    10. The Christmas Story. Have everyone get their pajamas, light a fire, and read “The Christmas Story” before heading to bed.

Gifts She Will Love

Adorable Gifts She Will Love
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Looking for some adorable gift ideas for your sister, best friend or coworker?

Check out this list for gifts she will LOVE!

This wine glass is so cute!


Perfect gift for the peanut butter lover!



This planner is perfect for the “goal diggers” in your life!


How fun are these tassel earrings?


I LOVE this blanket scarf!



Who wouldn’t want to cozy up with this beautiful throw?




These slippers are so cozy!



I think we all have one of these friends!



These shades are a great gift!

These suede tech gloves are awesome! No need to take your gloves off to use your phone.


How adorable is this beanie?

I’d love for you to share this with your friends!

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Over 100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Family

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I don’t know about you, but I used to struggle with ideas for stocking stuffers. Now it’s my favorite! Here are over 100 ideas for stocking stuffers for the family!



  1. Wubbanub Pacifier
  2. Teether
  3. Books
  4. Beanie Hat
  6. Bibs
  7. Toothbrush/toothpaste
  8. Small toys
  9. Hair bows
  10. Sippy cups
  11. Tights
  12. Bath wash/Lotion
  13. Finger Puppets
  14. Rattles
  15. Night Light
  16. Snacks
  17. Leg Warmers



  1. Toothbrush
  2. Hair Bows/Ties
  4. Bubbles
  5. Glow Sticks
  6. Favorite Snack
  7. Fun Socks
  9. Bath Toys
  10. Bubble Bath
  11. Children’s Flashlight
  12. Melissa & Doug Scissor Skills Activity Book
  13. Cup
  14. Crayons
  15. Coloring Books
  16. Books
  17. Jump Rope
  18. Playdoh
  19. Light Up Bath Toys
  20. Beanie Hat
  21. Gloves
  22. Scarf
  23. Stuffed Animal
  24. Sensory Toys
  25. Mini Magnetic Doodle Board
  26. Scratch Art Mini Notes
  27. Doodlers Sculpting Sticks
  28. Bouncy Balls
  29. Reindeer Antler Ring Toss
  30. Bath Dropz
  31. Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy
  32. Glow in the Dark Stars
  33. Hot Wheels
  34. Sticky Hands
  35. Play Jewelry
  36. Candy Cane Pens
  37. Activity Pads
  38. Clementines



  1. Hair Accessories
Gift Card
  4. Favorite Snack
  5. Hot Chocolate
  6. Fun Earbuds (How cute are these unicorn ear buds?!)
Fun Socks/Leggings
  8. Initial Necklace
  10. Favorite Perfume
  11. Lip Gloss
  12. Chapsticks (Check out these Troll Lip Balms)
  13. Makeup
  14. Books
  15. Unicorn Poop Candy
  16. Alarm Clock
  17. Hair Chalk
  18. Bath Bombs
  19. Bracelet
  20. Water Bottle
  21. Monogram Cup
  22. Cellphone Cover
  23. Nail Polish
  24. Devotional
  25. Wallet
  26. Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  27. Gloves/Beanie/Scarf
  28. Lego Mug
  29. Key Chain
  30. Slippers
  31. Gag Gift
  32. Umbrella
  33. Phone Charger
  34. Reindeer Farts Cotton Candy
  35. Sleep Mask
  36. Temporary Tattoos
  37. Sunglasses



  1. Starbucks Gift Card
  2. Perfume/Cologne
Favorite Snack
  4. Slippers
  5. Stationary
  6. Jewelry
  7. Coffee Mug
  8. Water Bottle
  9. Silicone Wedding Band
  10. Adult Coloring Book
  11. Coozie
  12. Candle
  13. Bluetooth Shower Speaker
  14. Cooling Sports Towel
  15. Essential Oils
  16. Devotional
  17. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
  18. Hot Hands
  19. Toiletries
  20. Toiletry Bag
  21. Travel Coffee Mug
  22. Pocket Knife
  23. Gag gift
  24. Flashlight
  25. Bottle Opener/Wine Opener
  26. Body Scrub
  27. Umbrella
  28. Car Charger
  29. Electric Razor
  30. Women’s Boho Headbands
  31. Sweatbands



Gift Guide For Toddlers

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I love Christmas time! The cool weather. The snow. The Christmas tree. The stockings. Love it all! I have to say, though, that sometimes I get so stressed thinking of gifts for my littles. I know I can’t be the only one. I have put together a list of some great gift ideas for toddlers. Enjoy!

1. Dress up clothes. My girls love to play dress up. Last year, they got a ton of tutus and they still use them. This year, the girls have asked for a magic hat and magic wand. I love their imaginations! How fun is this? And I love the Disney princess dress up clothes too! And what child doesn’t love to be a super hero?!

2. I love gifts that my kids will use for more than a couple months. This tent is so adorable! Perfect for reading time, living room “camp outs”, and so much more.

3. Books, books, and more books! We always get each child a book for Christmas. I have loved reading since I was a child and it’s so important for us to instill that same love of reading into our children.

4. When it comes to toys, I love learning toys. There are so many great ones to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Leapfrog Learn and Scribble is a favorite of my girls. It is great for teaching little ones their letters and numbers and how to trace. The twins have shown a lot of interest in clocks recently, so the learning clock is definitely on our wish list this year.

5. Arts and crafts. I’m going to be putting together an arts kit for the kiddos. Construction paper, finger paints, crayons, safety scissors, etc. This is a great thing to have on hand especially in the coming days and months when the little ones (and parents) will be getting cabin fever.

6. Our girls love to build things and we recently discovered the coolest things ever: Magnetic Building Tiles. You have to check these out!

7. Experiences! I love the idea of experiences and making memories. Family memberships to the zoo and/or local childrens museum. Is there a  trip you want to take the family on in the coming year? Gymnastics or karate lessons that they would love?

Check out Over 100 Stocking Stuffers for some other awesome gift ideas!

What’s on your toddler’s wish list this year? I’d love to hear your ideas!