What’s At The Root Of Your Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks are a horrible experience. You feel numb, confused, light-headed, and, of course, panicked. Different people have varying susceptibility to panic attacks. For some, panic attacks are a regular occurrence whereas for others, it’s something that only happens once or twice in a lifetime in response to stressful events.

Life can be difficult for people with recurring panic attacks. Sufferers can worry that another attack is just around the corner which can ruin their enjoyment of life, particularly social occasions. Understanding what’s behind panic attacks, therefore, is essential. Researchers have identified many underlying causes which could help you identify your particular trigger. Let’s take a look at what might be at the root of your attacks.

Chronic Stress

Perhaps the most common cause of panic attacks is chronic stress. Humans evolved in an environment where they experienced acute stress: on some days they might get chased by wild animals or fight other tribes. But. in general, they didn’t experience chronic stress: worry and anxiety day after day.

In the modern world, however, many people have jobs and relationships that lead to chronic stress. Workers have to face unpleasant bosses every day, and people in relationships may have to deal with the same issues with their partners or relatives on a regular basis.

Pre-Existing Mental Health Conditions

Researchers have identified a number of conditions which appear to be associated with panic attacks, increasing a person’s risk. These conditions include anxiety and depression, of course, but also extend to other issues, like obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. People with OCD, for instance, might have a panic attack if they find themselves in a situation they can’t control. Those with PTSD could have a panic attack if they experience something which reminds them of the trauma they’ve experienced.

Problems With The Inner Ear

Panic attacks don’t just result from psychological conditions: they can also result from vertigo, a problem with the inner ear you can learn more about on the internet. Vertigo can be a traumatic experience because you continuously feel off-balance. Being unable to balance for long periods can lead to panic and anxiety and ultimately cause a panic attack in an otherwise psychologically-healthy individual.

Chronic Physical Illness

Chronic diseases can take their toll. Issues like cancer and heart disease not only attack the physical body but dealing with the knowledge that you have a severe illness can also lead to panic attacks because of the threat to your existence. Worrying about what might happen, both consciously or unconsciously, can lead to panic attacks if you cannot cope.


Losing someone you love, either through death, moving away, or infidelity can be a life-changing experience. Having to carry on without a particular person is a challenge because you’ve learned to rely on them throughout your life. Going on alone can sometimes be too much to bear.

Treating Panic Attacks

If you suffer from panic attacks regularly, then you might want to speak to a professional. Professionals can offer help and support and put you in touch with the right people to solve the problem.

You also may want to consider finding ways to relieve stress and anxiety. For me, working out and self-care helps tremendously. Check out these self-care tips.

How to Balance Lifestyle With Health & Fitness

How to Balance Lifestyle With Health & Fitness

It can be hard to stay healthy in the modern world, with people having access to more damaging lifestyle options than ever before. Temptation can be found around every corner. Most people struggle to avoid falling into the trap of embracing things that impact the work they put into their fitness. Let’s explore some of the key areas to focus on when you’re balancing health and fitness.


Not a lot of people realize quite how important their sleep is to their everyday life. This aspect of your living will impact you in loads of different areas, from your physical health to your ability to lose weight, and most people don’t do much about it. You should be aiming to get at least seven hours of quality sleep each night. While this may seem like a lot, going to be early will almost always make the mornings easier, especially if you have a very intense job.

Drugs & Alcohol

Everyone likes to have fun once in a while, and embracing the chance to unwind can often be good for your mental health. Of course, though, if you abuse substances or drink too much, you will quickly start to notice the impact. Substance abuse counseling comes in loads of shapes and forms. It will give you access to support which can free you from an addiction. It’s worth looking at if you think that your efforts in the field of health are going to waste.

Social Time

Humans are social creatures, with the people you spend time with each day being very important, and your mental health hinging on your ability to spend time with others. When you’re mind takes a knock, your body will also find it hard to keep itself healthy, and this results in a lot of people not feeling up to going to the gym. If you can, recruiting some friends to spend time at the gym with you can be a great way to tie fitness and social time together.

Stress & Anxiety

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about stress and anxiety. These two features of life are very common, and a lot of people suffer without realizing that they can get help. If you need support with something like this, talking to your doctor is the best option. They will be able to refer you to someone with the right skills to help. Being stressed all the time will make it impossible to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Balancing Health and Fitness

Are you feeling inspired to start cleaning up the parts of your life which could be getting in the way of your time at the gym? A lot of people struggle with this kind of work, finding it hard to know where to turn when they need help, even when they have support all around them. It’s totally possible to live a lifestyle balancing health and fitness.

If you need help learning to live a balanced lifestyle while accomplishing your goals, check out my coaching options. I’d love to get to know you and see how I can help you crush your goals.

Beat Stress Naturally

Beat Stress The Natural Way

For many people who suffer from extremely high levels of stress, their doctor might be their first port of call. However, not everyone wants to see a medical professional, as they fear being prescribed pills and tablets that they would rather not take. Is there a way to beat stress naturally?

Thankfully, there is! In fact, there are quite a few ways you can naturally tackle stress and anxiety, and many people prefer these alternatives to medical treatment. Read on for some of the best natural remedies that can beat all kinds of stress.

Hug Someone

If you are feeling a bit stressed or anxious, you should try hugging someone! This isn’t quite as crazy as it might sound – when you hug someone, your body will release the love hormone oxytocin which is known for bringing down stress levels. In fact, any way you interact with loved ones should release this very important chemical in the body. So, you might also want to try calling an old friend or doing a good deed for a friend or relative.


Many people who suffer from long-term stress and anxiety believe that keeping a journal really helps them stay in control of their thoughts and feelings. Plus, it can help you to pinpoint exactly what it is that you are stressed about. You can then try to tackle the source of the stress directly.

Do Some Yoga

Yoga is often said to be a great natural cure for stress because of the breathing exercises you need to do while holding the various poses. These breathing techniques can help to focus the mind and relax it. In fact, doing any kind of exercise is a great stress beater as it will boost the number of endorphins in your body, which are nature’s antidepressants!

Take Some Supplements

Did you know that there are some daily supplements that might help improve your mood and stress levels as well? Studies have shown that supplements that contain lemon balm can help people control their anxiety much better. Green tea is also thought to be a natural relaxant, as has valerian root. It’s worth asking a homeopath specialist about the best natural daily supplements to take for your stress or anxiety. They will be able to review your unique situation and come up with the best solution for you.

Cut Back On Caffeine

One further point to make is that you should cut down on food and drinks that are known to trigger anxiety or increase stress levels. One particular drink that you should be very wary of is caffeine. It’s a good idea to stay well away from coffee and energy drinks as they have been linked to very stark increases in people’s stress levels. If you need more energy in your day, it’s best to sip on green tea for a natural boost.

Beat Stress Naturally

If you want to beat stress naturally, these steps are a great way to start. Depending on your level of stress or anxiety, speaking to your doctor is still a great idea.

What To Do When You Just Don’t Feel Right

What To Do When You Just Don't Feel Right

Sometimes in life, no matter how well you eat, how much you exercise, and how much sleep you get, you may occasionally feel like something simply isn’t right. Not feeling 100% and not being able to pinpoint why is very frustrating because it can leave you wondering how to get yourself back to full health again. There are many different things that could be causing you to feel this way that won’t be showing physically, so take a look at these solutions on what to do when you just don’t feel right.

Look at your mental health

Poor mental health can take a huge toll on a person’s body, especially if they don’t even realize that they’re suffering from mental health issues. Ask yourself whether you’re coping as well as you thought you were mentally and whether any factors in your life could indeed, be affecting the way you’re feeling. More often than not, people find that they are stressed or anxious about different things, and once they have addressed these issues they find that they are feeling much better indeed. Remember that your first port of call should always be your GP if you’re suffering from your mental health.

Ask your GP for a full examination

Speaking of GPs, if you’re not feeling right then you should definitely go and see your Doctor. They will run through a plethora of different questions and examinations to help determine why you’re feeling the way that you are. Your doctor may even refer you for an in body scan (otherwise known as a CT scan) to help figure out the cause of you feeling unwell. Remember to be truthful about your lifestyle as sometimes this can have a huge effect on the results your GP receives.

Use the process of elimination

Lifestyle choices can also contribute massively to the way you’re feeling, and if you think that this might be the case for you, it’s a good idea to use the process of elimination. Perhaps you could remove alcohol consumption from your lifestyle to see if that helps, or maybe change the kind of diet you follow. It’s not impossible for people to develop food intolerances later on in life, so using the process of elimination will help you work out what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

Take some time for yourself

Finally, sometimes all you need is some time for yourself to do the things you love, especially at this time of year. With Christmas festivities on their way, you may just be feeling a little overwhelmed at everything coming up over the next few weeks. So, take a long hot bath, pamper yourself, have an early night, and you may just wake up the next day feeling as good as new!

When You Just Don’t Feel Right

It can be overwhelming and frustrating when you just don’t feel right. Slowing down can be super helpful. If you want more tips on mindset and living a healthier and happier life, check out this post!

Kicking Bad Habits and Embracing a Healthier Way of Life

Kicking Bad Habits and Embracing a Healthier Way of Life

When you get stuck in a rut and start to adopt an unhealthy way of living, it can be very easy to stay with these bad habits for a long time. If you want to live a long and happy life, then you need to start reassessing your lifestyle choices sooner rather than later. Preparing your body for health and happiness in old age doesn’t have to be hard work; you simply need to change your outlook on life and value your incredible body much more. Whether you’re trying to quit smoking or you need to reconsider your hectic schedule, there are a number of ways to embrace a healthier way of life. Take some inspiration from here and start kicking bad habits to the curb!

Quitting Smoking

When you have been a smoker for a long time, it can be very easy to stick with what you know. You may not be aware of the adverse health conditions you are causing for yourself, so it’s time to start thinking about the long term. Not only are you exposing yourself to lung cancers, but you will also be susceptible to aging skin, yellow teeth, and discolored fingernails.  You might want to consider a lost vape Orion kit, so you can quit your bad habit more easily. Take up another hobby such as walking, reading or cooking so that your mind is occupied and you’re not thinking about picking up that cigarette.

Increasing Your Daily Exercise

If you’re a couch potato who tends to laze around every evening rather than getting up and about, then you need to rethink your exercise regimes. If you increase your daily exercise then you will be working wonders on your health for the long run. Partaking in around thirty to forty minutes of physical activity each day will reduce your risk of heart disease significantly. You will also decrease your chances of becoming obese or overweight if you get your body moving on a regular basis.

Reducing Your Stressful Schedule

You might have a bad habit of overloading your schedule so much that you never have time to think or be alone. Nowadays it is quite trendy to be busy and on the go all the time, but you need to consider the long-term effects. Filling your schedule with social appointments, work meetings, and gym classes might just take its toll on your mental health over time. Give yourself at least one day a week where you can relax and take some much needed time out for yourself. You will start to realize why it’s important once you start doing it on a regular basis.

Improving Your Sleep Cycle

You never know how important sleep is until you’re really missing out on it. When you are getting a low level of deep sleep each evening you aren’t allowing your body to repair and recover. Sleep is so important for your physical and mental health, so stop putting it on the back burner and get some much-needed shut-eye.

Kicking Bad Habits

Kicking bad habits NOW will help you live a healthier and happier life. It’s not always easy, but it will be worth it. If you want more tips on healthy living, check out this post!

How Animals Have a Positive Impact on Your Health & Wellbeing!

How Animals Have a Positive Impact on Your Health & Wellbeing!

For some of us, animals play a huge role in our day to day lives. They are our pets, our companions, and – for those of us who use service animals – a means of living our lives as best we can. Others, on the other hand, never really come into contact with animals besides seeing the occasional wildlife when we are away from home. But regardless of your personal relationship with animals, it’s important to recognize the huge role that they can play when it comes to benefiting people around the world in relation to their health and wellbeing. Here are just a few different ways that a positive relationship with animals can improve your life!

Boosting Your Immune System

Epidemiology studies have found that dogs can do you a whole lot more good than merely serving as a loyal source of affection and company – they can significantly boost your immune system too! The increased happiness that comes hand in hand with taking on responsibility for a canine companion, as well as the increased exercise that you commit to when taking them on a daily walk is said to reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease by thirty-six percent. It is also believed that germs found in dog’s saliva may be the missing link in your own immune system, and that coming into contact with it actually reduces your susceptibility to illness!

Animal Therapy

Trained and domesticated animals are becoming increasingly incorporated into therapy for a whole host of issues – from mental illness to addiction. Just take a look at equine facilitated therapy. This is an experiential step in therapy programs that are used to encourage emotional, physical, occupational or communications growth in individuals suffering from a wide range of disorders.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals otherwise referred to as “ESAs”, are essentially companion creatures who actively provide emotional support to their owner or handler. Their presence alone can significantly improve their owner or handler’s overall sense of health, happiness, and general wellbeing. Many animals provide us with this without being officially recognized as ESAs. However, having an animal registered as an ESA means that you receive official documents that allow the animal to live in housing that may usually reject pets, spend time in private facilities that may otherwise reject pets, or even take flights that may otherwise require pets to travel in the baggage cargo. A professional health practitioner, such as a psychiatrist, can officially sign your support animal off as an ESA.

Animals Can Improve Your Life

These are just a few different ways that animals can play a profoundly positive role in your life, improving your overall health and wellbeing! There are plenty more ways that they can benefit you at the same time as you provide them with a good quality of life!

Strengthening Your Immune System Against The Winter Cold

Strengthening Your Immune System Against the Winter Cold

Your body does a lot of work for you. It shapes itself to keep all your organs, bones, and muscles healthy, it keeps you moving for as fast and as long as you can, and it can take a boost every now and then to make sure you’re overcoming all those final hurdles. Your body loves you, and hopefully, you love it in return! But that doesn’t mean it never gets into trouble which is why you need to strengthen your immune system.

The winter is a time where viruses and bacteria tend to thrive – there’s a lot of reasons for this. Spending more time indoors with stale air and sneeze droplets everywhere, as well as the cold boosting the strength of some germs in the air – and you’re going to need to prepare your body for the onslaught the cold weather is sending your way. So to better make sure you’re taking this winter air seriously, and you’re preparing in the best ways possible, here are a few of the best ways you can strengthen your immune system.

Sit Down and Have Breakfast

Breakfast is always called the most important meal of the day. There’s plenty of benefits a hearty and healthy meal in the morning can do for you. You’re going to need to dedicate some proper time and effort to it for the upcoming season to strengthen your immune system. Breakfast is what prepares you for the rest of the day, seeing as its one sole purpose is to break the fast you’ve kept up for the last 12 hours or so. Your body needs fuel to keep going, and eating first thing in the morning is the diesel for your engine.

Breakfast in the winter is going to look a lot different to your breakfast in the summer, seeing as you’re going to be needing to feast on a few more carbohydrates, fats, and proteins that you would at the rest of the year. You want to be putting a good layer of muscle and fat on your body, to help keep you warm and sustained during weather that’s wearing you down bit by bit, so get to grips with some new recipes.

You can look up a whole list of some good ones right here, or you can experiment on your own. After all, quite a few people can feel quite sick at the idea of eating first thing in the morning, so you might want to go a bit lighter than others in your quest to eat properly for the winter.

Focus on Zinc Rich Foods

Adding zinc to your diet is a great way to strengthen your immune system. It’s even been scientifically proven to help break the effects colds and flu have on us, as long as some zinc supplements or zinc-rich foods have been consumed within the first 24 hours or so of showing sick symptoms. And if you take some zinc every day you have your cold, it might just shorten the duration of your illness by a couple of days or so! Doesn’t that sound just magical?

Don’t worry, it’s not. Zinc is a very important substance to the body, seeing as it binds to every type of cell within your system and helps them to open up and stay healthy. Not only that, but it helps your skin and muscles to repair themselves faster; if you’ve got a cut, or you think you’ve torn into your biceps a bit recently, you’re going to want to chow down on foods filled with this mineral. So if you’re feeling a bit down an out this winter, you’re going to want to head to the supermarket with zinc-rich foods in mind.

And what do these include? Red meat is the best source you could come across, but foods such as chickpeas, green beans, and lentils are packed with the stuff as well. You could make a lovely roast with just these two types of ingredients alone! Just be careful not to overdo your zinc recipes, as it can quickly lead to a shortage of iron in your body if you consume too much per day.

Invest in Some Vitamins

Sure, we want to eat tasty and nutritious foods filled to the brim with vitamins more than we want to simply pop a pill of them every day. But vitamin supplements and lozenges also work wonders for the body. Seeing as the winter weather, and the lack of sun, helps to drain our energy faster than usual, it might just be the best way for you to stay on top of your health.

If you fancy getting your hands on some vitamin tubs, you can always head out to your local pharmacy and buy from across the counter. But if you don’t want to leave your cozy armchair right now, you can simply read more about what kinds of vitamins you’ll need right there.

Do You Consume Any Probiotics?

Your gut is a huge part of your body. You’re going to want to take care of it for the foreseeable future. Your digestive tract can be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, both good and bad. You never want the bad to outweigh the good. Make sure you’re buying yogurt items that are described as having live cultures inside them. You need the live probiotics to help balance your system out.

So you’re going to need some more probiotics in your diet, especially if you don’t eat a lot of dairy. Even if you’re intolerant, items such as coconut milk or kimchi are going to work wonders for you here.

Ready to Strengthen Your Immune System?

It’s so important to strengthen your immune system. Staying healthy overall will help you ward off the winter bugs. Want more tips on living a healthy lifestyle? Check out this post!

Preparing Your Body For Strength, Health And Happiness In Old Age

Preparing Your Body For Strength, Health And Happiness In Old Age

Youth is wasted on the young. We may as well admit it, when we’re teenagers we don’t stop to think that we won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of our young bodies forever. We assume that we’ll always be young, lean, sprightly, and resilient. We eat pretty much whatever the heck we like. We don’t get as much sleep as we should. We may even drink or smoke. It’s only when we reach adulthood and the pounds are a little more reticent to shift, the nights out take a little longer to recover from and the wrinkles begin to show that we consider that we should have taken better care of our bodies in youth. Fortunately, we still have years to go to prepare for old age.

Old age needn’t mean infirmity and frailty. We can enjoy a healthy, strong and indeed youthful looking body for decades to come and long into our sixties and seventies. But in order to do so, we need to start preparing our bodies for old age now. Even if you’re not looking for catheters for sale, you can start preparing your body now for an older body that’s healthy and robust. Check out how!

Cardio for Heart and Brain Health

Cardiovascular exercise is essential for a healthy heart. The older we get, then more susceptible we can become to cardiac health issues including heart attacks, strokes, and angina. However, when we exercise we not only improve our heart health but our brain health too. When we work out we also reduce the buildup of plaque in the brain. That’s right, that icky stuff between our teeth can also build up in the brain. This ensures that we age not just with a healthy and robust heart but with a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. That’s a pretty compelling reason to hit the treadmill!

Strength Training for Ageless Cells

While cardiovascular exercise is important, we must also remember not to neglect our strength training. All of us, male and female, old and young should be strength training. Strength training not only helps us to achieve a sculpted, youthful looking body and a boost to your metabolism that will keep unwelcome body fat at bay, it will also help to preserve joint mobility and keep arthritis at bay. No more bad backs or dodgy hips! When we strengthen the muscles surrounding our joints they become much more supple and mobile. What’s more, strength training actually convinces our cells that they’re younger!

Eat Your Way to Youthful Skin

We’re all chasing the holy grail of youthful, glowing skin but many of us are looking in all the wrong places. Youthful skin isn’t found in expensive creams or treatments. It’s found in healthy foods which will enhance your skin’s production of collagen to keep it plump, firm and youthful. Make sure that your plate is always packed with leafy greens, berries, nuts and seeds and tomatoes. These not only stimulate the production of collagen, but they’re also packed with antioxidants to help to prevent damage to our skin from the sun.

Prepare for Old Age

There’s never a bad time to prepare for old age. Caring for your body is a great way to stay young longer. If you need more tips on living a healthy life, check out this post!


The Anatomy Of A Gorgeous Smile

anatomy of a healthy smile

There’s truth in that old saying. You really don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Whether it’s at an important job interview, a meeting with your bank manager to talk about the business loan that could launch your entrepreneurial career or that nerve-wracking first date, first impressions are important. In fact, research suggests that we only have a window of 7 seconds to make our mark on a person when we meet them. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to be covered in expensive clothes, dripping with fancy jewelry or adorned with carefully crafted makeup to make a great first impression. A gorgeous smile can go a long way.

A smile not only helps us make a great first impression, but it can also make us feel better about ourselves and the world, too. Seriously! A smile has been scientifically proven to be a potent antidepressant, a great way to relieve stress and regulate our heart rate and blood pressure. Yet many of us are afraid to unleash our smiles upon the world because we’re feeling less than wonderful about our dental health. Let’s take a look at how we can help to renovate and rejuvenate your smile so you can start reaping the benefits and making great first impressions wherever you go…


Even if you forego coffee, cigarettes and red wine, it’s still hard to retain the perfectly white teeth you were born with. Teeth tend to yellow with age and can compromise an otherwise perfect, straight-toothed smile. Fortunately, there are a range of options available if you want to whiten your teeth. There are peroxide-based bleaches, laser treatments and even home tooth whitening kits. Ask your dentist which is the best option for you. If the idea of a treatment makes you nervous, you’d be amazed what a simple polish from your dentist will do in terms of whitening your teeth, not to mention eating naturally tooth whitening foods.


Even perfectly white teeth do not look their healthiest if they are crooked. Very often the bottom front teeth can become crowded, resulting in some teeth jutting out. Not only can this compromise a perfect smile, but it can also lead to a greater risk of gum disease and tooth decay, tooth loss and even a misaligned jaw.

Fortunately, we have evolved beyond the need for intrusive braces. Ask your dentist if you would benefit from Invisalign treatment; a virtually invisible alternative to traditional braces.  

Tooth-to-Gum Ratio

If you are happy with your teeth but feel that your smile shows a little too much gum and too little tooth, you may benefit from a gum contouring treatment. This involves the use of lasers to expose a little more of your tooth enamel thereby evening out your smile. You’d be astonished at the transformative effect it can have on your mouth.

Take Care of Your Gorgeous Smile

If you’re not satisfied with your smile, you can still get the gorgeous smile that you want. It can be just the boost of confidence that you’re looking for! If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to address them with your dentist to see what options you have!


Feel Bloated? Here’s Why!

Feel Bloated? Here's why!

We’ve all had moments during which we feel bloated and uncomfortable, but generally the reason for it is pretty obvious and will more often than not be down to some heavy or greasy takeaway that we’ve stuffed down, so we know that after a day it will pass and we’ll go back to normal after that.

However, if you feel like you’re constantly bloated and feeling uncomfortable all the time despite your lack of greasy foods and are actually eating healthy, then there are some common things that could actually be causing this and are generally pretty easily resolved by just making a few simple lifestyle changes.

In this post, we’re covering some of these things to help you possibly identify the cause of your recurring upset tummy.

What You’re Eating and Drinking

The things we eat drink affect our bodies in a big way – while some effects are good, others not so much. The thing is, most people do know that things like alcohol, fatty, and sugary foods can cause bloating, but it’s not just unhealthy foods and drinks that cause this. Many healthy foods, such as grains, nuts, beans, and green vegetables can be a big cause of bloating due to their high fiber content. This certainly doesn’t mean these foods are bad or should be avoided. But, if you’re not used to a lot of fiber in your diet, then taking the time to introduce them slowly will help your body adapt and actually retain the goodness they offer.

How Fast You’re Eating

It’s not just what you’re eating that can have an impact on your digestive system, but also how fast you’re consuming your food. If you’re eating too quickly, then this can cause painful side effects such as bloating, indigestion and heartburn – none of which are particularly enjoyable. The main reason people eat too quickly is that they’re hungry. To avoid being overly hungry, try to break up your meals throughout the day instead of eating one massive meal.


As if periods aren’t bad enough on their own, we have to deal with all the other lovely side effects they produce, of which bloating is one, thanks to the fluctuation in those hormones that like to run riot during this particular time of the month. The good news is, you may not experience bloating every month, and it usually subsides within a day or two of your period finishing. If it doesn’t and you’re feeling consistently bloated throughout the month, then it’s advised to speak to your doctor to have it checked and rule anything else out – especially if the bloating is accompanied by other symptoms such as pain or bleeding when you don’t have your period as this could be indicative of endometriosis.

Medical Disorders

Undiagnosed conditions such as IBS, celiacs disease, endometriosis, and many dietary intolerances or allergies have a tendency to cause a lot of bloating, gas, and general discomfort. This can be quite easily treated through medication and simple lifestyle changes. Usually, to rule out dietary intolerances, such as gluten or lactose intolerance, your doctor or dietician will often start you on what’s known as an elimination diet. They may also refer you to somewhere like Inspire Ostomy support group if you’re diagnosed with something like IBS.

Feel Bloated?

When you feel bloated, take note of what the possible culprits could be. It could be as simple as avoiding certain food and drinks. Or you may have medical issues that you need treatment.

Want more tips on healthy living? Check out this post with tips on taking care of your health every day.