These are a few of my favorite things.....

Laura’s Favorites

These are some products, tools, and services that I love! I recommend these to all my followers.

The High-Performance Planner! 

Colorful Journal Pens

Gratitude Journal

Products For Pregnancy and Moms

Bellefit Corset. I love this! I have used it postpartum with both of my pregnancies (twins and singleton). It provides amazing compression and has helped with the healing process after my C-sections. It can be used with both vaginal and cesarean recoveries. Use code: 3why20 to save @$20 off your purchase.

Pregnancy Pillow. This is the one that I bought when I was pregnant with the twins and I still use it (my girls are 4). It’s amazing!

Breast Pump. I personally use the Spectra S2 and love how quiet it is. It also has a small light so you can easily use it for those late night pumping sessions. I recommend seeing if your insurance covers a pump before purchasing on your own. I used this website and they took care of contacting my insurance company as well as my physician.


Tools And Services For Bloggers

Siteground. This is my web host. I absolutely love them. Customer service is amazing and you can get a plan for as little as $3.95 a month. Check out my affiliate link here.

PicMonkey. I can say so many things about PicMonkey, but to keep it short, I’ll just say AWESOME! You can make adorable printables, graphics and edit photos. You can get the Premium package for as low as $5.99 a month. Totally worth it! You can also get a free 7 day trial. Check it out!

Affiliate Programs. Find some of your favorite companies and sign up for their affiliate programs to share your favorite products with your readers and followers. I use the following Affiliate Programs (these are great for newbie bloggers too):

Impact Radius

       Technology Used by Successful Businesses  (Rakuten Marketing)


Ultimate Bundles