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As an Empowerment Coach for women, I empower women to gain the clarity and confidence to live the life of their dreams! This includes gaining clarity & confidence to finally start that online business so you can stay home with your littes!

Providing great content and soon to be products that will inspire and encourage you is my goal. I would love to hear what you are looking for and hoping to gain from working with me. Email me at

The Empowerment Lab

This self-paced coaching program will teach you all the things that I learned to go from hanging on my husband’s arm in public to CONFIDENTLY walking into a room and introducing myself to strangers.

I’m so excited for you to dive in and become a more EMPOWERED you so that you can pursue your dreams and goals.

Every woman deserves to have the life of her dreams, but confidence is a necessary tool to get you there. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of bubbly) and enjoy your new life!

The Empowerment Lab is offered as a Teachable’s self-paced course. Get started today here!

The Mompreneur Intensive

This self-paced course is designed to help you find clarity and confidence in the online business of your dreams! You will discover your passion (or reignite it) and confidently start your online business.

The Mompreneur Intensive is offered as a self-paced course. Get started here!

My name is Alicja, I am a wife, mom of three, a blogger and a mindset coach. You could assume that with proper education and experience I could just start a business easily. But the truth is every coach needs a coach. And if you want clients to invest in your business, you need to do that first.

I wanted to work with someone who walks their talk and have already been where I am going. Attending Laura’s program was a jackpot! Almost unlimited support, all the questions answered, step by step approach to building up confidence from clarifying my vision to create a simple yet “feel good” marketing plan.

What else can you ask for? No, really. There were plenty of opportunities to suggest additional topics. Plus private, safe community. And a very helpful workbook. Don’t wait. Procrastination is a decision. Chose to invest in your own business instead.

Alicja at Just Redefine

The Mompreneur Intensive helped me gain the clarity and confidence to take action in my business. The workbook helps you dig deep into the things holding you back and addressing your limiting beliefs! By far the best business training I’ve ever done!


1:1 Coaching

Do you struggle with self-confidence?

Does fear and your lack of self-esteem keep you paralyzed?

Are you tired of missing out on all that life has to offer?

Imagine having someone in your corner, not only your biggest cheerleader when it doesn’t seem possible but a guide to help you actually become and realize the badass that you are. That’s where I come in!

Together we’ll focus on shifting your perspective & change the way you see things in life to actually GET WHAT YOU WANT.

Each week, we’ll have 45 minute weekly calls, along with unlimited text and voice support to dive into your life struggles. You’ll also receive access to any group coaching program that I have going on during the duration of our coaching relationship.

(6-month commitment)

$500/monthly for weekly calls; $250/monthly for bi-weekly calls)

Life FemPowered! Group Coaching Program (reopening Fall 2020)

life fempowered

I took everything from my first round of THE CONFIDENT & EMPOWERED WOMAN coaching program + the tools I use with my 1:1 clients to CREATE my signature program: LIFE FEMPOWERED.

For 6 weeks, we will dive deep into what it takes to live your best life.

  • I will give 2 lives each week. (1-training then follow up Q&A)
    Weekly challenges.
    Workbook & journal prompts.

What are you waiting for?

Fitness and Mindset Planner

nau & forever shopFitness and Mindset Planner

This fitness and mindset planner has all you need to fulfill your health, wellness, and mindset goals.

  • Identify your goals (fitness, wellness, and mindset)
  • pages to document your physical transformation stats
  • meal planning template
  • grocery list template
  • daily planner
  • daily gratitude
  • 12-month calendar
  • journal prompts
  • Bonus: Self-love workbook


Change Your Money Story

change your money storyChange Your Money Mindset

Do you have a negative mindset when it comes to money? Do you think that “wealthy” people are bad? Do you think wanting money is bad? If you have any negative stories about money, it’s time to change your money story!

This planner is designed to bust the money myths that we’ve grown to know and replace them with abundance. Learn how to identify your money stories and get to the root of the problem. Then you will be able to change the way you think, talk, and feel about money.

This planner lays out the 7 steps to guide you to a healthier money mindset.

PDF download. 21 pages. All sales are final. Please do not redistribute.