Empowering Yourself In The Pursuit To Lose Weight


Part of the reason as to why self-empowerment can be so life-changing is that it puts into your hands matters you once considered impossible. Even the most confident person on the planet has their perceived limits, those that they may never have questioned. It takes a conscious mind and a directed effort to empower yourself in the pursuit to do anything, especially when you may not see results for some time. The pursuit to lose weight can also be framed in this context, much to the unhappiness of those who seem to work and work to no avail.

But just like that person who may be confident yet fails to see their inner worth, it could be that you simply haven’t found what works for you. Everyone’s body is different, and while there are some tried and true techniques available to help you lose weight, you may not have found the best delivery method for said wisdom.

Thankfully, empowering yourself to lose weight is something anyone can achieve, all you need is a little friendly push. Perhaps you’d like to consider the following:

Try a New Food Plan

It might seem that the cliche of ‘trying a new plan and every supplement there is’ will simply waste your time, but sometimes, trying a new diet can actually help you learn new food habits, and shouldn’t be brushed aside so easily. Diets (and I use that term loosely because I loathe the word) such as ketosis, paleo and others can help you make different food choices every day, and thus might give you more room to schedule what you eat. After all, if we simply rest on the same indulgences and do not limit ourselves through routine, we can often fall back into the same daily choices. When you have a set program to follow, even if it’s just cutting out alcohol or sugary foods, you’ve begun to draw the boundaries necessary for success.

Consider Your Body

It might be what works for you is different from what works for a personal trainer, or for your friends. For example, it might be that running as an exercise, even if you will it, is too hard on your joints and could injure you. Swimming, in this case, might be the answer or joining an aerobic exercise class. Maybe you should start shopping at a new grocery store with only organic produce to help you start learning to cook more appropriately.

Just like those who decide on gastric sleeve surgery or joining a camp for an intense training program, your success depends on finding the correct, tailored approach just for you.

Pay Attention to Health

Often, simply getting healthy is enough to start dropping weight. Things that increase weight gain include:

  • eating at irregular times
  • lacking sleep
  • being sedentary
  • being stressed

Ensuring that the factors of your life are well taken into account can help you more clearly ‘set the stage’ for your body to lose weight. To that end, you might be positively surprised.

With these tips, we hope your weight loss journey feels much more satisfying to follow.

Do You Struggle to Drink Enough Water? #DrinkHydrant

How many times have you been told “just drink more water”? You’ve heard it for years, but you still struggle to get enough into your body. Enter: Hydrant hydration!


What Is Hydrant?

So, what is Hydrant and what makes it unique? Unlike the alternatives that contain way too much sugar and artificial ingredients, Hydrant is an explosion of electrolytes and contains just a small amount of sugar to turn on the sodium glucose pump and increase your body’s hydration.

Other reasons that Hydrant is so unique:

  • Hydrant is underpinned by science to optimize hydration.
  • Incorporating Hydrant into your daily routine, once in the morning and once before bed, leads to optimal hydration and a better you.
  • We all know the importance of drinking water, but drinking enough water is hard and can become a chore. Hydrant’s unique ingredient blend allows you to absorb water more efficiently, think of it like a hydrant that sends water quickly and efficiently to your cells.

Who Is Hydrant?

Hydrant was created by an Oxford Biologist. The Optimal Hydration Mix fights the fatigue that 75% of us experience from dehydration every day. Formulated to make water work better, instantly and conveniently, Optimal Hydration Mix keeps you healthy and hydrated.

How Do I Use Hydrant?

Mix! Mix! Mix! Then drink! The colder the water, the better the taste. If you like a more concentrated flavor, stay closer to 8oz of water/packet. If you want a more dilute taste, you can fill up to 16oz for that one packet.

This is also great to use during workouts, after drinking alcohol, and when your body is dehydrated from vomiting/diarrhea.

Are You Ready to Try Hydrant?

From a wellness perspective, I know how important hydration is to our minds, bodies, and even complexions. Too many people get fooled by companies claiming to offer healthy and safe “waters” or alternatives.

Hydrant is a fantastic addition to your health and wellness routine! I can’t wait to try the lime flavor! Just in time for summer, am I right?!

Use promo code: HYDRANT33 to save 33% off your first order at Hydrant! (Restrictions May apply and offer is valid through 5/3-/19)

What flavor will you be trying?

Top Swaps for a Healthier Lifestyle

Photo by manu mangalassery from Pexels

Living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all your favorite things. There are several things you can swap in all aspects of your life. Check out these awesome ideas!

Swap white pasta for whole wheat pasta

If pasta forms a staple part of your diet, don’t worry, you don’t have to get rid of it altogether. Whole wheat pasta provides more fiber and contains more vitamin E, B vitamins and antioxidants than white pasta so you could make a switch to that or go one further and make ‘courgetti‘ (spiralized courgette) or ‘boodles‘ (pasta made from butternut squash) to boost your vegetable intake.

Swap white potatoes for sweet potatoes

It’s an easy, cheap and tasty meal, but there’s a way to make baked potatoes healthier. Have a sweet potato instead! You can baked them, roast them, or smash them. Either way, they’re delicious and offer a ton of nutrients!

Swap Watching Your Children Play For Playing With Them

Don’t just stand there. Get moving. Get your heart rate up and not only will you be getting some exercise but you’ll be spending quality time with your kids and making memories.

Swap Screen Time For Play Time

Whether you have kids or not, most of us are spending too much time in front of screens. Ditch those for ‘play time’ – which can be whatever you want it to be. If you do have kids, then get out to the park, play football with them, whatever it is that will get them outside.

For yourself this is important too, but if you must watch Netflix, why not get a mini trampoline or an exercise bike and work-out while you’re watching it. The TV is a great distraction, and before you know it, you will have done half an hour.

Swap Cigarettes for E-Cigarettes (for now)

E-cigarettes aren’t entirely risk-free, but experts estimate that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. E-cigarette vapor contains some potentially dangerous chemicals also found in tobacco smoke, but at much lower levels. You can even get some great flavors too and avoid the traditional smell of smoking. Have a look at Daniel Fung of Watertown CT for more options. This may be a good transition to quitting altogether.

Swap white rice for brown or ‘cauli-rice.’

Brown rice is better for you because it has more fiber than white rice, but Cauliflower rice is another excellent option if you want to reduce calorie intake and up your veg count, too.

Swap fruit juice for the fruit itself

Next time you go for a glass of orange juice, it might be worth a re-think. Fruit juice is high in natural sugar, and it’s missing the fiber that the fruit provides. Drinking a glass of orange juice means the fruit’s sugars are more readily available and more easily absorbed by the body than just eating the fruit itself.

Make the swap for a healthier lifestyle

When you’re wanting to start living a healthier lifestyle, it can be overwhelming. Instead of quitting everything cold turkey, start making small swaps here and there. It will add up and your body will thank you!

how to get rid of your limiting beliefs

How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs

how to get rid of limiting beliefs

How many times have you found yourself repeating BS stories and thoughts? “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “People like me don’t become successful.” “I’m not as smart as my sister.”

These stories are actually limiting beliefs and they are keeping you from living your best life.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Self-limiting beliefs are beliefs that we have that hold us back. They keep us from moving forward and are 100% BS.

We’ve believed these “stories” for sooo long that we accept them as fact but they are NOT FACT.

These beliefs can come from parents, teachers, partners, etc.

How Do I Address These Beliefs?

Think about something that you want to achieve in your life.

Write down all the thoughts and beliefs that you have about why this is a ridiculous goal or why you can’t do it.

Really think about these thoughts. They are your limiting beliefs.

Find the CORE REASONS for these beliefs.

CREATE NEW BELIEFS (shifting your mindset)

FIND EVIDENCE to support your new beliefs! The evidence is there, I PROMISE!

Ready to Reach Your Goals?

Are you ready to ditch the limiting beliefs and go after your dreams? YOU CAN! It’s not an overnight transformation, but each day you will get stronger and closer to your goals!

If you’re ready to take the next step and join my private coaching practice, I’d love to learn more about you and see if we’re a great fit! Fill out this quick form and I’ll be in touch to see if this is right for you!

Starting A New Sport? 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

Image from: pixabay.com/ [CC0 Licence]

Often, taking up a new sport is something that people consider for their children, but less frequently for themselves. However, playing or engaging with a sport is an excellent choice for everyone – regardless of age, fitness level or experience, sports offer benefits for your health, fitness, and well-being.

Check out these three questions that you should ask yourself before starting up something new.

“What physical activities constitute a ‘sport’?”

In order to choose a sport, you will first need to decide which activities constitute an actual sport; however, as forbes.com/ have highlighted in the past, determining what is and isn’t a sport can be something of a contentious issue.

For the most part, a sport needs to have a competitive element. Many people find that competing against others really helps to improve their fitness overall; the idea of ‘winning’ is one that most of us find attractive, and are willing to work hard to achieve.

It’s therefore best to choose your sport based on two criteria: significant physical activity is required, and there must be an element of competition, either against another individual (as with tennis, squash, and so on) or against another team (for example, soccer, hockey, netball, and so on).

“Do I need to join a club?”

Most sports can be engaged with solo; for example, if you wish to give tennis a try, you can buy a racquet and hit balls against a wall without the need to join a club. However, while doing so would technically be tennis, the chances of you achieving the full workout tennis can provide – and benefiting from the critical competitive element – are slim to none.

As a result, it’s usually best to look for sports clubs in your local area if you wish to get the most from your sporting experience. If there are no established clubs for your chosen sport, you could always consider starting your own by following the tips on classifieds.usatoday.com/ and similar sources.

“How can I ensure I’m safe?”

It’s an unfortunate fact that every sport carries a degree of risk and contact sports are all the more likely to cause injuries. So it’s important to be realistic: injuries do happen, but the soft tissue trauma or more severe spinal cord issues as discussed on attylaw.com/ and similar sites. By acknowledging that injuries can, and do, occur, you can take every preventative step possible to ensure you are safe and protected at all times.

If you’re not sure how to protect yourself when engaging with a new sport, it’s usually best to ask for professional advice. Almost every sport has some form of recommended protection – from helmets for cyclists to kinesiology tape to support ligaments when playing soccer – so speaking to an instructor or experienced player of that sport can help ensure you can take the best possible precautions.

Starting a New Sport?

When you’re starting a new sport, it’s always good to be prepared. Congratulate yourself on getting active and enjoy the process of trying something new.

Are you looking to get active and need some advice on choosing the best program or activity for you? Check out my coaching services!

Tips for Recovery From Surgery


When it comes to life, things don’t always go the way we planned and sometimes we end up in situations which we would rather avoid. Having an operation for example is something which a lot of us don’t look forward to, however sometimes we can’t avoid going under the knife for one reason it another. Today we are taking a look at some of the tips and tricks which you can use if you are recovering from surgery this year.

Eat Fresh Foods

The first handy tip which you should definitely take into account during your recovery is to eat as much healthy food as you possibly can. Healthy foods such as fruit and vegetables and lean proteins are essential for the body at any time, but especially so when we are trying to recover from an operation. When the body is a little more vulnerable than usual it needs all of these nutrients in order for the body to recover and become strong. Protein will repair muscles and cells and other vitamins can also help in the recovery process.

Organize Your Medicine

If you aren’t used to taking pills every day, this will be one of the harder things you need to get used to after an operation. A lot of the time after an operation you’ll be given items to help thicken the blood to heal wounds and other things to help in the healing process. Make sure you get yourself a pill dispenser to help you organise and keep pills in the right place for you to eat every day. It will make a world of difference and will make your life much easier.

Move Around

When you have been under the knife there is a huge temptation to stay in bed and not move for days and even weeks due to the pain of it all, but you actually aren’t doing yourself any favours by doing this. It is worth moving around gently and trying to build up your muscles once more after and operation and this can help you heal quicker. Also, the actor moving will stimulate blood flow around the body and this will help to bring oxygen to the cells as well as carry away bacteria and dead cell tissue from the area. By moving around you’ll be helping your body to recover much more efficiently.

Listen to Your Doctor

After an operation, your doctor will give you some instructions for what you need to do to stay healthy and recover. This will likely include recovery time as well as what you can and can’t do during the period of recovery. If you want to heal correctly and avoid another surgery you HAVE to listen to your doctor. They will give you advice for a reason and if they say you can’t safely drive a car for 3 weeks, you’ll have to avoid getting behind the wheel until that time is up and you have been checked over. Always listen to your doctor.

Recovering From Surgery

Recovering from surgery can be a long process. But following doctors orders and properly caring for your body can improve the recovery process.

Looking for more tips on living a healthier life? Be sure to check out this post on healthy living!

It’s OK To Take A Step Back

We all know (and despise) the feeling of taking one step forward and two steps back. However, taking one step back to rectify a problem before resuming the forward movements is nothing to fear. In fact, it can often be the most effective path en route to success.  

After all, failure to address those situations could allow those issues to hold you back for many years to come. Taking the time to invest in self-improvement today can be the key to a brighter tomorrow. Here are just five examples where this route may be the ultimate solution.  

Career, Road, Away, Way Of Life, Success, Road Sign


Restoring Your Self-Confidence

Let’s face it; a lack of self-confidence will prevent you from ever truly being yourself or chasing your dreams. Becoming a confident and empowered woman through mental development is the goal. It will enable you to tackle the challenges of life with far greater authority. Those rewards can extend to your career, love life, and personal adventure. A confident you is a better you.  

In addition to the mental training, you should consider physical developments. Whether it’s losing a little weight or discovering a new and improved hairstyle doesn’t matter. Looking good makes you feel good while the health benefits are sure to boost your confidence levels in the process. In turn, this can only have a positive impact on the life journey ahead.  

Overcoming Bad Habits

While we all naturally focus on the positive additions that could be made in our lives, removing the negatives is often the best solution. The longer you maintain those bad habits, the more damage they cause to your health, happiness, and bank balance. Taking the time to finally overcome those issues can unlock the door to a far brighter future and inspire those around you.  

Willpower is often enough, especially when coupled with coping mechanisms. However, serious issues may require a stay at a world renowned residential addiction treatment center. From drug abuse to gambling addictions, those problems will hold you back if you don’t treat them now. Putting the brakes on your short-term goals to aid the long-term ones is more than acceptable.

Good, Bad, Opposite, Choice, Choose, Decision, Positive


Starting A New Career

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a dead end job that’s going nowhere. While there’s no need to quit your job until another position is lined up, don’t be afraid to look for something better. The average person changes career seven times in a lifetime. You next switch may be the one that leads you to future greatness in terms of your salary as well as your happiness.  

You may want to start a side hustle with hopes of going full-time in a few months time. Or you might look to finally put your degree to good use by chasing a dream job. Even if it means going back to college through distance learning, this investment can pay dividends in the long run. Just be sure to do the research before making a commitment.

Ending Bad Relationships

Making short-term sacrifices to unlock long-term gains is a great mindset to have. After all, patience is a virtue. And, frankly, quitting a toxic relationship in order to do what is right for you is one of the best examples. While letting things continue as they are may be the easy route, it will very rarely lead to happiness. If your gut instincts desire a change, now is the time to do it.  

Spotting the signs of a bad relationship is fairly easy. All couples need to overcome some difficult moments, but you’ll know when it’s beyond repair. Toxic friendships are equally problematic and can stop you from unlocking your true happiness. You will need to stay strong through the emotionally difficult period ahead, but it’ll work out for the best in the long run.

attractive beautiful happy person portrait pretty smiling woman royalty free images


Relinquishing Assets  

We live in a world where consumerism and the need for ownership are omnipresent. However, it’s OK to let go of some assets rather than letting yourself fall into debt. Whether this means downsizing your property, or living without a car for a period of time, you mustn’t beat yourself up. Keeping an eye on long-term goals is essential.  

Sometimes, letting go of assets like memorabilia or electrical goods can save you from making the bigger sacrifices. Whether those funds are used to clear debts, start a business, or ensure that your family is fed doesn’t matter. When your priorities are in good health, you will be destined to get your life back on track far sooner. You’ve totally got this!

Take a Step Back

It’s totally ok to take a step back and reevaluate things in your life. It’s actually quite necessary to take inventory from time to time. If things aren’t working or you’re not happy, you can change things!

Looking for guidance in making changes in your life? We can schedule a FREE discovery call to see if life coaching is for you!

Why Self Care Can Renew Your Life

By now, we all know that self-care is important. It can help you feel renewed, vibrant, and stay feeling 100% you. It can help you through a difficult period in your life, such as when dealing with the difficulties of motherhood, or simply having a bad week.

We all need to feel renewed from time to time, especially if we often give all of ourselves to someone else willingly, such as our beautiful child or children. However, the more we can care for ourselves, the more we can care for them, and though they will always take first priority, perhaps we can look at ourselves with more gratitude and care than we otherwise would.

Check out what self care can do for you!

It Simply Feels Good

Past any consideration of how confident it can help you feel, how you’re making yourself feel worth it, or how it’s better than the bad set of habits you might be invested in to begin with, the first thing to suggest is that practicing self-care simply feels good, and enjoyable to do. Which is more fun? Binging on a large fast food meal? Or going for a walk in nature during the morning? Of course, jokers might suggest the first, especially if a particular fast food chain is offering a great promotion. But truly, the thing that nurtures our soul, and thus helps us feel good during, after, and through repeated attempts, is the focus on our self-care. This is what helps us feel renewed.

We Become Better

Of course, we become better when practicing self-care because of the attitude we develop, and the positivity that abounds from that. But this is hardly the only positive consideration to keep in mind. Think about what the actual content of your self-care is. It’s not as if the only benefit is feeling good about yourself after. The actual efforts have merit for whatever purpose they were started with. It might be that heading to Trilliant Dentistry to finally have that work done can help your smile beam from ear to ear. It could be that heading to the gym not only helps you trim your waistline, but also helps you wear that wardrobe you had lovingly arranged a while back. Becoming a better person needn’t be a vague spiritual consideration, it can be tangible, in black and white.

It Inspires Others

When talking to your children, how do you feel? When you’re talking to a friend, how do you feel? Down to earth, engaged, and confident? Or negative, a little down, and unhappy? Your energy inspires others just as they inspire you, positively or negatively. So be sure to consider your impact, and understand that self-care is often something you do for others as much as yourself.

Feel Renewed with Self-Care

Self-care can do so much for your mind, body, and soul. It’s never selfish and should be a non-negotiable.

My mission is to empower women to become more confident and empowered by making self-care a priority. Want to learn what empowerment coaching can do for you? Check out my services here!

How to Become a Confident and Empowered Woman!

how to become a confident and empowered woman


I’m not sure how many times I’ve said this crying to my husband and my friends.

For as long as I can remember I lacked the confidence to do some much. I didn’t like the way I looked. I didn’t know how to talk to people without liquid courage. My confidence was non-existent.

Enough was enough!

Becoming a #girlmom taught me that I needed to get my stuff together so that I could teach them (by example) how to be a confident woman who actually LIVES HER LIFE as opposed to sitting on my butt watching everyone else around me!

I knew something had to change. I didn’t want to come to the end of my life and have all these things left on my plate. I didn’t want to wonder “what if”. What if I had stepped out of my comfort zone? What if I tried the things that scared me? What if I pursued the dreams that set my soul on fire?

I dove in head first into personal development. I spent 2.5 years learning how to improve my mindset. I hired a life coach who has helped my transform my life.

What sets my soul on fire? Helping other women realize that they too can transform their lives and do the things they’ve been too scared to try.

That’s why I created the Confident and Empowered Woman Coaching Program. I want to pay it forward and teach other women the strategies that I’ve learned to become more confident and empowered.

The Spring launch is in full effect now! We begin on April 1st.

How will you feel after this EXPERIENCE?

❣️Ready to take on life’s challenges
❣️You’ll be doing things that you love again
❣️You’ll be finally showing up in life instead of staying on auto-pilot
❣️You’ll feel lighter (mentally and emotionally)

For 6 weeks, I will teach you all the things that I learned to go from hanging on my husband’s arm in public to CONFIDENTLY walking into a room and introducing myself to strangers.

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Bad Habits You Need To Quit This Month


Everyone has bad habits. As humans, we try our best to live life to the fullest and be the best we can be, but this doesn’t mean that we can avoid a few bad habits creeping into our daily routine. Let’s look at ways that you can spring clean your life before the summer, and bad habits are a perfect way to start. Here are some of the top bad habits you need to quit this month.

Going to Bed Super Late

When we reach adulthood and work for a living our evenings can go one of two ways: we can either get home and fall asleep on the sofa as soon as we get home, or we can stay up until past midnight and end up getting little sleep before the next day. It is important for our body to get enough sleep throughout every day and this is why we need to make sure that we go to bed at a reasonable time. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night if you can and this will make a big difference to your day.


There are so many of us who smoke every day and this is habit which can become a huge issue in our life. It is important for us to try and stomp out this habit as soon as we can because it is spelling which can have a genuine effect on our health. Try switching to a Vaporizer or patches for a while or see if you can cut down by 1 cigarette every couple of days until you quit. Your lungs will thank you as will the rest of your body.


How many times have you set out to do something, only to say to yourself that you’ll start tomorrow? How many times have you ended up delaying the things you want to achieve because you are tired or because you still have lots of time to do it? Procrastinating is such a bad habit and if you ever want to make a success of yourself during your life you need to cut this habit out. Make sure that you have clear goals and motivate yourself to do them. Think of the bigger picture and make sure that every decision you make is to make your dream happen.

Late Night Snacking

The main thing we have to think about when we are living a healthier life is the food we eat. Everyone wants to be healthy and happy throughout their lives and we all want to make the effort to stay lean and fit. The food we eat is the most crucial step to a healthy body and we need to have better eating habits. Eating late at night is a bad idea because when we sleep the food takes longer for us to digest. It can disrupt sleep and metabolize slower meaning that the later we eat, the more likely we are to put on fat.

Say Goodbye to Bad Habits

It’s easier than you may think to get rid of bad habits. It just takes determination and mindfulness to start new, healthier ones.

What are some of the bad habits that you want to change?