Feeling Frazzled? Bring Back Balance to Your Life

Feeling Frazzled? Restore Your Mental Health and Bring Back Balance to Your Life

Life can get busy, stressful and chaotic for all of us at times. Pressures from work, family problems, relationship issues, changes in health or stress can all throw out the balance. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about lots of these kinds of things, we have to take the good with the bad and deal with everything as best we can. One way you can look after your mental health and prevent burnout during difficult times is to take time to relax and bring balance back to your life.

Putting your feet up can feel like a bit of a luxury, something many of us feel guilty about when there are so many things to get done in our day to day lives. However it’s not just a treat, it’s absolutely essential to good health. Here are some of the ways you can relax and reduce stress during difficult times.

Practice Hygge at Home

Hygge is a Danish word which relates to feelings of comfort and coziness. It’s about living in the moment, acknowledging it as special. This practice can help us to ground ourselves as we’re no longer living (and stressing about) in the past or the future.

You can practice Hygge at home by doing activities that make you feel happy, comfortable and cozy. Run a hot bath and clear your mind while you soak. Apply face and hair masks and when you get out, slather your skin in a rich moisturizer. Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate and enjoy it in silence, savoring every tip.

Buy an adult coloring book and color in a picture, lots of therapists recommend these as they’re relaxing and can help you to unwind. You could meditate or ask a partner to give you a massage. These might not seem like significant things, but after a stressful day, they help you to unwind and get those all-important happy hormones released from your brain.

Go on Vacation

If things are really rough, a break away from it all might be just what the doctor ordered. A week or two spent lying on a beach, swimming in the sea and topping up your tan can do wonders for your mental health. If you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or other mental health issues then how about something like an iboga spiritual retreat? These are healing centers which can help you to work through your issues and restore the balance in life in a beautiful location.

Go to a Spa

Whether you go alone or with a friend or partner, a spa is a fantastic way to spend the day when you’re feeling a little frazzled. Pampering treatments from mud baths to massages to manis and pedis help you to look and feel your best. You can relax in the jacuzzi and steam room, have a swim in the pool and enjoy a light lunch. You’re bound to come home at the end of the day feeling so much better, it’s a nice treat that doesn’t involve vices like drinking alcohol or binge eating food to cheer you up!

Feeling Frazzled? Restore Your Mental Health and Bring Back Balance to Your Life

Bring Balance Back to Your Life with Self-Care

You can bring balance back to your life by indulging in some self-care. This looks different for everyone. Do something that you really enjoy or do nothing at all and relax in bed with a good book. Getting back to a high energy place is so important for all of us.

What do you do to bring balance back to your life? If you’re in need of some self-care ideas,  check out this post and then get my FREE Self-Care for women ebook here!

5 Facts About Your Sense Of Balance

5 facts about your sense of balance

Let’s talk about balance. Not the typical balance I talk about involving a healthy lifestyle, but your sense of balance. We don’t give it much thought except for when we trip and sometimes I’m crazy clumsy. In our day-to-day lives, we don’t think about our balance much at all, but it’s always there, keeping us upright and safe.

Balance is a core component of our physical health, and a weakened sense of balance is seen as a worrying sign. Furthermore, when we lose our sense of balance, we begin to realize how vital it is to our everyday lives. Let’s check out more about our balance, the role it plays in our health and fitness, and what to do if your sense of balance is in need of a tune-up.

5 facts about your sense of balance

Balance Is a Sense

The majority of people believe they have five senses, so the term “a sense of balance” may sound weird. However, your balance is a sense, just like hearing, touch, eyesight, and so on. We actually have far more senses than the common five most of us are taught at school, and balance is a particularly important one too.

Balance Is an Entire System

Balance is part of a bodily system known as the vestibular system. Vestibular disorders are actually rather common; examples include concussion, Meniere’s Disease, and tinnitus.

Your Inner Ears are Vital for Balance

Oddly enough, one of the primary signs of a severe ear infection is a loss of balance. This is because the inner ear plays a vital role in maintaining our sense of equilibrium, and when our inner ear is compromised, our balance suffers. 

Balance can be Improved

Many people believe that a sense of balance is innate, and your individual sense of balance is what it is and cannot be improved. “Oh, she’s always so clumsy.”  But that’s not true. There’s plenty that you can do to improve your balance. Younger people can try yoga and pilates to help improve their balance; while senior physical therapy will usually involve some element of balance work. While it may take time to improve, it is possible if you’re willing to continue to work at it.

Your Toes are Vital for Balance

Your toes have a vital role to play in maintaining your sense of balance, and particularly your big toe. When we walk or run, our big toe actually bears around 40% of our overall weight, with the rest spread between the remaining four toes. So look after your big piggie— it has a vital role to play in keeping you upright!

You Can Totally Improve Your Sense of Balance

Improving your sense of balance is totally possible. If you’ve always thought of yourself as a clutz, rest assured that you can change your balance.